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The Craziest Breakup Text We’ve Ever Seen

First off who the f*ck is named Bobo? Secondly he is bat shit crazy lets hope that he seeks a little help or goes back under the rock he came from. Enjoy this crazy breakup text.

When You Fail Make Sure You Fail Hard

Not Everyone Should be Allowed to Text

Some Days You Fail Harder Than Others

Favorite Yahoo Answers

Only In Russia…

A 3000 Horsepowered Mustang’s Day Goes Terribly Wrong

3000 horsepower Mustang…that might be a bit much right? Wrong! More horsepower must reach outer space. This is what happens when you put too much horsepower in a car, make it too light and have ...

You Don’t Always Have the Best of Luck

LA Kings Fan Eats It On Ice

Only an LA Kings fan would walk out on the ice in heels…

Worst Pickup Attempts Ever

Well Aren’t You The Punny One

Perfectly Timed Selfies

Grammar is a Good Thing

Mexican Drug Lord Instagrams his Life and Gets Caught by Police

Instagram is awesome if you’re going to post about your life or at least when the activities you’re posting about are legal. A Mexican drug lord decided it was a good idea to start posting...

Mcdonalds Weddings Much? Nope Not Thanks

It turns out that McDonalds Weddings are pretty popular around the world. You would think it would be something that would happen in the USA, but it turns out it’s all over the world. Bizarre we...

Bad Monday? Read These Stupid Yahoo Answers To Feel Better

Every one has a bad day, but remember there is always someone that’s dumber than you and it’ll make you feel better. In this case these Yahoo Answers will make you ¬†feel better about life...