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13 Bizarre Foods You Can Buy at Baseball Stadiums

Baseball Stadiums love to make their own bizarre foods to attract the fatty in all of us. Some of these look delicious while others are disturbing. Arizona Diamondbacks — Venom Dog The Venom Dog is ...

Daily WTF: It’s Time to Monkey Around

Don’t Tell These Ladies How To Clothes

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The Mid-Week Mental Break

Jeff Bridges Loves To Photograph Movie Sets

Jeff Bridges loves to take photos on the movie sets he is on. And to be honest he’s actually pretty good at taking photos. According to Jeff, at the end of every film he works on he makes the c...

Fun Facts About the Porn Industry

Fit Girls Deserve Some Recognition

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Skynet is here Baseball Fans Replaced by Robots

It’s happening, it’s happening, it’s happening! Judgement day is around the corner Skynet is slowly taking over people in baseball stadiums. Fan’s of Korea’s Hanhwa Eagle...

Woooo We Made it to Hump Day

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You Might Be Having a Bad Day

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What “Star Wars” Fans Most Want To See In “Episode VII”

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Redheads Are Something Special

‘Beyoncifying’ Ex-Boyfriends is the Latest Internet Trend

Breakups are no fun and having photos with your Ex are also no fun. The internet has now made it a trend to Beyoncify Exs out of photos.