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The Ridiculous Amazon Reviews for the 16999 Swiss Army Knife Giant

This is no joke you can see the 16999 Swiss Army Knife here.

Hotel Concierge Lives Up to the Nic Cage Requests

A recent visitor to San Antonio’s Hotel Indigo had a curious room request for her concierge… After this huge success, she decided to push her luck… At first, it looked like she’d been let down...

Bill Gates Drank Poop Water and the Internet Reacted

Earlier this month Bill Gates drank poop water. Apparently there’s a fancy machine that makes the water taste just fine, but that didn’t hold back the internet. There was a bit of a photos...

Throwback Thursday with a Handful of Nostalgia

Grammar and Spelling Always Matter

There’s a Toilet on Tinder and it’s Awesome

The Rare the Beautiful the Redheads

Huge Tracts of Land as Far as the Eye Can See

We Love Girls in Tight Dresses

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The Cast of Ghostbusters 3 is Now Out

After almost 30 years, the supernatural comedy film “Ghostbusters” still remains one of the most favorite films across languages and ages and is now going hit the theaters for its third f...

The Mid-Week Mental Break

Everyone Should Know About Júlia Pereira

Júlia Pereira is a gorgeous Brazilian model who has been making herself really well known so far this year. Here are a few photos of her and make sure to follow Júlia Pereira on Instagram and Twitt...

Rawcus Wants You to Snapchat Him ‘Dem Titties’

First off after watching the video you’ll find yourself singing “snapchat me dem titties” you can’t help it you will just want to do it. Rawcus was in Los Angeles self-promoti...

14 Disturbing Fast Food Confessions

Some fast food restaurant employees decided to confess a few things that are rather disturbing about their work place. Be warned these fast food confessions might ruin your favorite restaurant or food...