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Girls Are Better in GIF Form


Terrible Headlines That Were Actually Published

So You’re Having a Bad Day

Daily WTF: Walk Away Human You Saw Nothing

Summer is Over But Bikinis Are Never Out of Season

Dirt Biker Records a Crazy Truck Driver Trying to Kill Him

Attempted vehicular homicide: It’s good for what ails you. Even if you’re the intended target, who says you can’t laugh at the guy determined to make you into roadkill? This is the life! All’s...

Just Because We Love Girls

We Miss College…

Selfies Are the Way To Go

Kanye West Doing Normal Everyday Things

Kanye enjoys an ice cream cone inside of an ice cream truck that he bought.     Kanye avoiding a pole in the sidewalk at all costs.   “They’re not fish sticks.” Kanye insists whil...

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The Afternoon Break

Your Favorite 90s Games and Toys Illustrated By Alex Banks

Alex Banks illustrates all of our favorite toys and games from the 90s. Our favorite has to the Pogz they were the precursor to all the playground fights over Pokemon Cards and well if you had a bad a...

Girls Are Squishy and We Love Squishy

Some Marriage Proposals Are Total Disasters