Italian Baseball Team Goes Black Face to Parody “Major League”

So they went full on black face...if you don't remember the movie Major League they were trying to accurately portray Willie Mays Hayes sliding into home...

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Lingerie Friday! Could The End Of The Week Be Any Better?

Let's make our friday refreshing and enter the weekend with these hot pictures of girls in lingerie. Sexy Girls In Lingerie Sexy Girls In Lingerie Sexy Girls In Lingerie Sexy Girls In Lingerie Sexy Girls In Lingerie Sexy Girls In Lingerie Sexy Girls In Lingerie Sexy Girls In Lingerie Sexy Girls In Lingerie Sexy...

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We have scoured the internet to bring you the best and most exciting content that you may have missed from around the web. Megan Fox in Esquire Greece Selena Gomez, Cindy Crawford and Other Random Ladies Pretty Girls Make The World Go...

Children Are So ‘Innocent’, Am I Right?

It’s super fun to be a child, possibly the best time of one’s short life. No tensions of jobs, earnings, taxes; only eat and play the whole day. Children are considered the most innocent; god reflects his blessing on all children. But they can...

Bride Destroyed The Hopes Of These Poor Girls (Video)

The wedding bouquet is a part of a tradition performed by the bride after the ceremony. It is thought that among the unmarried girl whoever catches the bouquet thrown by the bride will get married quickly. I guess most of the girls are crazy...

Hilarious Passive Agressive Notes Meant To Be ‘Serious’

Desperate times need desperate measures; we all have heard that before, right? But all of us don’t have that idea what desperate measures one can take. If you look at these pictures you will get some. These humans were so troubled with their situation...

Incredible Body Transformation Of Regular Guys

This gallery here is an inspiration to the people who wishes to possess a masculine body. Who don’t wanna impress the ladies with biceps, triceps, and abs right? Not all are born with a body structure like that, unfortunately. If you think you are...


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