The Only Version of Shaq’s Gold Bond Commercial You Need to Watch

Deep down in the bowel of the internet someone was really high and saw Shaq’s Gold Bond commercial and then decided to make video. Oh how the world works.

Hottie Prankster Andrea Wendel

Andrea Wendel is the super hottie from the whatever YouTube channel. She’s pretty successful as the hottest prankster ever. Seriously, watch the video. Shit, she’s hot. Follow her on insta...

Rosie Jones, Holly Peers and 7 Other Sexy Girls Shoot Guns

The hottest video currently on the internet. There’s nothing better than hot british women firing off some machine guns. Well that and boobies enjoy!

Barbara Palvin’s Sexy Cover Shoot Video

Candice Swanepoel’s Victoria’s Secret Commercial

An Homage to Office Space–with Models!

Nicely done Cube Titans

Bar Refaeli’s Kickstarter for a Sex Tape

My name is Bar. I’m a model and actress, but I’ve never realized my true dream. I want to do it with some dude and film it and have people watch it. Please help. Please help her, for the love of G...

One of Kate Upton’s First Runway Shows

We’re a little slow on finding this one, but DAMN! Who cares if it’s a little old, it’s hot!!

Cute Girl Rides Her Bike to The Beach In a Bikini

The title says it all just watch and enjoy