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New Pet Options Were Added to Local Pet Store

A user on IMGUR thought it would be a good idea to go and add new “pet options” to the local pet store. And turns out his options were a lot more popular.

We All Love Our Silly Animals

A Guy’s Understanding of Women’s Underwear

A Guy’s Understanding of Women’s Underwear is pretty spot on, I mean how do these things even work?

The Afternoon Break

Desk Safari is a New Way to Procrastinate at Work

Desk Safari photos may be the only way to get through the week after a holiday weekend. Source: Desk Safari

Sometimes Police Sketches Are Full of Fail

Mad Max Trailer with Mario Kart Characters

‘Mad Max’ Is Even Better Mashed Up With ‘Mario Kart’

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Caturday is Here to Save the Weekend!

Women Logic…Just Don’t Try To Understand it

The Afternoon Break

Owning a Cat Expectations Vs. Reality

Daily WTF: I Want to Stay in Bed

The Afternoon Break