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The Afternoon Break

Bryan Cranston Performs One-Man MLB on TBS

Bryan Cranston performs One-Man MLB and it’s the best thing to happen to baseball since cracker jacks. Looking for a new challenge in his career, actor Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad puts on a ...

Tattoo Fails…Not All Are Made Equal

In Other News…A New Study Shows

A new study shows that everything we thought was bad for us is actually good for us and the stuff we thought was good for us is actually super bad for us.

Daily WTF: Looks Like You’ve Been Caught

Passive Aggressive Notes Are An Art Form

If You Love Video Games This is For You

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The Afternoon Break

Work Can Be Boring Lets Spice it Up a Bit

16 Reasons We Should Use Subtitles

Terrible Headlines That Were Actually Published

So You’re Having a Bad Day

We Miss College…

Kanye West Doing Normal Everyday Things

Kanye enjoys an ice cream cone inside of an ice cream truck that he bought.     Kanye avoiding a pole in the sidewalk at all costs.   “They’re not fish sticks.” Kanye insists whil...