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Star Wars Fan Art Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Star Wars Fan Art It would be my dream to have a rated R Star Wars series that shows the gritty side of war. But for now we’ll just have to rely on awesome Star Wars fan art to capture imaginati...

14 Of The Most EPIC Cat Shirts Available To Buy! (You Need Deez)

Epic Cat Shirts We came across the most awesome cat shirt the other day and realized that life would be so much better if we shared it’s amazingness with the world. So we searched far and wide t...

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A Little Nostalgia To Hit Memory Lane

Gotta Love Nostalgia To Take Us Down Memory Lane For all those who are old enough, take a look at some of this awesome nostalgia to give you a nice walk down memory lane…

Dunking Basketballs While Swinging From A Rope (Video)

Dunking Basketballs While Swing From A Rope This video of people dunking basketballs while swinging from a rope is insane. I must find this bridge and try this immediately! Whose up for a roadtrip?

32 Most Awesome Tattoo Designs (Must See)

Awesome Tatoo Designs We all have feelings. And its the basic human nature that we express out feelings and emotions in entirely different ways. Some use words, some will write poems or stories, some ...

Bottomless Bag Magic Trick (Video)

Bottomless Bag Magic Trick Witchcraft I say! Witchcraft! You won’y believe this bottomless bag magic trick this del taco employee can pull off!

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When You Accidentally Catch A Gator instead of A Fish (Video)

Accidentally Catch A Gator? That moment when you accidentally catch a gator instead of a fish. Anyone who has ever been fishing has had that special moment where they think they just caught “the...

Woman Sets Gas Station On Fire When Guy Won’t Give Her A Cigarette

Check Out This Gas Station on Fire: I don’t know about you guys, but I have definitely had those days where I just want to burn something to the ground! Next time someone asks you for a cigarett...

Ozzy Man Reviewing People Getting Slammed By Angry Bulls (Video)

People Getting Slammed By Angry Bulls: Throw another Shrimp on the barby, or something like that. But seriously, these guys are getting skewered by angry bulls. If you are squeamish beware…

28 Of The Funniest Coincidences Ever

Sometimes when the moment is just right and the planets align, life brings us photo gold. We have all had those moments where we look over and have to do a double take because we just saw something ou...

450 Ton Dump Truck Crushes Passenger Car (Video)

Holy Crap! You have to see this 450 ton dump truck crush a passenger car. I’m wild you mild wooo!

Watermelon Experiment Gone Wrong (Video)

This watermelon experiment really went very wrong very fast! Sit back, relax, and laugh at their misfortune from the safety and cleanliness of your own home.

32 Moments that prove beauty can be found in strangest places

It is so easy to get caught up in the grind. Day in and day out we see such horrible stories on the news, people being so cruel to each other and capable of such evil acts. We have to remember to stop...

Food Porn in the Stuff Dreams are Made of