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People Named Dick have Unfortunate Last Names

How Man Red Vines Can You Fit in Your Mouth Prank

On a long road trip you have to entertain yourself and there is no better way to do it than with your buddy that is passed out in the car. These guys take advantage of Micah and mess with him while he...

Animator Created 8-bit Versions of the Mad Max: Fury Road Cars

Mad Max: Fury Road was a hit in the theaters and people have been creating fan art left and right since the movie came out. Animator Misha Petrick and illustrator Evgeniy Yudin created these 8-bit GI...

Cute Girls Rule the World

Paige Spiranac is the Sexiest Golfer We’ve Seen

Paige Spiranac is a recent graduate from San Diego State University where she helped lead golf team to the Mountain West Conference championship. Paige’s Instagram has been getting blown up becaus...

Sepp Blatter Gets the Photoshop Treatment After it Rains Cash on Him

The internet isn’t the biggest fan of Sepp Blatter, and when someone at a press conference made it rain cash on Sepp Blatter Reddit took the image and had a little fun. Below is the gif of wha...

Daily WTF: The Moment a Kid Learns the Water Hose is the Enemy

Relive Childhood with Vodka PokeBalls that Will Get You Drunk

Someone’s gotta eat ’em all! Relive part of your childhood as an adult while you get drunk. Sure it’s time consuming, but it might be the coolest thing you can bring to share with al...

A Little Sideboob Action Can Only Make Your Day Better

Huge Tracts of Land as Far as the Eye Can See

The Afternoon Break

Just Because We Love Girls

Awesome Links Around the Web

Women Rub Dildos on Their Faces…Because Someone Said they Were Beauty Products

God bless you, Internet you have a messed up sense of humor and we love it. These women rub dildos on their faces because someone said they were beauty products. The reactions are priceless the video ...

Tight Dresses Will Always Impress People

People Can Be Real Douche Bags