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Just Because We Love Girls

Friday is Here That Means One Thing Lingerie!

The Afternoon Break

How Much Energy Does it Take to Run the Star Wars Universe?

The correct answer is too much energy to run the Star Wars Universe. Check out this infographic for all of the details.

Sometimes I Just Want to Stay in Bed All Day

Bikinis Will Make Anyone Smile

Sabrina Nellie Loves To Take Photos and We Love Her For it

Sabrina Nellie is another model all of you should follow on Instagram and Twitter, trust us you won’t regret it.  

A Few Fun Facts About the Star Wars Franchise

Fonts Everyone Love to Hate

Woman Gets Arrested for the Most Expensive Boob Job

It’s strange to read “woman gets arrested for the most expensive boob job” and it’s because it’s a strange story that is kind of mind blowing. A 22-year-old woman was cau...

Daily WTF: Gotta Love the Drive Thru

Time For Some of That Throwback Thursday Action

Dads Looking Really Sad at One Direction Concerts

Dads will do anything to make their Daughters happy and taking them to a One Direction concert…but it doesn’t mean they were happy about it.

Bagpipe Guy Gets the Photoshop Treatment

Huge Tracts of Land It’s Kind of a Big Deal

Ryan Reynolds is Actually Becoming Deadpool on Twitter