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Resident Evil Attraction at Universal Studios Japan

Anyone else want to jump on a plane to Japan just for this Resident Evil attraction at Universal Studios.

15 Crazy Things That Came Out of Japan

Here are 15 crazy things that came out of japan. There have been some pretty awesome things out of Japan but there have also been pretty f*ckin weird things like these. 1. A Match Made in Loneliness ...

Japanese Winter Light Festival

Japan as always is creating amazing events and seems to have a lot of time on their hands. Either way this is awesome.

Lingerie Catalogs for the PS3!? YUP!

Sony just figured out that sex sells and that images at 4K resolution are even better. So why not combine high resolution image and lingerie right!? We’ll we’re not kidding about this you ...

Beer pounded in 1 second!

Watch a man, lady, ok we don’t know what to call it pound a beer in one second! Let’s not get caught up on it’s gender but admire the way the beer disappears!