Strippers and Their Money

I think I just found my new career path, I’ll be at The Prancing Poodle next week if you’re interested…

Daily WTF: Car Inception…It’s Real

Daily WTF: There’s Nothing Like Dick Bread

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It’s Time to Step Up Your Christmas Card Game

Family Christmas cards and some parents get tired of send them out for their kids. Here is what one guy said about that situation, “In 2008 my mom instructed me to “sober up” and sen...

Daily WTF: Yes This is Unicorn

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Daily WTF: I Guess the Movie Was Right

Daily WTF: I Think Santa is Drunk Again

Daily WTF: Hey Bro You Wanna Kiss

Daily WTF: Oh That’s What it’s For

You Can Have My Nopes I’m Going to Nopesville

Uber Fired 15 Workers With Comic Sans

Uber has been getting a lot of slack for the way they are paying their drivers, but now they’re firing people in comic sans. Seems like the right thing to do, I mean comic sans is meant to be fr...

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