Abandoned Buildings Become Home to Kim Kwacz’s Monsters

Kim Kwacz a.k.a. Kim Köster, a Berlin street artist is taking his work from murals and is creating a children’s book. Kim’s new series will be a picture book for the iPad called “Mo...

The International Space Station is experimenting with long exposure photography

The crew of the International Space Station is experimenting with long exposure photography and it’s amazing.

Who Did it Better: Miranda Kerr or This Guy?

Leave it to the internet to take a good thing and make it 10000 times better I mean errrr…or creepy? Miranda Kerr had a great photo shoot with GQ and he said challenge accepted. Who do you think...

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Video Game Consoles Adjusted For Inflation

Video game consoles adjusted for inflation…wow some of these seem overpriced. We couldn’t imagine paying $600+ for a game system.

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Infographic: The Best Holiday Toys Over the Part 50 Years

This infographic was created by Abby Ryan Design, we love it. The best holidays over the past years and it’s spot on. The only thing we think is missing is the Nintendo 64.

Owen Dippie is an Awesome Street Artist

Owen Dippie is well known for his his large-scale painting. He typically will pain deceased celebrities like Heath Ledger and Biggie Smalls. His work can be found all over the world, but most recently...

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25 Beautiful Girls in HQ

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This One is For the Adrenaline Junkies

Cute and Funny Animals in HQ

Recreating the Past with Model Cars and Forced Perspective

Michael Paul Smith has been building models creating scenes and photographing them to make them look almost too real. All of these models are built at 1/24 scale and Michael uses some forced perspecti...

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Eat Pizza and Party with the Disco Ball Pizza Oven

There is a pizzeria in Vienna that now has a disco ball pizza oven and we’re diggin it. The structure is made from heat-resistant concrete, and once the dough is placed inside the disco oven, t...