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Ever Wonder How a Vinyl Player actually works?

Have you ever wondered how a vinyl player actually plays a record? How Elvis’ crooning voice can slip from a vinyl right into your ears like he’s standing beside you (ignoring the odd sc...

Daily WTF: Don’t Let This Be Your Friday

Blowing Stuff Up with 50 Caliber Bullets

It’s Almost the Weekend and I Don’t Give a Fuuuuuu

Stephen Colbert and Tom Hanks Ask the Big Questions

The questions and answers may surprise you

Lets Pack it on up for the Weekend

I Just Need a Lazy Day in Bed

Quick Grab a Country Girl

Kick Start the Weekend with Lingerie Friday

Live Stream a Sexy Photo Shoot Arsenic Magazine is Doing

Hey everyone! Our good friends over at Arsenic Magazine are doing another awesome photo shoot. You watch the live stream here. Below are some photos of the models being photographed today photographer...

Baby Pooping Faces Are Now Trending on the Internet

Girls in Tight Dresses

Oh the Places You Sleep When You’re Drunk

Guy Fails to Catch a Foul Ball Three Times in Front of His Girlfriend

This guys fails to catch a foul ball three times and it gets worse each time he tried. First try, ok it’s a bouncer could be a little hard I suppose… Come on an can of corn you have itR...

Daily WTF: Human I Am Not a Pizza

Shower Thoughts: What Aliens Will Learn About Humans Through Movies