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Tony Toutouni is Now The Biggest Douche on the Internet

Dan Bilzerian is now taking a back seat to Tony Toutouni who is making Dan look like PG-13 movie. Tony grew up poor in Iran, escaped to the U.S. and started a night club in Los Angeles in the early ...

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Danielle Davis Does Everything With Bradley Cooper

Danielle Davis loves Bradley Cooper and does everything with him. You could easily say that they’re best friends. She has started an Instagram series called MyLifeWithBradleyCooper in which she ...

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Instagram can be an awesome yet scary place to browse. You can find amazing photographs or the most ridiculous things you’ve ever seen. Instagram you’re pretty awesome.

Snoop Dogg Posts a Pound of Weed on Instagram

Snoop Dogg, excuse us Snoop Lion had a bet over the Mayweather vs. Alvarez fight with his friend Lui. So naturally Snoop Dogg had to post a photo of his winnings on Instagram. Below is what he said w...

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