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Groupon Expertly Responds to Comments About the Banana Bunker

Groupon responds to the Banana Bunker comments in the best way possible. The Banana Bunker looks like well a sexual toy, but Groupon’s Facebook team does an excellent job of skirting the issue.

Daily WTF: Nope I Don’t Get Paid Enough For This

Stupid Criminals Help Cops By Posting Their Crimes on Facebook

Some Times Panoramic Photos Just Don’t go as Planned

Selfies Make Tuesdays a Better Day

No One Can Escape the Power of the Underboob

Awesome Lincoln Memorial Designs That Almost Were Made

In the early 1900’s architect, John Russell Pope was commissioned to design the Lincoln Memorial. Pope was no stranger to Washington D.C., in fact he was the designer for the Jefferson Memorial,...

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The Afternoon Break

Trevor Noah Will Take Over the Daily Show for Jon Stewart

Trevor Noah has had a short stint on The Daily Show, he made his debut on the show this last December. After only three appearances on The Daily Show Trevor Noah is getting a HUGE promotion. He will ...

You Might Want to Consider a New Job

Must Watch: Bollywood Bodybuilder Fight

A ridiculously over-the-top fight sequence from Shankar’s Tamil thriller “I“ in which the protagonist beats the crap out of a roomful of oily bodybuilders. The human barbell gag is priceless, as...

Baseball Season is Almost Here and These Ladies Are Ready

There Good Photoshop Work and Then There’s This

Quick Grab a Bikini it’s Almost Summer Again

Biohacker Injected Night Vision into His Eyes

A group of biohackers from California successfully gave someone night vision by injecting his eye balls with science…Well it was was a chemical cocktail and it allowed him to see 160 ft in the d...