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What “Star Wars” Fans Most Want To See In “Episode VII”

Via BuzzFeed

Redheads Are Something Special

‘Beyoncifying’ Ex-Boyfriends is the Latest Internet Trend

Breakups are no fun and having photos with your Ex are also no fun. The internet has now made it a trend to Beyoncify Exs out of photos.

Watch a Pizza Expert Review Frozen Pizzas

“Am I eating a pizza right now or am I eating a box?” – Me, every time I eat frozen pizza.

Eva Green is Nude in the Latest Sin City 2 Trailer

At San Diego Comic-Con Dimension Films premiered an extra awesome and super red band trailer for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. This one seems to have a few spoilers so we caution all of you who want t...

Daily WTF: Cosplay is Getting Stranger and More Awesome

Anais Pouliot is Kind of Amazing

Welcome to the Internet

Just Because We Love Girls

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We Miss College It Was Awesome

14 Awesome Optical Illusions

Ladies We Love Your Selfies

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Leaked Deadpool Test Footage Featuring Ryan Reynolds

A few years ago Ryan Reynolds was in a superhero movie that got some interesting reviews, and no it wasn’t the Green Lantern. Ryan Reynolds was in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It wasn’t made ...

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