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Traveling Back From Arizona Today

Hello everyone! Today we are traveling back from Arizona so posts will be a little light today. Sometimes we need a little time to recharge our batteries and enjoy the great outdoors. Below is one of ...

Meet George The Cat That Thinks He’s Human

Awww, he thinks he’s people! George is a cat that prefers to stand on two legs and looks like he intends to one day become a real person and take over the world. George’s owner shared his photos o...

Dr. Woo has Been Tattooing Since he Was 13 and His Work is Awesome

Brian Woo’s father wanted him to be a doctor, but Brain decided to become a different kind of Doctor. Brian Woo started experimenting with tattoos when he was 13. He started an apprenticeship at...

Daily WTF: How Hot Would You Like Your Haircut?

20 Before and After Photos of Dogs All Grown Up

Clothes Are Always Optional

People Should Send Each Other More Selfies

If you would like to submit any photos shoot them over to

Water World is Real Here is a Sustainable Floating Island

I’m convinced this is how Water World starts. Global warming goes full blast and we all flock to islands like this one. Wayne Adams and Catherine King built a floating home together off of the V...

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The Afternoon Break

Break Ups Are Bad Some are Just Insane

Jared Leto Makes the Perfect Joker in Suicide Squad

“Suicide Squad” director David Ayer gave the world its first look at Jared Leto’s Joker…and Jared Leto looks like he will make very creepy Joker and we love it. As ScreenRant p...

Lets Cure the Case of the Mondays

Daily WTF: The Car You Need Every Monday

30 Animals That Have a Better Selfie Game Than You

I’m All About Girls with Dark Hair