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Top Gear Aired It’s Final Episode and the Internet Responded

Top Gear aired it’s final episode, it’s officially an end of an era and people are not happy. Everyone that watched the show pretty much loved it and it shows with all of the responses onl...

Cat Completely Freezes Up When Owner Puts Flower on its Head

Fun Facts to Kick Start Monday

Daily WTF: Every Monday Needs Some Nic Cage

Something You Just Don’t See Everyday

Just Because We Love Girls

Hottie of the Week: Caitlin Arnett

It’s that time of the week again, another Monday brings another lovely model from the interwebs. Caitlin Arnett takes some pretty awesome photos and you should probably follow her. She loves to ...

It’s the Weekend Do Something Awesome

Daily WTF: Enjoy the Weekend

Bikini Sunday is My Favorite Part About Sunday

Caturday is the Only Day the Matters

Daily WTF: Will the Real Iron Man Please Stand Up

Sideboob To Start Off the Weekend

The Afternoon Break

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Popular English Idioms Illustrated by an Artist

Illustrator Roisin Hahessy recently moved to Brazil to teach English. After trying to explain some English idioms, she realized how comical they were.