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Kids Never Buy a Wal-Mart Made Skateboard

Almost everyone went through a phase where they wanted a skateboard, but they had to save up or ask their parents for money. And if your parents did buy you one they didn’t want to blow a ton of...

Yankees Player Jake Hernandez was Paid with a 75 Cent Check

The Yankees’ $211 million payroll just took a huge blow when the team was forced to cut a check to minor leaguer Jake Hernandez. On Thursday, Jake Hernandez tweeted out a photo of a recent payc...

It’s Almost the Weekend and I Don’t Give a Fuuuuuuu

Here is Another Reason Proving Emma Stone is Amazing and Beautiful

Scumbag Booze Gets You Everytime

The 3 Best Cocktail Books Ever Home Bar Needs

Daily WTF: So Many Balls Too Little Pockets

Let Pack it up and Get Ready for the Weekend

I Don’t Know What a Quokka is But I Want One

The Quokka is an animal that is looking to take on the internet and become the next popular animal. Honestly we don’t know what a Quokka but we love it.

Cute Girls to Help Us Ease into the Weekend

End the Week with Some Lingerie

White and Gold Dress or Black and Blue Dress We Know The Answer

So the internet is going crazy over this white and gold dress or is it a black and blue dress… Alright here is the white and gold dress…except 26% of people see a black and blue dress. Qui...

The Afternoon Break