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The Afternoon Break

Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi Star in a “Brady Bunch” Episode

When the teaser ad featuring Danny Trejo as Marcia Brady first appeared, we knew we were in for something special this Super Bowl. Snickers created an awesome Super Bowl commercial created by BBDO New...

The Official Ted 2 Trailer

Who’s ready to tackle some teddy bear civil rights with Ted 2? The next chapter in Ted’s life is here and it looks pretty damn funny.

Bill Gates Drank Poop Water and the Internet Reacted

Earlier this month Bill Gates drank poop water. Apparently there’s a fancy machine that makes the water taste just fine, but that didn’t hold back the internet. There was a bit of a photos...

Grammar and Spelling Always Matter

There’s a Toilet on Tinder and it’s Awesome

The Afternoon Break

Some People Shouldn’t Drive a Car

The Funniest Makeup Transformations You’ve Ever Seen

Daily WTF: Oh the Things That Happen at Costco

Dogs experiencing their first snow day in the recent snowpocalypse. “Best. Day. Ever.” You gotta have a little style if you’re going to enjoy the snow…   Dog what are you...

The Afternoon Break

We Love College and the Fun Times

Tommy Edison and the Perks of Being Blind

Tommy Edison has a few things to say about being blind and he’s kind of a bad ass.  

A Bad Lip Reading: NFL 2015

Get ready for this Sunday’s Super Bowl by watching the newest installment of bad lip reading. If only they could do this live during the game.

Snowpocalypse 2015…This is What it Looks Like

Ready to battle the 100 feet of snow that was predicted for Philadelphia today! Snowpocalypse 2015 here I come.   I advance, like Shackleton preparing to cross the Antarctic Circle, into the vast...