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Jewish James Bond with Phil Rosenthal and Patton Oswalt

It might be time to get a different James Bond who is passionate, merciful and hates guns…ok we are we kidding we don’t need a Jewish James Bond and this is why. Jewish James Bond with Phi...

The US Navy Spent 3 Billion Dollars on a New Ship…’Merica!

The US Navy just recently launched the USS Zumwalt which cost them 3 billion dollars yup that’s right that’s B for BILLION. This is only the first of three ships that are being built for t...

Oh Me Oh My Look at Those Selfies

Just Because Girls

Sports Bras Are The Best Kind of Bras

Teenagers Are Tweeting Bomb Threats To American Airlines

Yeah the headline is a little shocking, but 100% true. A handful of teens are tweeting bomb threats to American Airlines all because one girl got arrested for doing that very thing. A 14 year old gir...

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