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The Afternoon Break

The Absolute Worst Moments to Take a Photo

During a riot When a wasp is around When a bulldog is around As a train is passing While standing on lava When a cat is seeking attention While holding a drink On a nudist beach A few feet from a bear...

I’m Here For the No Pants Party

25 Ways To Get Into Trouble While Traveling

Not flushing a public bathroom in Singapore. You could face a $150 fine    Insulting the king in Thailand. Expect to spend no less than 10 years in jail.    Stepping on money in Thailand. ...

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Your Parking is Bad and You Should Feel Bad

15 Disturbing Whisper App Confessions From Teachers

Throwback Thursday

Shark Eaten in One Bite By a Giant Fish

And here is another reason why I hate the ocean. People say sharks are the ones you should what about giant fish that eat sharks!?

Cute Girls and Glasses Make For An Awesome Combo

Huge Tracts of Land As Far As The Eye Can See

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