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The Mid-Week Mental Break

The Phillies Use Kids’ Drawings For Player Photos

The Phillies are pretty awesome, instead of using player photos on Opening Day they used drawings done by kids for the play photos. It’s pretty cute and the kids must be stoked.

Food Porn Always Makes Me Hungry

The Friday Breakdown

Spring Time is Fading to Summer Time

Man Builds Porsche Replica Our of Cardboard

I don’t get it cardboard projects are all the rage right now. First the Ironman suit and now a perfect 1 to 1 Porsche replica made out of cardboard. Sure it only moves at 10 MPH, but it does hav...

Throwback Thursday

San Francisco’s BatKid Threw Out The First Pitch at the Giants Game

Lets be honest we’ll never be as cool as BatKid no matter how hard we try. First he save San Francisco from the evil doers and now he got to throw the first pitch at a Giants game. Miles Scott, ...

The Mid Week Mental Break

New York City Stores Then and Now

  Corner of 1st Ave. and 116th St., Harlem   2nd Ave. at E 10th Street, East Village   Corner of Grand St. and Ludlow St., Lower East Side   E 14th St. & Union Square W, Union ...

20 Fun Facts and Interesting Tips

Human Water SkeeBall

After watching this Human Water Skeeball video we’re totally ready for Summer.

22 Gifs That Explains How Stuff Actually Works

Ice-Cream Sandwiches Pen Ink Testing A Machine Making A Chain How Pop-Tarts Are Made Chicken Wire Condoms Glass Bottle Extrusion Helmet Camouflage How Guns Work How Locks Work How Marbles Are Made How...

The Mid-Week Mental Break

“Facts” That Are completely Inaccurate…Science Bitch!

Sharks can and do get cancer. The myth that they don’t was created by I. William Lane to sell shark cartilage as a cancer treatment.   There is no such thing as someone having a “photographic...