Awesome Links Around the Web

Awesome Links Around the Web

A Few Fun Facts to Kick Start the Day

Are You Ready for Selfies?

Daily WTF: So That’s How You Ride a Motorcycle

Dilya Diaz is a Model You Need to Follow on Instagram

Dilya Diaz is gorgeous there is no getting around it. Make sure you follow the ultra-fit and stunning Dilya Diaz on Instagram and it’s hard not to love her stylish feed filled with blue skies, ...

Daily WTF: Yup My Best Friends

A Few More Shower Thoughts to End the Week

Just Because We Love Girls

A Few Bakers That Totally Nailed Their Cake

Baking may not be for everyone, but it sure makes for a good laugh when you fail this hard at it.

DO NOT Leave Marijuana Edibles Laying Around For Your Dog To Eat

This Husky named Loki got into a bag that contained a Rice Krispie treat containing marijuana. The result wasn’t very fun for the dog. YouTube user TonyCostaMovies uploaded the video and explain...

Daily WTF: Any They Lived Happily Ever After

The Afternoon Break

A Dad Makes the Best of a Bad Situation

This is Layla, she was born with a small cataract and needs to wear an eye patch over her left eye for two hours a day. By doing so it encourages healthy growth of her cataract. Hey Dad has been awes...

Live-Tweets of the Taco Bell Drive Thru Hostage Situation

Matt Hollinger a Des Moines resident wanted some Taco Bell, but that didn’t go as smoothly as planned. After pulling into the drive-thru and waiting for 20 minutes, he found himself trapped wit...

The Afternoon Break