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Kim DeJesus is Someone You Should Follow on Instagram

Kim DeJesus is the wife to David DeJesus who is an outfielder for the Tampa Bay Rays. Kim DeJesus is a former model and actress who consistently posts amazing photos to Instagram.

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Daily WTF: This Photo Speaks for Itself

Tommy Chong Spoofs the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Commercial

Tommy Chong Spoofs the Matthew McConaughey commercial and yes, it’s pretty much about weed.

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Vin Diesel Thinks Fast and Furious 7 Will Win an Oscar For Best Picture

A lot of times, movies win Oscars as an apology for previous Oscar oversights. Vin Diesel apparently thinks this is the case for Fast and Furious 7. Sure maybe the Oscars will award the movie somethin...

Levalet Creates Some Amazing Street Art in Paris

Charles Leval aka Levalet, is a French artist that uses the streets of Paris as his canvas. The artist likes to incorporate the surroundings into his site-specific wheatpaste artworks, and his figures...

You Should Probably Know About Ludi Delfino

Go follow her on Instagram we promise Ludi Delfino makes it worth it. @ludidelfino

Drug Smugglers are Now Using Bras and Feminine Wiles

Drug smugglers are now using bras to transport their good because you know reasons. Nola Williams was caught carrying cocaine in her 46D bra. The stash was found after she arrived at Gatwick on a BA ...

Daily WTF: Who’s the Burger Now Sucker