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How Every Single Adam Sandler Movie is Connected

Get ready to have your mind blown by this kind of insane man.

Daily WTF: Here’s a Dick, Because F*ck You

The Many Iterations of BB-8

Learn a Few Things with Some Fun Facts

Nikon Awards a Shitty Photoshopped Image and the Internet Reacts

It turns out that the people over at Nikon suck a seeing when a photograph is terribly photoshopped. Leave it to the internet to find out and make it right.

Just Because We Love Girls

Hello I’m Here for the Abs Party

Sideboob Might Just Bring Peace to the World

It’s Not Tuesday Unless We Have Selfies

The Perfect Airbnb for Netflix and Chill

Netflix and Chill has been a big part of online dating and now it has made it’s way onto Airbnb. Now you can rent an Airbnb for Netflix and Chill, the themed apartment is in New York and has ac...

Man Walking Dog Interrupts Couple Having Sex

Daily WTF: This is My Monday

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Yup, Nailed it!

Fun Facts Are the Perfect Way to Start the Week

When Geography Pickup Lines Go Bad