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Revised Children’s Book Titles

Looks like it’s time for the internet to ruin our favorite childhood books. Enjoy have a good laugh and let us know which revised children’s book title is your favorite.

10 Moments When The Simpsons Predicted The Future

The Simpsons have been around a long time, but they’ve been able to predict the future a handful of times. Here are our 10 favorite moments when The Simpsons predicted the future. Writing Instru...

Daily WTF: Want to Race For Music Notes

Work Shenanigans…Yup No One Ever Works

We Love Girls And We’re OK With That

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These Street Signs Will Make You Smile

Throwback Thursday: Mick Jagger Will Forever Be Cooler Than You

This isn’t our typical Throwback Thursday post, but Mick Jagger is cooler than all of us and he’s about to celebrate his birthday in a few days. He’s going t be 71 and we wanted to s...

Huge Tracts of Land As Far As The Eye Can See

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Awesome Links Around the Web

The Afternoon Break

28 People Having a Really Bad Day

Mesh Clothing is Kind of Amazing

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Here Are Some More Tinder Fails

19 Small Typos That Tiny Change

We all make typos, but some are a little more impactful than others. But hey it makes us laugh and we enjoy a good typo from tim to tim.

Awesome Old People Recreate Your Favorite Pop Culture Moments

Old people are awesome and they’re even more awesome when they take to the internet. Sure some of them have some ridiculous Google searches, but these guys are awesome and recreated some of ever...