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Lets Have a Lazy Day and Sleep in Today

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Woman Plans her boyfriend a Surprise Marriage…Uh What!?

Yes this is real and yes it’s totally creepy. Back in May Felipe Comparini Aragon thought he was going to his brother’s wedding, except it was his wedding day. This is kind of like having...

Daily WTF: Looks Like Someone Found Nemo

Halloween Party at the Playboy Mansion

Never Underestimate an Idiot

There’s a fine line between genius and just plain stupid

Yep, You’re Stupid

Happy Hump Day Have A Good Rest of Your Day

Perfectly Timed Photos

NASA Rocket Explodes in Virginia Only Seconds After Launch

The latest NASA rocket explodes within seconds luckily no one was injured. Antares, an unmanned NASA rocket on its way to the International Space Station blew up seconds after cleaning the launchpad f...

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The Afternoon Break

Iconic Album Covers with the Full Picture Shown

We’re Fans of the Sexy Mesh Dress Trend

17 Facts About Space That We Should Have Learned

The Hubble has traveled more than 3 billion miles in its orbit around Earth. That is, as of its 24th anniversary this past April. To give you a sense of its size, it’s about as long as a large schoo...

20 Truly Devastating First World Problems

When you forget to check your pockets for paper before you throw your clothes in the washer   When you run out of toilet paper in the morning and forget to buy toilet paper before you get home &n...