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This is How You Take Care of a Boot on Your Car

A boot on your car? Be like this woman and give no f*cks.

Lets Play a Game Prison Lunch or School Lunch

The prison lunch or school lunch game might be a lot harder thank you think. School   Prison   Prison   Prison   School   School   Prison   Prison   School &nbs...

Take a Mental Break Today

Daily WTF: There’s Nothing Like Dick Bread

Hey everyone! Sorry for the delay in content there was a bit of an emergency last night. Luckily everything is ok now and we’re furiously working on all of the content right now.

The Humpity Hump Day is Here

Get over the Hump with some Asian Persuasion

The Afternoon Break

Emily Blunt & John Krasinski Prank Jimmy Kimmel

I Wish I Had a Woman’s Point of View

20 Of The Whitest Things Overheard At Whole Foods

What has this world come to…gluten free everything, vegan dogs? I’m pretty sure these are the whitest things overheard at Whole Foods and remember kids if you eat glueten your dick flies o...

Christmas Gifts Every 90s Kid Wanted

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The 12 Beards of Christmas

This delightfully festive photo series comes  from A Beard for All Seasons. If you like these festive beards, you can buy posters and postcards on etsy.

Checking in with Jessica Wilde

We’ve had Jessica Wilde on here before and we just love everything about her. If you love tattoos and gorgeous women you need to follow Jessica on Twitter.

How Hard Do You College

10 Movie Set Injuries That Made it into the Movie

Viggo Mortensen – Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers After four takes of kicking a helmet towards the camera, Viggo Mortensen went all out on the fifth take. Director Peter Jackson recalls, “Then h...