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Rap Quotes Posted in Philadelphia

The man behind the Rap Quotes in New York and Los Angeles is Jay Shells. He has now moved on to Philadelphia and the work there has been nothing but entertaining. Check out his installations he has do...

Daily WTF: Batman is Real…

The Most Expensive Movie Props

Nothing Beats a Woman’s Point of View

22 Strange Faces Found in Inanimate Objects

Comedian Ruins Fantasy Football Drafts

Canadian comedian Stefan decided it was a good idea to troll fantasy football drafts by drafting the worst players for the first over all pick. To be honest it’s brilliant and really funny.

Lingerie is the only way to end the week

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The Afternoon Break

An Extra Dose of Girls is Always Appreciated

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You Can Now Buy a 99-Pack of Beer…We’re Not Kidding

Austin Beerworks is making the best thing ever, and it’s a 99-pack of beer. The guys over at Austin Beerworks are packaging up their favorite beer the Peacemaker Anytime Ale in this glorious 99-...

Summer Time is the Best Because of Bikinis

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Look At These Dogs They Think They’re People

18 of the Best Parents Ever

The Mid-Week Mental Break

The mental break is a day late but we hope you enjoy it!