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Everyone Should Know About Júlia Pereira

Júlia Pereira is a gorgeous Brazilian model who has been making herself really well known so far this year. Here are a few photos of her and make sure to follow Júlia Pereira on Instagram and Twitt...

Rawcus Wants You to Snapchat Him ‘Dem Titties’

First off after watching the video you’ll find yourself singing “snapchat me dem titties” you can’t help it you will just want to do it. Rawcus was in Los Angeles self-promoti...

14 Disturbing Fast Food Confessions

Some fast food restaurant employees decided to confess a few things that are rather disturbing about their work place. Be warned these fast food confessions might ruin your favorite restaurant or food...

Some People Shouldn’t Drive a Car

The Funniest Makeup Transformations You’ve Ever Seen

Daily WTF: Oh the Things That Happen at Costco

Dogs experiencing their first snow day in the recent snowpocalypse. “Best. Day. Ever.” You gotta have a little style if you’re going to enjoy the snow…   Dog what are you...

Life Lessons I Learned from Scrubs

Six years ago (Five years if you count the awful 9th season), the beloved show ‘Scrubs’ left the air, leaving fans with a heart warming and tear jerking finale. Even thought the show is over, it...

A Woman’s Point of View is Always Appreciated

Girls in Sports Bras


Are You Ready For Some Hump Day?

The Afternoon Break

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We Love College and the Fun Times

Anyone Else Bored at Work?

Tommy Edison and the Perks of Being Blind

Tommy Edison has a few things to say about being blind and he’s kind of a bad ass.