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Just Russian Things

Well That Seems Legit

The Red Lipstick is Always Appreciated

Just Because We love Girls

How to Properly Prank People with Black Friday Ads

For most of us Black Friday is a terrible day and no one wants to deal with the crowds, so why not prank them right? Here is an ad that has been placed at several Target stores recently.

Daily WTF: Someone is No Fun

Selfies They Might Be Better Than Pizza…

The Afternoon Break

Emily Palos is Someone You Should Follow on Instagram

Emily Palos is follow worthy on Instagram she posts a lot of awesome photos.  

The Strange Things People Thought as Kids

Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s “Rhythm Nation” Lip Sync Battle

This is ridiculous and gives us even more respect for Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Cute Girls Rule the World

The Mundane Life of Darth Vader

Daily WTF: Monday Why Do You Hate Me

Movie Characters And Their Secret Lives

We’ve posted about Photographer Daniel Picar before but we wanted to give a quick update on all of his new photos.

2016 New York Taxi Drivers Calendar is Here…Wait What!?

New York City taxi drivers have teamed up to put out this super hot calendar. You can get it here. And Why is this a thing?