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The Afternoon Break

Artist Covers Her Husband’s Car In Sharpie Doodles

Collen Kelton, an avid car enthusiast and member of the US Military stationed in Japan purchased this car in 1995, but never really loved the color. Because of that his wife covered the car in her doo...

GoPro: Let Someone Else Be a Hero

Not everyone is meant to be an action sports bad ass and not everyone should record it with a GoPro. Remember kids GoPro: Let Someone Else Be a Hero.

Girls in Tight Dresses Are a Dangerous Weapon

Welcome to the Internet

You Had One Job! Come On!

You Have To Check Out Sydney Maler

Everyone should know about Sydney Maler because reasons and those reasons are worth checking out her photos. More photos over on Syndey’s Instagram.

Daily WTF: Too Much Beer Pong is a Thing

Randy Orton RKO Vines Have Taken Over the Internet

Vine videos of WWE Superstar Randy Orton delivering his RKO finishing move have spread like wildfire. The RKO, which sees former WWE champion Orton grabbing the neck of his opponent before driving it...

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