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The 10 Most Expensive Sports Stadiums Around the World

Rogers Centre, Ontario, Canada – $930 million   Stade de France, Saint Denis, France – $974 million Nissan Stadium, Yokohama, Japan – $990 million Barclays Center, Brooklyn, NY – $1 billi...

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Weed Smoking Grandmas…Yes They Use a Bong

Weed smoking grandmas are now a thing…but now that weed is legal for recreational usage in several states throughout the nation, it’s time for these grandmas to hit the bong. I truly loved EVE...

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Box Brew Kits Are The Best Way To Brew at Home

Lets brew some beer! After unpacking the Box Brew Kit we fell in love with the kit. The box it comes with makes it very easy to store all of the tools you need to brew your beer. Box Brew Kits are eas...

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