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The Afternoon Break

An Extra Dose of Girls is Always Appreciated

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You Can Now Buy a 99-Pack of Beer…We’re Not Kidding

Austin Beerworks is making the best thing ever, and it’s a 99-pack of beer. The guys over at Austin Beerworks are packaging up their favorite beer the Peacemaker Anytime Ale in this glorious 99-...

Summer Time is the Best Because of Bikinis

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Look At These Dogs They Think They’re People

18 of the Best Parents Ever

The Mid-Week Mental Break

The mental break is a day late but we hope you enjoy it!

Daily WTF: Ice Cream is Delicious

Anyone Else Bored at Work?

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Memes Make the Internet Function Properly

Some Days You Fail Harder Than Others

Huge Tracts of Land As Far As The Eye Can See

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Somethings Are Better Left Unsaid on Facebook

Penguins Slap Fighting is Highly Entertaining

Penguins slap fighting…enough said.