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Mac Lethal Takes On Mozart With His Latest Rap Video

Mac Lethal is at it again, but this time sans bad words. He had a request from a teacher to have him make a rap video that she could share with her music students. Mac Lethal being as awesome as he is...

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The Afternoon Break

24 Silly Signs That Actually Exist

To Put it Simply Girls Are Amazing

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Patrick Hall’s Portraits of People Being tasered Are Amazing

Thousands of volts turn into comedy when filmed and photographed for an art project. Photographer Patrick Hall usually works with models and tries to make them look as amazing as possible, but with t...

25 Amazing Zoo Moments Captured in Photos

Everyone Should Know About Anais Zanotti

Anais Zanotti has been making some waves on the internet recently and we don’t want you to miss out on her photos. Make sure you follow her on Instagram.

$215,000 Later and Krystina Butel looks Like her Caricature

Krystina Butel has had a life long dream to look like her caricature that she had done when she was 15 years old. The only thing is that all caricatures are insanely disproportioned and well look lik...

Daily WTF: Is it the Weekend yet

Time Sliced Photos By Richard Silver

English photographer, Richard Silver is taking some amazing photos, but they are created with a lot of patience and time. His newest project called “Time Sliced” and it’s a collectio...

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A Little Cleavage Never Hurt Anyone

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Happy Hump Day

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