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Mexican Drug Lord Instagrams his Life and Gets Caught by Police

Instagram is awesome if you’re going to post about your life or at least when the activities you’re posting about are legal. A Mexican drug lord decided it was a good idea to start posting...

Mcdonalds Weddings Much? Nope Not Thanks

It turns out that McDonalds Weddings are pretty popular around the world. You would think it would be something that would happen in the USA, but it turns out it’s all over the world. Bizarre we...

Bad Monday? Read These Stupid Yahoo Answers To Feel Better

Every one has a bad day, but remember there is always someone that’s dumber than you and it’ll make you feel better. In this case these Yahoo Answers will make you ¬†feel better about life...

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Just because you’re eating it, doesn’t mean it needs to be on Instagram

How To Fail at Putting Your Butt on an Electric Fence

A lot happens in this really short video but not what you expect…poop everywhere but all in the wrong places.

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These Yahoo Answer Fails Make Us Fear For Humanity

Yahoo answer fails! Everyone this is what happens when you do drugs while pregnant or drop kids on their heads. They start to ask these ridiculous questions.

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