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The Worst Celebrity Baby Names

Celebrities often create the worst celebrity baby names…no you’re baby is not a designer fashion item…   Son Of Rachel Griffiths   Son Of Jason Lee   Son Of Andre Benj...

Daily WTF: Baby Photo Gone Wrong

The Ray Rice Inspired Makeup Tutorial

A new makeup look inspired by America’s new favorite spousal abuser. The Ray Rice inspired makeup tutorial will add versatility to anyone’s makeup arsenal.

You Should Probably Know About Carly Lauren

Carly Lauren was Playboy’s Miss October 2013 and we think everyone should follow her on Instagram.

14 Awesome GIFs That Will Make Your Day

Are You Ready for Huge Tracts of Land?

Today is Good Day For Sexy Redheads

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The Afternoon Break

Bryan Cranston Performs One-Man MLB on TBS

Bryan Cranston performs One-Man MLB and it’s the best thing to happen to baseball since cracker jacks. Looking for a new challenge in his career, actor Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad puts on a ...

Tattoo Fails…Not All Are Made Equal

Bonus Hump Day Gallery Enjoy!

In Other News…A New Study Shows

A new study shows that everything we thought was bad for us is actually good for us and the stuff we thought was good for us is actually super bad for us.

Girls in Tight Dresses Are Like a Fine Wine

This Bizarre Creature Was Found in a Restaurant Freezer

A restaurant in England was home to a recent health inspection with some surprising results. After searching the kitchen for potential violations, inspectors found something so unusual that they jus...