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Daily WTF: Yup Nailed it!

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The Phillies Use Kids’ Drawings For Player Photos

The Phillies are pretty awesome, instead of using player photos on Opening Day they used drawings done by kids for the play photos. It’s pretty cute and the kids must be stoked.

Happy Hump Day Hope You Have a Good One

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Coloring Books Done By Adults…It’s Pretty Awesome


You Had One Job

Southwest Airlines Has Another Hilarious Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are pretty amazing in general, but then you have the ones the toss in the extra effort and are actually pretty entertaining. You have to check out this hilarious flight attendant fro...

Cleavage is Pretty Awesome

The Afternoon Break

24 Animals That Are Awesome at Photobombs

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Daily WTF: I Guess Boba Fett is a Girl

Jimmy John’s Wants To Know How You Pee

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Awesome Links Around The Web