28 Fun Facts About Marvel Comics That You Probably Didn’t Know


Marvel Comics

1. Darth Vader was inspired by Marvels Dr. Doom.


Marvel Commics

2. Stan Lee who worked for Marvel as a writer for hire sued Marvel in 2005 because he was hurt by Marvel Comics decision to keep profits from him over his 60 years with the company



3. In the early 1990s, Michael Jackson tried to buy Marvel Comics just so that he could play Spider Man in his own produced movie.


Marvel Comics

4. Due to strange laws in USA, importing toys resembling humans are taxed higher than those that dont. Marvel successfully argued in court that because their X-men action figures are mutants and therefore should be exempt from such higher tax.



5. There was a 1995 issue of Punisher called The Punisher Kills The Marvel Universe in which he killed every single Marvel superhero and villain, including himself.



6. Venom, the Spider-Man villain was a fan-based concept that Marvel bought for 220 dollars.



7. During the production of the Avengers movie, they couldn’t get the Hulks roar to sound just right so they decided to supplement it with recordings of Lou Ferrigno bellowing as the original Hulk.



8. There is a Marvel super hero called Squirrel Girl, who once beat Doctor Doom by flooding his aircraft with a swarm of squirrels.



9. In 2002, a 4-year-old boy suffering from hearing loss didn’t want to wear a hearing aid because Super heroes don’t. To get him to wear his hearing aids, Marvel Comics created a super hero with a hearing aid called Blue Ear.



10. Marvel has a superhero named Throg. He is a frog that has the power of Thor and is in a superhero group called the Pet Avengers.



11. In 1983, Marvel published a comic about Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Ham. He was a Spider-Pig named Peter-Porker.



12. In 1996, Marvel and DC comics created Amalgam Comics that joined their two universes together, thus resulting in characters such as Darkclaw BatmanWolverine, Super Soldier SupermanCaptain America, and Iron Lantern Green LanternIron Man.



13. In the 1970′s, Planned Parenthood teamed up with Marvel Comics to release the strangest Spiderman comic that discouraged teens from having unprotected sex.



14. Apart from writing for Marvel, Stan Lee also wrote 15 DC comics, reimagined popular superheroes like Batman and Superman.



15. When the character of Nick Fury was re-introduced into the Ultimate Marvel comics, he was redesigned to resemble Samuel L Jackson, without the actors permission to use his image. It wasn’t until Samuel himself saw his resemblance in the comic that he contacted Marvel to secure a role in any future Marvel movies.



16. Marvels Deadpool Wade Wilson was originally created as a spoof of DC’s Deathstroke Slade Wilson.



17. Mr. Immortal is a Marvel character with no special powers except immortality. He has been killed in ways including shot, suffocated, stabbed, drowned, crushed, starved, dehydrated, exploded, poisoned, decapitated, irradiated and incinerated.



18. There is a fictional company in the Marvel universe called Damage Control. It specializes in cleaning up the mess that superheroes and super villains leave behind.



19. The reason Spider-Man wasn’t a part of the Avengers movie is because Marvel sold the rights to Sony.



20. Spider-man married Mary Jane in 1987, for which Marvel held a publicity event featuring actors dressed like Spider-Man and Mary Jane getting married in Shea Stadium



21. Eminem is a character in the Marvel universe.



22. From 1975 to 1996, Marvel had trademarked the word, zombies. Perhaps understanding that this trademark wasnt enforceable, in 1996 they registered Marvel Zombies.



23. Deadpool has regularly broken the fourth wall. He knew that he was in comic books. This was due to his Comic Awareness, which was a pun about Captain Marvels Cosmic Awareness.



24. Despite all the Gods that roam the universe, Marvel Universe lived under one true God called One-Above-All.



25. Iron Man was created by Stan Lee as a challenge to create a hero that no one should like and force people to like him.



26. In 2003, Marvel Comics announced it was planning to publish a five-part series entitled Di Another Day featuring a resurrected Diana The Princess of Wales, as a mutant with superpowers.



