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Boobies Will Help With the Holiday Hangover

We’re back from our trip to Morro Bay! Today feels like Monday so enjoy the boobies.

Bikini Sunday Help My Weekend Hangover

Caturday is Here to Save the Weekend!

Man Finds Wallet and Goes Shopping Then Gets Confronted by Owner

In a recent video prank a guy drops his wallet for the sake of a social experiment. The first drop worked out well and the good samaritan returned the wallet, but the second instance it turned out way...

Women Logic…Just Don’t Try To Understand it

Selfies Are Always Appreciated

The Afternoon Break

Owning a Cat Expectations Vs. Reality

Why Potatoes Are the Best Vegetable Ever

Daily WTF: I Want to Stay in Bed

Dennis the Dieting Dachshund

Dennis the dieting Dachshund has had a strange life to say the least. Dennis, a miniature dachshund in Columbus, Ohio, broke the puppy scales at 56 pounds. His breed’s normal weight is around 1...

Food Porn That’ll Make Friday Fly By

End the Week with Some Lingerie

Cute Girls Will Take Over the World

The Afternoon Break

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