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Well Hello Cleavage

The Afternoon Break

15 Fun Facts About the Movie ‘Major League’

The movie Major League turned 25 this year talk about feeling old. Jake Taylor, Willie Mays Hayes and Pedro Cerrano all took to the silver screen 25 years ago and the movie is still just as awesome...

Daily WTF: I’ll Pass on That Package

Man Builds Porsche Replica Our of Cardboard

I don’t get it cardboard projects are all the rage right now. First the Ironman suit and now a perfect 1 to 1 Porsche replica made out of cardboard. Sure it only moves at 10 MPH, but it does hav...

Awesome Links Around The Web

Judo Chop! The Most Adorable Judo Match

Alright kids are adorable, they can be little devils, but mostly pretty damn cute. This video shows how silly kids can be and why they’re so amazingly funny. Judo Chop!

From Asia With Love

Throwback Thursday

Crazy Topless Woman Destroys a McDonalds Restaurant

A thong and that’s all it took for Sandra Suarez to lose her shit. A McDonalds employee asked Sandra to put on some clothes so she could stay in the restaurant…well that was the wrong thi...

College Rules! We Hope You Had an Awesome Spring Break

Sweet Sweet Prank GIFs

Huge Tracts of Land Make Us Happy

Mother of God…Girls in Yoga Pants Are Awesome

Save a Horse and Ride a Cowgirl