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You won’t believe some of these fail pictures that are guaranteed to make you feel better about your life!

Some Moments Should be Captured with a Photo

Some Animals Shouldn’t go to the Playground

Guy Crushes His Best Friends Car After he Takes his Girl

Best friend or not, taking your buddies girl is just down right evil. Nothing good can ever happen from this just learn a lesson or two from this guy. This guy found out the news and plotted out his r...

Russia Has Launched a Selfie Safety Guide

Russia has launched a selfie safety guide because there have been a lot of incidents that have caused injury to the citizens of Russia. The Russian Interior Ministry has become very concerned with the...

“Sugar Daddy” Has Terrible Game Online

This is a long one but I think an important read. Mostly because it’s literally impossible for you to have less game than “Sugar Daddy” and you need to know that if you’re out there, ...

Spelling Actually Matters in the Real World

These guys should invest in a dictionary. There’s nothing more annoying than people who can’t spell.

Sometimes Police Sketches Are Full of Fail

Professor Accidently Sends Porn Link To Students

Professor Lisa McElroy is another victim who didn’t double check their clipboard. She’s being investigated after mistakenly sending a Pornhub link to her students depicting a woman giving herself...

I’m Surrounded By Idiots

20 Stupid 50 Shades of Grey Products

Alright everyone… let’s get this 50 Shades of Grey in theaters already so we can get it over with and finally move on with our lives.

The Craziest Breakup Text We’ve Ever Seen

First off who the f*ck is named Bobo? Secondly he is bat shit crazy lets hope that he seeks a little help or goes back under the rock he came from. Enjoy this crazy breakup text.

When You Fail Make Sure You Fail Hard

Not Everyone Should be Allowed to Text

Some Days You Fail Harder Than Others

Favorite Yahoo Answers