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Daily WTF: I Want to Stay in Bed

Dennis the Dieting Dachshund

Dennis the dieting Dachshund has had a strange life to say the least. Dennis, a miniature dachshund in Columbus, Ohio, broke the puppy scales at 56 pounds. His breed’s normal weight is around 1...

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Cute Girls Will Take Over the World

The Afternoon Break

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My Butt Hole Hurts: World’s Loudest Fart

If you’re ever dating a girl and she says women don’t fart just show her this video and walk away. Because the “my butt hole hurts” video is proof that they do.

The Truth Behind Everyday Lies

We’ve all been there but here is the truth behind everyday lies. via Justin Barber

Fit Girls Are Something Special

Motivational Posters for People Who Hate Doing Stuff

Daily WTF: Give Me Some NHL Playoffs!

Chinese Words for Animals Translated into English

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Girls in Tight Dresses

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