HTOL Because Every Monday Could Use Some Boobies

Some Marriage Proposals Are Total Disasters

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Daily WTF: Yup It’s Monday Again

zomg Food Porn It Looks Delicious

Side Boob is Kind of Awesome

This is the Only Reason I would Want a Kid

Finally I don’t have to take the blame for everything! Ok maybe this wouldn’t be the only reason to have a kid, but it is one of the perks of having one.

It’s Time to Burn Some Bras

Daily WTF: Want to Race For Music Notes

The ‘Turn Down for What’ Video Is A Bizarre Without The Music

‘Turn Down for What’ is already a strange song and video, but when you remove the music it instantly becomes the creepiest things you’ll watch all day. CollegeHumor’s Favorite ...

Four Eyes Are Always Better Than Two

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