Shaq Applied to Become a Police Officer

Shaq applied to become a police officer and we can only hope he is accepted into the police force. Shaquille O’Neal has long talked about becoming a police officer and now he’s one step closer to...

A Few Baseball Players With Strange Batting Stances

Over the course of baseball history there have been some strange batting stances. Some of them yielded great results while others should have stuck to a conventional batting stance either way it’...

Comedian Ruins Fantasy Football Drafts

Canadian comedian Stefan decided it was a good idea to troll fantasy football drafts by drafting the worst players for the first over all pick. To be honest it’s brilliant and really funny.

Baseball Dugouts Can Be the Strangest Place

Baseball Card Vandals is the Best Tumblr on the Internet

The NFL Redskins lose Team Trade Mark and The Internet Reacts

After the U.S. Patent’s landmark ruling against the slur, people took to Twitter to brainstorm a new team name RT @GerryDuggan: Really enjoying the @nfl Redskins being upset about the US governm...

The World Cup is Here and So is all the Awesome

The Yankees Accidentally Draft Kenny Powers

With their 388th pick in the 2014 MLB Draft, the New York Yankees drafted Kenny Powers I mean Sean Carley who is probably Kenny Powers’ long lost twin brother. Sean Carley is a right hander from...

11 Sports Teams and How Much They Sold For

The Los Angeles Clippers and Donald Sterling have been in the news a lot recently because of the forced sale of the team. Donald Sterling will be selling the Clippers to Steve Ballmer if all goes we...

25 MLB Minor League Team Logos

The MLB is in full swing and many of us don’t really know too much about the minor league teams. Oddly enough their logos are not as polished or as well thought out as the MLB logos. Here are 25...

The Phillies Use Kids’ Drawings For Player Photos

The Phillies are pretty awesome, instead of using player photos on Opening Day they used drawings done by kids for the play photos. It’s pretty cute and the kids must be stoked.

Cleveland Indians Pitcher John Axford Nailed it with his Oscar Predictions

Cleveland Indians closer John Axford is obviously a movie fan. Last year he predicted 15 of the major awards and got 14 of them correct. This year he predicted 18 of the major awards and got every sin...

The Sochi Winter Olympics Have Been The Warmest Ever Recorded

The Sochi Winter Olympics has been above freezing conditions allowing the athletes to shed some of their clothing.

There’s A lot of Derp in Olympic Figure Skating

Let the Sochi Winter Olympics Fails Begin

With journalists already complaining about the set up for the 2014  Sochi Winter Olympics we can honestly say we’re not surprised by this. We have a big fail in the opening ceremony and weR...