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Bikinis Are Fun Any Day of the Week

Girls Breaks Into Prison to see the Set of Orange is the New Black

No one really thinks to break into a prison, but a 19 year old girl decided to break into one which is used as the set of Orange is the New Black. The fictional Litchfield Correctional Facility set u...

Cute Girls Wearing Glasses

The Art of Combining Photos

Artist Stephen Mcmennamy likes to combine photos together to, be sure to follow him on Instagram as there’s always a new creation popping up on his account.

Daily WTF: When You Get a New Favorite Toy

Stephen Colbert Just Hosted a Public Access TV Show

I almost didn’t believe this video was real, except that it’s hosted on an official YouTube account. So let’s set the stage here. At some point very recently, future CBS Late Show...

Throwback Thursday: SnapChat in the 90’s

Shower Thoughts Are Always a Mind F*ck

Huge Tracts of Land as Far as the Eye Can See

Ashlyn Coray is Still One of Our Favorite Models

Make sure to follow Ashlyn Coray on Instagram.

The Afternoon Break

Awesome Links Around the World

Cross Stitch Tattoos Are Now a Thing

Ironic cross stitchings have been a thing on the internet for a bit now, but now they’re taking them to the next level. Cross stitching are becoming tattoos and it’s catching on pretty qui...

The USA Challenges Japan to a Giant Robot Duel

Giant robot duel you know because robot reasons. This looks like it could be a really fun duel and we hope someone in Japan picks the challenge.

Bad Ass 3D Printed Batman Suit…I Am the Night

Anyone here order a bad ass 3D printed batman suit? No? Well you get one anyway. Julian Checkley, one of the world’s best cosplayers, looked to 2013’s Batman: Arkham Origins, for inspiration for ...

The Benefits of Owning a Cat