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Snowpocalypse 2015…This is What it Looks Like

Ready to battle the 100 feet of snow that was predicted for Philadelphia today! Snowpocalypse 2015 here I come.   I advance, like Shackleton preparing to cross the Antarctic Circle, into the vast...

KickStarter to Get Our Mobile App and Site

What’s up everyone! Today we are launching our own kickstarter to get an awesome app and mobile site set up for all of you to use. Yes, it will be available for both Android and iPhone, and it w...

Daily WTF: I Want a Couch on My Roof Too

Welcome to the Internet

And They Say Women Don’t Lie

To be fair women feel like they have to meet a certain standard so they lie with their make up, bras and other things they need to do to look they way that makes them happy. But it is still lying or d...

It’s Been a While Since We Did Some Fun Facts

Lets Hop on the Selfie Train

Sorry We Forgot to Burn Bras on Monday

Libby Powell is Kind of Awesome

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19 “Thug Life” Videos You Need to See

It’s hard out here for a pimp. Everyday, these people are hustling, and sometimes the inner thug just has to come out. These people didn’t choose the thug life — IT CHOSE THEM. Everybody just de...

Every Monday Could use Some Cute Girls

Famous Movie Cars Are Now Transformers

Daily WTF: OMG it’s Monday Again!

Really Bad But Funny Valentine Cards