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The Afternoon Break

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Food Porn: The In-N-Out Edition

Someone once told me they didn’t like In-N-Out and I punched them in the throat and I never spoke to them again. The burger business is serious business. Yes I understand that there are plenty o...

Funny Dog Tags For Pets Who Tend To Get Lost

A Little Dirty Humor Never Hurt Anyone

Holly Peers is Probably the Best Model Ever

We will always love Holly Peers make sure to follow her on Twitter and Instagram.  

Mark Hamill Autographs Are Pretty Funny What a Joker…

Mark Hamill is a real wise cracker… a trickster… a real joker! When you’re known for one gig, sometimes you start to hate that role and well be a little bitter. It turns out Mark Ham...

It’s Almost The Weekend and I Don’t Give a Fuuuuuuuu

Daily WTF: I Am Batman

The Truth Hurts oh so Good

Sexy Redheads are the World’s Most Precious Resource

Lingerie is Friday’s Official Uniform

We’re All About Fit Girls

The Afternoon Break

People Taking Awkward Glamour shots with Their Pets

A Few Interesting Facts To Get You Through the Day