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Perspective Changes Everything (Really Cool!)

Perspective Changes Everything Sometimes the world can seem really really big. But when we take a step back and look at it with a different perspective, it isn’t so big after all… Sometime...

Star Wars Fan Art Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Star Wars Fan Art It would be my dream to have a rated R Star Wars series that shows the gritty side of war. But for now we’ll just have to rely on awesome Star Wars fan art to capture imaginati...

Insane Car Paint Jobs That Make Yours Look Weak

Girl Creates a Star Wars Themed Cookbook

Imgur user dani847661 is a big fan of Star Wars and was inspired to create a cookbook full of puns. So, she created ‘Star Wars: A Wookie Cookie Bookie.’

Dad Turns Baby into Real Elf on a Shelf

Tattoos Make For Great Artwork

Apparently Crayons Make For Great Sculptures

Hoang Tran is the artist behind all of the elaborate crayon sculptures that have been floating around the internet. Tran, who originally went to school to become a dentist, told Instagram, “I withdr...

Instagram Can be an Interesting Place

Tattoos Can Be Awesome Pieces of Artwork

Do You Know How To Skin A Watermelon?

So for all those times you need to completely skin a watermelon (not sure how often that is) and just didn’t know what the hell you were doing, we have just the video for you! Be ready to be stu...

Shonagh Scott Kills Off All the Disney Princesses with Her Halloween Makeup

Shonagh Scott killed off all of the Disney Princesses in a photography series to show off her makeup skills. All of these would make killer Halloween costumes. Here is Shonagh Scott without all of th...

Famous Paintings Improved by Cats

Self-Taught Artist Paints Terrifying Monsters On Faces Perfect For Halloween

Nikki Shelley has reached an impressive following on Facebook thanks to her makeup skills. The mother-of-three uses face paints to create a kind of different monsters and terrifying faces.

Awesome Darth Vader Disco Ball Helmet

Justin Poulsen created his very own Darth Vader disco ball. Yes, the Star Wars nerd in all of us here at Bro My God is fan girling over this. Justin Poulsen took a Halloween costume mask and bunch of...

Matt Jordan is an Amazing Tattoo Artist

Matt Jordan is a New Zealand based tattoo artist who specializes in black and white portraits, but he’s also a total bad ass with color. You can check out more of his work on his Instagram accou...

Street Art is an Amazing Gift to the World