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The Elderly Go Out and Tag the Streets of Portugal

In Portugal a gang of elderly people decided to tag up a few walls to get in on the street art movement. I can only hope that one day my Grandma will be this awesome.

Stunning Modern Tattoo Artwork by Bicem Sinik

Bicem Sinik has become pretty popular for his line art tattoos that are taking a modern take on black ink tattoos. As simple as they look, they need to be done perfectly to maintain his geometric styl...

Artist Fills Pot Holes with Ice Cream Mosaic Art

Jim Bachor is the artist behind the Ice Cream mosaic art that covers up pot holes, because an ice cream is always better than a pot hole. He calls this series “Treats in the Streets” and the feed...

Sometimes Police Sketches Are Full of Fail

The Most Dangerous Marvel Characters

The guys over at Morph Costumes put together an infographic showing the Marvel characters with the most kills. This kill count is based on superhero and villain kills and not civilian casualties.

Superhero Manatees…You Know Because Reasons

Artist Joel Micah Harris introduces us to the world’s fattest superheroes.

Game of Thrones Characters Given the GTA Treatment

HBO’s Game of Thrones has inspired a ton of fan art and this Grand Theft Auto inspired art work is some of the best. Below are the characters dressed as 1980s/90s street cliches, a sort of Gra...

Artist Creates the Skeletons of Cartoon Characters

Korean artist Hyungkoo Lee has created the skeletons of cartoon characters and they’re kind of creeps but still pretty cool.

20 Art Students That Just Didn’t Give Any F**ks

SeeJay Creates a New Humorous Vandalism Series

You can catch more of SeeJay’s work at his website. He sells prints and other art work.

Some Street Artists Are Out to Have Some Fun

Awesome Dad Makes Awesome Lunch Bags

Some Dads are cool and some dads are awesome and make bad ass lunch bags.

Zahir Batin’s Surreal Star Wars Photos

Zahir Batin takes photos and infuses them with the awesome of Star Wars. Zahir calls Selanger, Tanjong Karang home and that’s where all of his photos take place. A camera, Star Wars toys and a l...

Game of Thrones Characters as Disney Characters

Jon Snow and Ghost Oberyn and the Mountain Arya Stark and The Hound Jon Snow and Ghost Lord Varys Tyrion Lannister Cersei Lannister Jaime Lannister and Brienne Daenerys A White Walker Art work Via Com...

If the NBA Had Helmets

Not everyone loves the NBA and not everyone shares the love for the NFL that James Politi and Luke Daly have. James even said this, “I’m an unemployed graphic designer who misses the NFL ...

Dr. Woo has Been Tattooing Since he Was 13 and His Work is Awesome

Brian Woo’s father wanted him to be a doctor, but Brain decided to become a different kind of Doctor. Brian Woo started experimenting with tattoos when he was 13. He started an apprenticeship at...