The Funniest Razor Commercial Ever

Our Blades Are F***ing Great. That about sums it up you have to watch the video below lol look out Old Spice these guys...

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Fine Boobs Are Always A Treat For The Eyes

There is no way that fine boobs like these have not been glared at. Men will be hard inside with just by looking at them. If Shakespeare was alive, I think he would have written a European version of Kamasutra from the sexy, luscious...

Around The Web

We have scoured the internet to bring you the best and most exciting content that you may have missed from around the web. Yazmin Oukhellou bikini photos in spain Zahra Elise Lingerie pictures are just what the doctor Ordered Carmen Electra celebrated...

Times When Opening A Champagne Bottle Didn’t Go As Planned (14 Gifs)

As a gesture of celebration, Champagne bottles are opened in style to indicate a joyous occasion. But if you have some experience then you know there is a big fat chance that it won’t go according to the plan and people will laugh. Well,...

Toddler Girl On The Street Panhandling (Video)

If you see the scenery from far away, it will stir curiosity inside you. You will think what a toddler doing on the road. When you come close, it will shock you, because you will think you are watching an Android with a plastic...

World’s Toughest Jobs That People Do To Make A Home

If you are sad because you have a shitty job and you don’t get paid enough for your hard work, then you are in luck. This gallery holds something so sensitive and influential this can make your pain vanish like Mr. Invisible. These guys...

Bold Girls With A Different Approach On Tinder

This collection was enough to blow my mind away and surely, it will blow your mind away too. Never could have anyone thought that girls can be bold to this extent on Tinder. Of course, though said to be a dating app, we all...




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