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Popular Characters Unmasked!

Popular Characters Unmasked Find out just who is behind some of our favorite characters. Check out these Popular Characters Unmasked!

Urban Camouflage (Can You See Them?)

That moment when you blend into the urban landscape. These folks dress to impress with their insane urban camouflage…

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Public Dog Shaming Is Hilarious (So Cute!)

Public Dog Shaming Is Hilarious Dogs know when they’ve screwed up. Calling them out on it makes it even funnier. It can’t be animal abuse if it is this hilarious…right?

Chuck Testas Worst Taxidermy

Looks like Chuck was having a bad week on the job. These are the things that nightmares are made of kids and probably some of the worst taxidermy we have ever seen! I don’t even know what the he...

Around The Web

Around The Web Just in case you have spent too much time on our site and haven’t had the chance to browse the rest of the interwebs, we have gathered the best of what you may have missed from ar...

Kids Will Cry For The Most Ridiculous Reasons

Kids Will Cry For The Most Ridiculous Reasons From not being able to bring a tampon to the mall to being mad Miley is on TV… Kids will cry about almost anything out there. Are we horrible people...

Sometimes The Timing Is Just Perfect (LOL Perfect Timing!)

Life is always going by so quick.  Sometimes we capture what happens in a split second and the timing is just perfect. Here are some hilarious images with absolutely perfect timing!

Dirty Humor Might be the Best Humor (SFW)

Dirty Humor Might be the Best Humor (SFW) Hey you! I know you have a dirty humor mind and that’s why you are here. Everybody says they have the perfect, innocent mind that cannot be tainted, bu...

Ever Wonder What Your Dad Was Wearing In The 70s? (Must See)

Why We Miss The 70’s The 70s need to make a big return and it needs to happen fast. Check out the hottest in Fashion from a decade far ago.  

Popping A Giant Balloon While Standing Inside It (Video)

Popping A Giant Balloon Popping a giant balloon while inside of it seems like a really stupid idea and a sure fire way to go deaf… so lets watch!

21 Amazing Shower Thoughts That Will Keep You Thinking All Day

Amazing Shower Thoughts We all live in a creative world, where everyone is looking for something new. And in this creative world, our stupid ideas may be the next trend. These ideas may be complete...

15 Reasons Why You Should Love Red Pandas (Must See)

Red Pandas Red Pandas are the cutest damn creatures and everyone should know about it! If you haven’t seen one, you must see this…

Now This is What You Call Fashion

Now This is What You Call Fashion Who needs all that expensive name brand frilly crap when you have a boss ass attitude and a fashion sense like these crazies…

It Happens Only In Asia…Must See

It only happens in Asia It seems like one big silly game show sometimes. It seems crazy and wacky over there, but you can’t deny it looks like they are having a ton of fun…

Pandas… Too Drunk and Cute to Survive

I’m fully convinced at this point that Pandas are actually just little drunk humans in Panda suits. It’s no wonder why these little furry creatures almost went extinct without us.