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Interesting Facts About Celebrities and Their Lives

Celebrities usually have pretty interesting life stories and some of them have crazy family history. I mean some have hit men in the family or are related to Abe Lincoln. How crazy is that? Tom Hanks ...

Daily WTF: Even Apes Love a Good Boobie Grab

Mike Stilkey is One of Our Favorite Artists

Los Angeles-based artist Mike Stilkey takes old books and turns them into amazing pieces of artwork. Once he figures out what he wants to do with the books he sets them up in public locations for ev...

A few Asian Angels to Start Out the Week

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A Guilty Dog Apologized For Stealing A Baby’s Toy

Charlie and Laura are best friends. One is a beagle and the other is a human baby, but they make it work… most of the time. Even the most adorable of relationships aren’t immune to minor disagree...

24 Creepy Toys Kids Used to Play With

How Hard Do You College?

Warning Melanie Iglesias is Still Crazy Hot

Melanie Iglesias is still doing her thing and still really really hot. If you don’t do so already we encourage you to follow her on Twitter and Instagram.

Girls and Selfies Make Mirrors Look Good

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The Afternoon Break

Hot Girls in Tight Dresses Are a Dangerous Weapon

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20 That Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Play Sports

Must Watch: Undercover Cop Tricks Autistic Student into Selling Him Weed

A few weeks ago VICE released a powerful documentary on how California police entrapped Jesse Snodgrass into selling them weed during his senior year in high school. Keep in mind that Jesse Snodgras...

Racist Clerk Follows a Teenager in a Convenience Store

As a teenager you are automatically enemy number one at a convenience store, but this lady takes it to another level. Sure it’s one thing to keep an eye on a kid in your store, but to follow the...