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Zahir Batin’s Surreal Star Wars Photos

Zahir Batin takes photos and infuses them with the awesome of Star Wars. Zahir calls Selanger, Tanjong Karang home and that’s where all of his photos take place. A camera, Star Wars toys and a l...

You’ve Got Nothing on These Haricuts

Unintentionally Funny Questions From Sex-Ed Students

Josh Sheehan Just Landed the First Motocross Triple Back Flip

Josh Sheehan blow the minds of everyone after completing the first ever triple backflip at Travis Pastrana’s “Pastranaland” complex in Maryland. Besides being a complete bad ass Josh...

Yoga Pants Always Make the Day Better

Girls in Tight Dresses

Huge Tracts of Land as Far as the Eye Can See

The Afternoon Break

Awesome Links Around the Web

If the Cast of ‘Friends’ Had Social Media Accounts

Friends is a show that everyone still loves, someone created the perfect social media accounts for the characters of Friends.

We Love Girls Because Reasons

Don’t Believe Everything on the Internet

Welcome to the Internet

Today the Baltimore Orioles Will Play a Game with an Empty Stadium

Yesterday the Baltimore Orioles announced that the team would play today after postponing two games. Due to the riots in Baltimore the Orioles had to postpone two games, decided they were going to pla...

You Should Know About Gigi Hadid

Daily WTF: OMG It’s Future Bacon