Winter is Long Gone But Bikinis are Forever

It’s Cold Out but Bikinis Always Help

A Bikini a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Hang Overs Are Best Cured with Bikinis

Bikini Sunday Always Reminds me of Summer

It’s Been Raining, But I Dream of Bikini Weather

Bikinis Always Make Me Smile

Bikinis Are Always a lot of Fun

Tan Lines Remind Us Why Summer is Awesome

Bikini Sunday is Where it’s at

Bikini Sunday Please Make my Hangover Better

Bikini Sunday Always Helps End the Weekend

Hottie of the Week: Taisha Marie

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It’s Hot and Bikinis Are Making it Hotter

Bikini Sunday Will Cure Your Hangover

National Root Beer Float Day! Enjoy Hot Girls and Floats

The holiday people are doing it right. Today is National Root Beer Float Day and we’re having more root beer and ice cream than we can handle. If I pass out in a diabetic coma today someone plea...