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Awesome Pixar Pancake Art

Pixar pancake art by Dan, and it’ll blow your mind.

Welcome to Dismaland: Banksy’s New Dystopian Theme Park

Inside the walls of a derelict seaside swimming resort in Weston-super-Mare, UK, mysterious construction over the last month—including a dingy looking Disney-like castle and a gargantuan rainbow-col...

Your Favorite Movies Get the 8-bit Treatment

Artist Steve Casino is the Peanut Artist

Artist Steve Casino made over 223 pieces of art using paint and the shells of peanuts. The work ranges from characters to awesome monsters and everyday items. Check out more of Steve’s work on his...

Pancake Art Yah You’re Probably Doing it Wrong


Police Sketches Are So 1999, Police Sketches Have Gone Digital

Police sketch artists may be losing their jobs, ok probably not after seeing these digital renderings of criminals. I hope they’re looking for those who committed the crime of making these digit...

‘Game of Thrones’ House Banners for Other Popular Characters

Artist Miguel Lokia has taken the traditional ‘Game of Thrones’ house banner and expanded it beyond the world of Westeros. See more of his work on deviantart.

Blule is an Amazing Illustrator

Clementine (Blule) is an amazing illustrator and designer that is based out of Sydney, Australia. Blule loves to pull inspiration from movies and anything pop culture related, but normally focuses on...

Makeup Can be a Powerful Tool

Makeup is an art form and boy can it change people.

High Speed Cameras Catching Bullets Going Through Things

Looks like guns can make some pretty rad art work too. Check out these images that show Bullets going through things.

Porn Star Kayla-Jane Danger Creates Darth Vader out of Sex Toys

Kayla-Jane Danger is the porn star that is behind the idea of creating DarthVader using nothing but sex toys. She calls it ‘Darth Vibrator’ and it will be displayed at the Wood Rocket headquarter...

Buff Diss Creates Amazing Street Art Out of Tape

Buff Diss is an out of Melbourne that gets creative with some tape. Instead of defacing property with paint Buff takes tape to the walls to create is artwork which preserves the integrity of the walls...

Rafael Mantesso Wife Leaves him With Nothing but a Dog

Rafael Mantesso was left by his wife with almost nothing to his name, I’ll probably do a terrible job at setting up the scene so here is what Rafael Mantesso had to say about it all: “On my...

All of Your Favorite Marvel Characters Are Now Dogs

Josh Lynch has illustrated the Marvel universe as dogs. Yup Wolverine is now a French Bulldog and all the other characters now get their own dog version. Check out more of Josh Lynch’s work her...

Nathan Sawaya Created Lego Versions of DC Comic Characters

Nathan Sawaya left his job as an attorney to become a Lego artist. If you’re thinking that sounds insane well it kind of is, but Nathan Sawaya is kind of amazing at creating Lego art. Since leav...

Some Tattoos Are Full of Puns