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Rawcus Wants You to Snapchat Him ‘Dem Titties’

First off after watching the video you’ll find yourself singing “snapchat me dem titties” you can’t help it you will just want to do it. Rawcus was in Los Angeles self-promoti...

Daily WTF: Oh the Things That Happen at Costco

KickStarter to Get Our Mobile App and Site

What’s up everyone! Today we are launching our own kickstarter to get an awesome app and mobile site set up for all of you to use. Yes, it will be available for both Android and iPhone, and it w...

Daily WTF: OMG it’s Monday Again!

We Love Ivy Jean and You Should Too

There’s not a lot that we can say about Ivy Jean other than she’s gorgeous and we love her! Make sure you follow the lovely Miss Ivy Jean on Twitter and Instagram. You can also see a lot m...

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Daily WTF: Oh the Things a Lego Will See

Huge Tracts of Land as Far as the Eye Can See

Lets Play a Game: Real Life or Grand Theft Auto

Real life or Grand Theft Auto, can you tell the difference? GTA5’s PC release was released which disappointed gamers around the world. GTA4 was amazing on the PC and it utilized the amazing grap...

Daily WTF: Who Says Art Can’t Be This Awesome

Oh Me Oh My it’s Hump Day!

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Selfies Because The Internet Loves Them

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Daily WTF: Please Enjoy the Weekend

May Your Friday Be Filled With Lingerie