27. Marvel created a character named Irene Adler after the Sherlock Holmes character, who was supposed to be Mystiques lover. Marvel wasn’t allowed to portray a gay relationship, so they made them to be friends, but later announced that they were a couple.



28. And here’s a sneak peak of Bishop from X-MEN: Days of Future Past.



  1. Venom was a creation of todd macfarlane. It was a reoccurring nightmare he had that later ended with the creation of spawn.

  2. Your One Above All picture is incorrect. That picture is of the Celestial, One Above All, not the Marvel creator god One-Above-All, who looks like Jack Kirby.

      • Nope. In the 1970s TV show…

        1. Lou Ferrigno was the actor onscreen.
        2. Ted Cassidy was the man on tape doing the roars. He is also the voice you hear in the opening titles (where he explains the origin of the Hulk).

          • Sigh.

            First of all, the article said that the MOVIE used the roar from the TV SHOW. The roar from the TV SHOW was done by Ted Cassidy.

            Second of all, you were the one who just said “It was Lou Ferrigno.” Who, of course, was the star of the TV SHOW.

            Are you doing this on purpose?

          • This article has numerous mistakes. They didn’t use recordings from the show, they actually hired Lou to record the voice for the film.

          • Lou Ferigno was in the Avengers he’s the guy they CGI Huk over. In fact it’s practically a rule you can’t have live action Hulk without stuffing Ferigno in the suit.

          • Mark Ruffalo did the motion capture for Hulk which is kind of surprising as Hollywood usually goes running to Andy Serkis when they want to do mo-cap.

          • Lou Ferrigno was never in the Avengers and Cassidy starred in the one show about the family in a band, possibly he wanted Bixby’s role and that is why you are confused.

        • Technically, Cassidy only did the roars in the first season. After his death, the Hulk’s roars were provided by character actor Charles Napier.

  3. Pretty sure Marvel asked to use Jackson’s image as Fury and he told them they could as long as he could play him in any films.

  4. Recently, Deadpool ‘one-upped’ Punisher by not only killing every Hero and Villain (and those he didn’t kill, he drove to mass suicide, what he did to X-23 and Dakken is truly inspired!) he also jumped Universe and slaughtered the artists and writers of the story, then went on to kill characters in classic literature and then every version of himself

  5. Can’t decide which is funniest here… Michael Jackson as Spider-Man… Or confusing Ted and David Cassidy – LOL

  6. No. 19 Isn’t true. Marvel licensed, not sold, the rights to Spider-Man to Sony. This means that they can be potentially be regained (which admittedly not terribly likely).

    • The word choice is really just semantics. Bottom line, Sony has the right until they either A) Breach the contract (not have a Spiderman or related movie in production every x number of years) or B) They choose to accept an offer from Disney/Marvel to sell the licensing rights back.

  7. No. 20. That is indeed Bishop, who for really stupid reasons in X-Men: Days of Future Past takes a back seat to Wolverine in reference to time-travel, which if you have read the comics is utter nonsense.

  8. Di Another Day never happened. Thank The One Above All! What a crass, obscene and grotesque idea! Almost as bad as Brand New Day!

    • The Amalgam Universe is not a single comic, but several; published as part of the DC vs Marvel crossovers. They were published in what would normally have been “skip weeks” (the fifth Wednesday of a month is a skip week with no regular issues shipped).

      There were two sets, in two separate years. They were published as trade paperbacks and may be available on Amazon.

  9. You forgot the Archie/Punisher crossover – it really existed.

    The Punisher follows a Bad Guy who looks like Archie to Riverdale.

    • Yeah…boy did comics suck in the 1990’s. That’s why there was an implosion in the comic book industry. Titles were cancel and publishers folded.

      • If you’re pointing to the Archie/Punisher crossover as evidence that comics sucked in the 90s … well, It didn’t suck.


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