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The Afternoon Break

Translation Fails Are Hilarious Problem

Kids Hate On Michael Bay’s Ninja Turtle Movie Trailer

This video has a few kids watching the 1980′s animated version of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. But the video gets even more awesome when they watch the trailer for Michael Bay’s reboo...

Daily WTF: Even Apes Love a Good Boobie Grab

A Guilty Dog Apologized For Stealing A Baby’s Toy

Charlie and Laura are best friends. One is a beagle and the other is a human baby, but they make it work… most of the time. Even the most adorable of relationships aren’t immune to minor disagree...

How Hard Do You College?

The Afternoon Break

20 That Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Play Sports

Racist Clerk Follows a Teenager in a Convenience Store

As a teenager you are automatically enemy number one at a convenience store, but this lady takes it to another level. Sure it’s one thing to keep an eye on a kid in your store, but to follow the...

Daily WTF: Hey Look It’s a Dolphin

Lets Drop Some Photobombs

And This is the Internet…

Daily WTF: In Life You Should Always Have Fun

Ca Ca Ca Caturday Lets Party!

Daily WTF: Come On Guys Play Nice