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The Mid-Week Mental Break

Daily WTF: Those Damn Droids

You Might Need a Haircut

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Her Amazing Photos

If you’re not impressed with Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s photos then get out of here! Ok just kidding, she’s pretty hot and we highly recommend you follow her on Twitter.

College was the Best of Times

25 Things The Military Created That Everyone Now Uses

FREEZE DRYING Dippin’ Dots, anyone? The technology that’s now used to make freeze-dried ice cream was first used widely during World War II as a way of preserving medical supplies that otherwise r...

Hump Day Will Never Let You Down

Anyone Else Bored at Work?

Vince Vaughn and Co-stars Pose for Idiotic Stock Photos You Can Have for Free

Stock photos have a bad rap. They’re campy and cheesy and the butt of plenty of jokes. But what’s great about them is they’re often the catalyst for promotions or gags—sort of acom...

The Afternoon Break

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Banksy Made his Way Over to the Gaza Strip

Banksy has finally addressed arguably the most controversial topic he could have possibly used his art to comment on – the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the Gaza strip. Banksy made his way over t...

Cute Girls Rules the World

Taco Bell Started Selling Cap’n Crunch Donut Holes

Taco Bell has recently started selling Cap’n Crunch Donut Holes in a test market…One more time Taco Bell started  selling Cap’n Crunch Donut Holes. At the moment they are only being sold ...

Frozen Ocean Waves in Nantucket Come in as Slushies

The unusually cold and snowy winter in southern New England has broken records and resulted in many indellible images, from collapsed roofs to massive snow farms and a frozen Hudson River in New York....

Daily WTF: Hot Dogs are the Worst