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A 79-Year-Old Woman Goes Missing and is Found Getting Her First Tattoo

Tony Sellers went into panic mode when he went to visit his other at her care home and she wasn’t there. She was nowhere to be found and the whole facility started to look for her. The 79-year-...

These Image Will Make Your OCD Go on High Alert

Daily WTF: Is This Real Life or is it Photoshop?

These Kids Know How to Party Harder Than You

These kids know how to party and they puts you to shame.

Girls Are Squishy and We Love Squishy

Checking in With Bryana Holly

We’ve posted about Bryana Holly before in the past and we know how much you all loved her. Here are a few more images of her she has been keeping busy with her modeling career and continues to p...

Start the Revolution and Burn Some Bras

Celebrate Friday with Lingerie

Lingerie is the only way to welcome the weekend, it should be the official uniform of Friday.

Just Beacuse We Love Girls

The Afternoon Break

Matt Stoltz is Biking to all of the MLB Stadiums for Charity

Matt Stoltz is a huge baseball fan and he is in the middle of a 11,000 mile bike ride that will take him across the country. But more importantly it will also take him to all of the MLB stadiums for a...

Awesome Links Around the Web

We Forgot About the Mid-Week Mental Break Yesterday

Cosplay Mashups Bring the Best Together

Man Severs His Hand and Doctors Save it with His Leg?

Work accidents happen everyday, but not always in an extreme way like this one. This guy was working a spinning saw blade in a factory and well had an accident. The blade severed his hand and to save ...

Raleight Beer Gardens is the Mecca for Beer Lovers

Raleight Beer Gardens literally has the largest selection of beers in any one place. If you haven’t noticed we love beer, we love it so much that we’re always looking for a new place to pi...