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Happy Hump Day Everyone

Man oh man do we love Hump day. Here our some beauties that could make you reconsider your favorite day of the week. Come at me Friday Bro!

Tom Clancy’s The Division is Here – 4K Screenshots

Tom Clancy’s The Division is absolutely insane and so are the graphics. We have never seen anything like it before! Check out these crazy high res screenshots.      

Watch Steph Curry’s Most Ridiculous 3s Of The Month

As we all know, Steph Curry has been absolutely lighting up the league all season long. Check out his most jaw dropping threes over just the last 30 days!     And the best for last…

How To Know It’s Time To Break Up

Follow and chat live with Erika [email protected] [email protected] Your sex life is either nonexistent no matter how much effort you put into reviving it or the sex is...

NBA Photos of Your Favorite Stars You’ve Never Seen Before!

It’s time for some more random rare photos of the NBA that you might have not seen before. From MJ to Kobe, there’s a little of everything in here. MJ kickin it with Rick Barry Kobe Bean B...

Cats vs Cucumbers – The War That Will Never End

The war wages on between Cats and Cucumbers. Just when the cats thought they had won, the Cucumbers responded with vengeance.

The Funniest Jokes On The Internet

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Erika Jordan Takes Over Wondercon

Superman has his phone booth and I imagine he’s having a tough time changing just like I did at Wondercon 2016! After a quick change at the car I headed to the Staples center to strut my stuff a...

Sad Ben Affleck Video Goes Viral

Oh man, whether you like Ben Affleck or not this is hilarious! So for those of you who are not aware, the new Batman vs. Superman movie is getting completely destroyed by critics and fans alike. IR...

Student Gets In A Fight With His Teacher (Video)

Daaaaang… Middle school is a lot rougher than I remember it. Check out how this student gets in a fight with his teacher. WORLDSTAR!

Watermelon Experiment Gone Wrong (Video)

This watermelon experiment really went very wrong very fast! Sit back, relax, and laugh at their misfortune from the safety and cleanliness of your own home.

35 Photos Taken at the Right Moment

Sometimes you get lucky and strike gold. These photos were taken at exactly the right moment, and they truly are worth 1000 words!

Girls with Tattoos Are Always Keepers

Don’t listen to what your mom tells you! Girls with tattoos are always keepers 😉

We Won’t Say No to Asian Girls

We won’t say no to Asian girls and neither should you! I’ll let the pictures below speak for themselves… enjoy!

When Your Pep Rally Is Lit Up (Video)

Well this pep rally really got out of hand fast!