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How to Troll a Phone Hacking Scammer

You never know when you’re going to get scammed these days, but if you do you might want to take a page out of this guy’s book. Without losing his cool, the young Singaporean kept the scammer in t...

Black Life and Blue Life: Ray Collins’ Ocean Photography

Australian photographer Ray Collins first picked up a camera in 2007 and used it to photograph his friends surfing around his home after long shifts working in a nearby coal mine. Collins, who is colo...

Man Discovers Underground City After Knocking Down a Wall in His Home

A man in Nevsehir, Turkey was renovating his home when he discovered something strange after knocking down a wall. He found a passageway to a long forgotten underground city called Derinkuyu. The city...

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Groupon Expertly Responds to Comments About the Banana Bunker

Groupon responds to the Banana Bunker comments in the best way possible. The Banana Bunker looks like well a sexual toy, but Groupon’s Facebook team does an excellent job of skirting the issue.

Daily WTF: Nope I Don’t Get Paid Enough For This

Stupid Criminals Help Cops By Posting Their Crimes on Facebook

Some Times Panoramic Photos Just Don’t go as Planned

Selfies Make Tuesdays a Better Day

No One Can Escape the Power of the Underboob

Awesome Lincoln Memorial Designs That Almost Were Made

In the early 1900’s architect, John Russell Pope was commissioned to design the Lincoln Memorial. Pope was no stranger to Washington D.C., in fact he was the designer for the Jefferson Memorial,...

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