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Never Skip Leg Day and We Mean Never

We get it you want your guns to look like walnuts and have washboard abs. But do you really think the toothpick leg look is a good one to have? We really think that that you should have a well rounded...

Treadmill Dancing The New Way To Workout

Tired of doing the same old workout at the gym? Be inspired start dancing on a treadmill to get your cardio work in.

Fit Girls Deserve Some Celebration

There’s Nothing Like a Fit Girl

Some People Shouldn’t Go to Gyms

Some people just shouldn’t go the gym they either frighten people or don’t work out!

Eve to Adam’s Taki Workout Tips

What’s up everyone, we’re getting to the tail end of summer but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep working out and keep that summer physique. Check out what Taki of Eve to Adam d...

Weekly Weightlifting Tip

So you’ve been doing the same 3×12 upper/lower body split workout for the past three months, and your gains have plateaued. Why? I answered my own rhetortical question. DO NOT DO THE SAME W...

Weekly Weightlifting Tip

HIIT The weightlifter’s lifelong battle is to gain as much muscle as possible while keeping fat gains at a minimum. Barring rock star genetics or illegal steroids, one must usually switch betw...

Weekly Weightlifting Tip

What if I told you that your gains at the gym are being sabotaged by the lack of an activity that is both simple and enjoyable?   Yes, you need more SLEEP!!! In order to hit your fitness goa...

Pranking People at the Gym

Check out how these guys prank everyone trying to take a work out class. It’s pretty awesome.