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21 Random Acts of Kindness That WIll Make Anyone Smile

James Cameron Gives Married Men Some Advice

James Cameron is one of the most successful directors at the box office, but he still struggles with everyday married guy obstacles. Here is what he has to say to all married men.

LeBron James Wants Colleges to Not Recruit his 10 Year Old Son

LeBron James’ son, LeBron James Jr. is only 10 years old and is already getting offers from colleges…Wait should this kid be picking his nose and playing with his friends? Unless he’...

Forever Alone: Faces of the Rejected Bachelorettes

I too want to be a pretty princess on a tv show stabbing people in the back to marry one guy on a tv show…because that’s what true love is. It almost seems like these ladies will be foreve...

Just Because Girls are Awesome

College…We Miss it Way too Much

Some Companies Need Honest Slogans…

Lets be real for just a second, some companies need honest slogans because they aren’t fooling anyone.

Daily WTF: Your Child Might be Judging You

People On Twitter Confess Their Bizarre Spending Habits

We all have bizarre spending habits, most of us just don’t tell anyone.

Classic Paintings Recreated With Modern Celebrities

Classic paintings recreated with modern celebrities…because reasons.

Awfully Photoshopped Profile Pictures from Russian Social Networks

When it comes to the internet Russia always wins…we’re not worthy we’re not worthy!

Huge Tracts of Land Because Reasons

Bryana Holly is Someone You Should Know About

Bryana Holly is one of our favorite models that the interwebs has discovered. We hope you enjoy the photos and follow here on twitter and instagram.

Josh Hamilton Will Face a Suspension Due to Drug Abuse

Josh Hamilton was once a great story for addicts going through rehabilitation, he over came his demons for the most part and became 2010’s MLB MVP. Now Josh Hamilton will face a suspension due t...