Hottie of The Week

Wrestling Barbie by Erika Jordan

When I was a kid I occasionally played with barbies but the other day I met a real barbie! After my first “For Charity” wrestling match with Nikki Delano I had to know more about her hist...

Top 10 Booties Of The Week!

It wasn’t easy but after careful consideration these are the award winning bottoms of the week!

The 5 Hottest Women On Twitter

If you don’t live under a rock you’re already familiar with Adriana Lima. You can follow her without getting arrested at Adriana Lima Ana Cheri is not only drool worthy but she’s the...

10 Reasons To Watch Erika Jordan vs The Super Bowl

Follow Erika Jordan: Instagram: @ErikaJordan Twitter: @erika4jordan Web:

Hottie of the Week: Taisha Marie

Make sure you follow Taisha Marie on Instagram.

Hottie of the Week: Ashley Hale

Ashley Hale is seductive, beautiful and any other word you can use to describe a gorgeous woman. She landed her first magazine spread with Modelz View Magazine. features with FUSE magazine, Glady...

Hottie of the Week: Caitlin Arnett

It’s that time of the week again, another Monday brings another lovely model from the interwebs. Caitlin Arnett takes some pretty awesome photos and you should probably follow her. She loves to ...

Hottie of the Week: Vanessa Hanson

Hottie of the Week: Charlotte Mckinney

This week we bring you Charlotte Mckinney! Make sure you follow her on Instagram because she is always posting awesome photos.

Hottie of the Week: Angie Varona

Hottie of the Week: Claire Sinclair

Claire Sinclair is absolutely gorgeous. In 2011 she was the Playboy Playmate of the year and since then she has been lighting up the fires at every photoshoot. Make sure to follow her on Twitter and I...

Hottie of the Week: Alyssa Acre

Make sure to check out Alyssa Acre on Instagram, she’s kind of amazing. The photos she takes are sexy and you just can’t get enough of her.

Hottie of the Week: Taylor Dougherty

Out latest Hottie of the Week is Taylor Dougherty who also happens to be the unofficial sponsor of Taco Bell. If you like food then you’ll love Taylor Dougherty, she loves food and having a gre...

Hottie of the Week: Christy May

Have you heard of the lovely Christy May? No? Well you’ve been missing out on an amazing model. Christy May looks like she loves life and enjoys having a good time all of the time. We have enjoy...

Hottie of the Week: Yovanna Ventura

If you had to say one thing about Yovanna Ventura it would be booty. And if you ask why after this gallery then are clearly blind. In any case make sure you follow Yovanna Ventura on Instagram.

Hottie of the Week: Amy Green

The first thing you need to do to enjoy a new year is to check out all of Amy Green’s photos. Not just the photos in this gallery but go to her website and follow her on Twitter. Lets just say t...