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Rap Quotes Posted in Philadelphia

The man behind the Rap Quotes in New York and Los Angeles is Jay Shells. He has now moved on to Philadelphia and the work there has been nothing but entertaining. Check out his installations he has do...

You Can Now Buy a 99-Pack of Beer…We’re Not Kidding

Austin Beerworks is making the best thing ever, and it’s a 99-pack of beer. The guys over at Austin Beerworks are packaging up their favorite beer the Peacemaker Anytime Ale in this glorious 99-...

18 of the Best Parents Ever

The Mid-Week Mental Break

The mental break is a day late but we hope you enjoy it!

Mac Lethal Takes On Mozart With His Latest Rap Video

Mac Lethal is at it again, but this time sans bad words. He had a request from a teacher to have him make a rap video that she could share with her music students. Mac Lethal being as awesome as he is...

Patrick Hall’s Portraits of People Being tasered Are Amazing

Thousands of volts turn into comedy when filmed and photographed for an art project. Photographer Patrick Hall usually works with models and tries to make them look as amazing as possible, but with t...

Time Sliced Photos By Richard Silver

English photographer, Richard Silver is taking some amazing photos, but they are created with a lot of patience and time. His newest project called “Time Sliced” and it’s a collectio...

27 facts you can use to impress your friends

Abandoned Mall in Old Town Bangkok is Now an Aquarium

Malls from the 80′s and 90′s have been abandoned for a while, most of them demolished, but some of them stay for a long time. The more everyone shops online (fuck yeah Amazon) the more thi...

33 Photos Taken at the Right Moment

We are huge fans of perfectly timed photos that capture perfect moments that come and go with a blink of the eye. The internet is abound with images shared by people who have captured images at just t...

Hopefully This Will Cure The Case of the Mondays

Sit Back and Enjoy the Food Porn

The Friday Breakdown

13 Things You Probably Didn’t Know