Do it Yourself: The Japanese Fart Canon


Japanese prankster Faru Arufa is a bit of an interesting individual and to be hones you shouldn’t Google him. And if you do be prepared to see things that you cannot unsee. In this case Faru Arufa created a fart canon where you can aim a fart into your target’s face.



First you take a normal, unassuming box.


Japanese-Fart-Canon-003-07182014 Japanese-Fart-Canon-004-07182014

Cut a hole.


Japanese-Fart-Canon-005-07182014 Japanese-Fart-Canon-006-06012014

Then, well, you can see (unfortunately).


Japanese-Fart-Canon-007-06012014 Japanese-Fart-Canon-008-06012014 Japanese-Fart-Canon-009-06012014 Japanese-Fart-Canon-010-07182014 Japanese-Fart-Canon-011-07182014 Japanese-Fart-Canon-012-07182014 Japanese-Fart-Canon-013-07182014 Japanese-Fart-Canon-014-07182014 Japanese-Fart-Canon-015-07182014 Japanese-Fart-Canon-016-06042014

A diagram for how this insanity should work.


Japanese-Fart-Canon-017-07182014 Japanese-Fart-Canon-018-07182014 Japanese-Fart-Canon-019-07182014 Japanese-Fart-Canon-020-07182014

And then…


Japanese-Fart-Canon-021-07182014 Japanese-Fart-Canon-022-07182014 Japanese-Fart-Canon-023-07182014





Resident Evil Attraction at Universal Studios Japan

Anyone else want to jump on a plane to Japan just for this Resident Evil attraction at Universal Studios.


15 Crazy Things That Came Out of Japan

Here are 15 crazy things that came out of japan. There have been some pretty awesome things out of Japan but there have also been pretty f*ckin weird things like these.

1. A Match Made in Loneliness
Once you buy this pillow you can never date again. Nothing says forever alone like a man-pillow. It’s like kryptonite for any man you manage to lure back to your apartment.

2. This Seems Drastic
It’s universally human. When we’re bored at work, we put our chins on our fists. This device will make sure you never do that again.

3. Who Needs Hearing Aids?
This way you can hear what everyone’s saying behind your back. They’ll mostly be talking about how crazy you look. But you’ll be able to hear it! You may also be able to pick up satellite feeds from space.

4. Poop You Can Eat
We know that some people in the world are starving. But we’re pretty sure that even they would turn their noses up at this. This stuff is just barely edible. It’s literally just poop with the pathogens taken out.

5. Eyes for Your Eyes
These are stickers for sleeping at work. On the bright side, your boss won’t think you’re asleep. On the other hand, he may think that you’re a dangerous sociopath.

6. The Lap Pillow
This is the saddest, loneliest thing we’ve ever seen. Just how bad does it have to get for you to crave human contact this badly? Which is worse this or the man pillow?

7. It’s a Mouth Exerciser
It’s for those pesky wrinkles around your mouth. You just cram it in your gob and fight the urge to panic. And then you squeeze on the tube to tighten your…mouth muscles.

8. Blue Jean Underpants
We didn’t know there were never-nudes in Japan. This is great news. No one should have to resort to jorts in the shower.  These blue jean underpants promise to chafe like the real thing.

9. The Noodly
We’ll give you a minute to guess what this is before we tell you. No, it’s not a splash guard. It’s for holding your hair back when you eat noodles.

10. The Baby Mop
Got a useless baby lying around? Now you can put it to work. “You’re welcome” — The Japanese.

11. Naughty Vending Machine
What’s in this vending machine? We’ll give you a hint: they’re for sniffing. That’ right, used women’s underwear! We knew that used women’s underwear was a thing. We didn’t know that it was this much of a thing. This means that large numbers of men find themselves out and about but unable to go on without getting their hands on a pair of underwear.

12. Keep Your Chin Up
Want to do your part to make the subway a weirder place? Why not try this chin stand? It’s for sleeping while you’re standing up.

13. Edward Scissor Feet
How much time have you wasted clipping one toenail at a time? You’ll never get those minutes of your life back. But you don’t have to waste any more.

14. Wash Clothes While You Walk
Wish that your washing machine wasn’t so stationary? Now you can take your laundry on the go. All jokes aside, why on earth would you need this?

15. TP For Every Occasion
There’s never enough toilet paper around when you need it. That goes double when you have a cold. Lucky for you, the Japanese have thought of a solution.

Japanese Winter Light Festival

Japan as always is creating amazing events and seems to have a lot of time on their hands. Either way this is awesome.

Lingerie Catalogs for the PS3!? YUP!

Lingerie Catalogs for the PS3!? YUP!

Sony just figured out that sex sells and that images at 4K resolution are even better. So why not combine high resolution image and lingerie right!? We’ll we’re not kidding about this you can read the article here. Sony’s PlayView Tech is who thought up this brilliant  idea apparently…Well at least stuff like this is normal for Japan right? Well only in Japan…until now…Well the image below is what they have in Japan, let’s hope we get hot women like that in the US version!

beer pound

Beer pounded in 1 second!

Watch a man, lady, ok we don’t know what to call it pound a beer in one second! Let’s not get caught up on it’s gender but admire the way the beer disappears!

[youtube id=”piI5oG08BjE” width=”600″ height=”350″]