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Just Because We Love Girls

A volcano in Chile is Rrupting Right Now and It Looks Epic

Earlier today (about 2 hours ago) southern Chile’s Calbuco volcano erupted after 40 years of doing nothing. It sent a thick plume of ash and smoke into the sky. A red alert has been issued and r...

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The Afternoon Break

The Batman V. Superman Trailer is Out and The Internet Responded

The internet is ruthless and has been kind of hard on the Batman V. Superman trailer. It looks interesting, but it’s directed by Zack Snyder…but here are the internet responses:

Someone Made a Craigslist Listing for the Crashed Imperial Star Destroyer

Looks like the Empire is hard up for cash and is looking to create its next Death Star. A Craigslist ad has appeared for the crashed Imperial Star Destroyer from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens tra...

Kylie Jenner is Amazing in These GIFs

We hate to admit it, but Kylie Jenner is kind of hot in these GIFs. Enjoy the GIFs from her latest photo shoot.

Welcome to the Internet

Must Watch: Ron English Mural Time Lapse

On Saturday, renowed interventionist and public art veteran Ron English finished up his mural at the Houston Bowery Wall. It’s a patchwork American flag comprised of the many corporate parodies he h...

Daily WTF: Take That You Ugly Gator

14 Dogs With Human Hands

In Russia Nothing is Off Limits

Does Real Life Have Spell Check?

Microchip Engineers Let Their Nerd Flag Fly With Hidden Microchip Art

I’ll Take a Sexy Red Head Any Day of the Week

Excuse Me But Do You Hump Day