Cereal Box Wall…You Know Because Awesome Things

A user on Imgur decided he needed to build a cereal box wall and this is what he had to say:

A few months back I posted a pic of my cereal wall that was still in progress. In that thread I got a lot of great constructive criticism like: “You should use magnets” “The gap in the corner is ugly” “You should arrange them by color” “Ur gay!!” So I took the suggestions to heart (not all of them) and started the whole thing from scratch.

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12 Fun Facts About Cereal To Enjoy With Breakfast


Both Honey Smacks and Golden Crisp are more than 50% sugar by weight. Delicious, delicious sugar.


A doctor created Corn Flakes in 1894 in order to stop masturbation. He thought a bland diet would limit his patient’s sexual desire.


The first manufactured cereal was “granula,” which was required to soak for a day before eating.

Spanish-American War Cannon

The first pressure cooker that was used to create puffed cereal was made from a converted cannon from the Spanish-American war.


Cheerios were first called “CheeriOats” but changed it after legal issues with Quaker Oats.


The Franken Berry recipe from the 70’s caused at least one child to have red poop.


Corn Flakes were the first cereal to offer a prize in their boxes. It was the least they could do after trying to prevent masturbation.


The colonists used to eat popcorn with cream and sugar, just like breakfast cereal.


The only consistent marshmallow shape to be in Lucky Charms since it was introduced is the pink heart.


Astronauts on the first moon mission ate cubed Corn Flake bars held together with fruit.


When they began, Rice Krispies had Snap, Crackle, Pop, and a fourth character named Pow, who only lasted 2 commercials.


Frank Sinatra attributed his reputation as a gifted sex-ing person to eating his Wheaties.


Cereal Characters Done By Guillermo Fajardo

Guillermo Fajardo does a great job at reimagining the charracters from Trix, Captain Crunch, Count Chocula and Frosted Flakes.