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10 Awesome Minimalist Horror Movie Posters

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17 Facts About Space That We Should Have Learned

The Hubble has traveled more than 3 billion miles in its orbit around Earth. That is, as of its 24th anniversary this past April. To give you a sense of its size, it’s about as long as a large schoo...

Two Friends in Australia Create a Mobile Laundry Service for the Homeless

Two guys in Australia create a mobile laundry service for the homeless and it’s kind of awesome. Get this the two guys are only 20 years old makes me feel like I haven’t done much with my ...

The World Beard and Moustache Championships Just Happened in Portland

Portland, Oregon was home to the World Beard and Moustache Championships this year and the photos from it are nothing short of amazing. The first photo below is officially the greatest beard in the W...

Lets Cure The Case of the Mondays

30 Strange Snack Foods You Can’t Get in the US

Soft-shell crab, seaweed, and grilled shrimp Pringles in Asia. Cappuccino Pepsi in Europe and Russia   Spaghetti popsicle in Japan   Pancake drink in Japan   Saffron pistachio Dunkin’...

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Dum Dums Mystery Flavor is Finally Revealed

Finally we can all be assured that we’re not crazy when trying to figure out what the dum dums mystery flavor actually is. In 1924, the Akron Candy Company in Ohio had developed a small, spheri...

Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey Gets a New Creepy Trailer

Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey is set to hit select theaters November 28th for arguably the most anticipated rerelease of a movie in history. Overall a creepy movie, but we’re looking...

Hendo Hoverboard is the First Real Hoverboard

Hendo is introducing the world’s first REAL hoverboard and hover developer kit. We are putting hover technology in YOUR hands. So where does the HENDO hoverboard stand today? Well, about 1 inch ...

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