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Trevor Noah Will Take Over the Daily Show for Jon Stewart

Trevor Noah has had a short stint on The Daily Show, he made his debut on the show this last December. After only three appearances on The Daily Show Trevor Noah is getting a HUGE promotion. He will ...

You Might Want to Consider a New Job

Must Watch: Bollywood Bodybuilder Fight

A ridiculously over-the-top fight sequence from Shankar’s Tamil thriller “I“ in which the protagonist beats the crap out of a roomful of oily bodybuilders. The human barbell gag is priceless, as...

Baseball Season is Almost Here and These Ladies Are Ready

There Good Photoshop Work and Then There’s This

Quick Grab a Bikini it’s Almost Summer Again

Biohacker Injected Night Vision into His Eyes

A group of biohackers from California successfully gave someone night vision by injecting his eye balls with science…Well it was was a chemical cocktail and it allowed him to see 160 ft in the d...

Daily WTF: Oh The Things You Do When Drunk

April Fools Day is Almost Here Are You Ready?

Dogs Look Silly After Being Stung by a Bee

One Nope Two Nope Blue Nope Red Nope Have All My Nopes

Cute Girls with Glasses Are Something Special

Hottie of the Week: Christy May

Have you heard of the lovely Christy May? No? Well you’ve been missing out on an amazing model. Christy May looks like she loves life and enjoys having a good time all of the time. We have enjoy...

The Rock Stars in Disney’s Latest Movie as Bambi

Disney has been on a tear with their live-action remakes of classic animated films it only makes sense that they get to Bambi at some point. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is now staring as eve...