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Mayfly Emergence In Wisconsin Is A Nightmare

Mayflies, they are a type of winged insect that have a relatively short lifespan. They look like a cross between a fly and a mosquito… and sometimes they find ways to terrify entire towns. Mayflies...

Spongebob’s ‘Krusty Krab’ Restaurant Opening in Palestine

Innovator and restaurant company Salta Burgers is bringing SpongeBob Squarepant’s favorite restaurant into the real world. Next time you’re in Ramallah, Palestine be sure to stop in for a Krabby...

The Afternoon Break

Shitty Robots From The Shitty Future

They should have tested this one on a baby Learning to crush human skulls. You RUINED CHRISTMAS Where’s the foul call robot ref!? This is coming out of your robot salary! Guess we’ll still...

A Little Cleavage Never Hurt Anyone

Revised Children’s Book Titles

Looks like it’s time for the internet to ruin our favorite childhood books. Enjoy have a good laugh and let us know which revised children’s book title is your favorite.