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Daily WTF: Holy Shit It’s the Weekend

The Afternoon Break

30 Strange Snack Foods You Can’t Get in the US

Soft-shell crab, seaweed, and grilled shrimp Pringles in Asia. Cappuccino Pepsi in Europe and Russia   Spaghetti popsicle in Japan   Pancake drink in Japan   Saffron pistachio Dunkin’...

Quick Everyone Grab a Sexy Redhead

Valentina Ryabova is a Very Talented Tattoo Artist

Valentina Ryabova has a ver talented hand. He creates masterpieces through super lifelike tattoos. You can check out all of his work here.

Nope That’s Not Photoshop At All

Girl Texts Mom Using Only Lyrics From ‘Anaconda’

It’s Almost The Weekend and I Don’t Give a Fuuuuuu

Daily WTF: Well Way to Go Harry

20 Photos That Perfectly Sum Up College Life

The Friday Breakdown

Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” – Teaser Trailer

Get your first look at Ultron trying to tear apart Captain America, Iron Man, Thor and the rest of the world.

Selfies Are Always Appreciated

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Lingerie Friday is Always a Must Have