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Kid Sucks at Call of Duty and Calls the SWAT Team on His Opponent

Every get so angry with your opponent on Call of Duty that you stalk them and then call the cops to get back a them? It sounds bizarre but recently it actually happened. Rafael Castillo fell victim to...

Daily WTF: Would You Vote For Buttram?

A Guide To Sarcastic Clapping

When We ALL Can’t Stand You   When You Have To See If ANYBODY Cares   When You Want Them To Think You Care, Then Reveal The Truth   When No One Can Believe What An Ass You Are   ...

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Captions Make Life That Much Better

Lingerie Should be Enjoyed Everyday

Disney Characters Who Secretly Appeared In Other Movies

Hercules The slain Lion in Hercules is the evil Scar.   Aladdin Sebastian from Little Mermaid pinches Genie.   The Great Mouse Detective Ratigan’s gang includes Bill the Lizard from Al...

You Might Suck at Making Cakes

Welcome to the Internet

The Friday Breakdown

If you missed out on the Pizza Cake check it out here.

25 Kids and Their Hilarious Writing

Ashlyn Coray is Making a Name For Herself

Ashlyn Coray is getting noticed all around the internet and we’re super stoked for her. We figured we’d give you a friendly reminder of how awesome she is, we covered her back in October 2...

The Afternoon Break

“Summertime is Great” by Three Beat Slide…And That’s Enough Internet For Today

Oh dear God make it stop make it stop. “Summertime is Great” by Three Beat Slide is probably the best worst thing ever. We couldn’t stop laughing while we were watching this and then...

The Truth Hurts Oh So Good