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Your Day Isn’t Complete Without Bizarre Nic Cage Facts

The Afternoon Break is Late and Mr. Kitty is Not Happy

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Cancer Survivor Has the Best Brutally Honest Empathy Cards

Emily McDowell is a writer and illustrator, but even better has a great sense of humor. At the age of 24 she had to go through 9 months of treatment for Stage 3 Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Obviously it was...

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Lingerie is the Perfect Way to End the Week

Justin Timberlake Dressed Up As A Lime for 901 Tequila

Ever wonder what Justin Timberlake would look like as a lime? I once did and now that question has been answered…I mean what!? In an attempt to gain notoriety for his tequila Sauza 901, Timberl...

Some People Are Allergic to Clothes

Awesome Links Around the Web

Awesome Links Around the Web

I Have No Problem Rooting for Her Team

Daily WTF: Caution Deers Will Dance With You

Every Monday Can Be Made Better With Boobies

You Should Know About Leila Dee Thomas

Even Babies Know the New Star Wars Trailer is Awesome

Babies know the new Star Wars trailer is awesome, which means J.J. Abrams is most certainly doing something right.