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Liam Neeson Got Fired As A Teacher After Punching A Teenage Student

Liam Neeson is best known as a man with a particular set of skills, but I bet you didn’t know he was a teacher and it included punching teenagers. A Redditor dug up an interview Neeson did a few yea...

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The Good Ol’ Hot Girl with Ball Sack Prank (Video)

For some ungodly reason companies make very realistic fake ball sacks…and you’re supposed to use them for comedic purposes, but we wont’ tell you what to do with your ball sack. Ther...

If Superheroes Used Pickup Lines

If superheroes used pickup lines they would be just as bad as all the others ones everyone uses. Lets be honest they probably wouldn’t need to use a pick up line they would just have to flash th...

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“How Old Do I Look?” Guesses the Ages of Porn Stars

The ‘How Old Do I Look?’ app guesses your age based on the picture you upload…so why not test it on porn stars right? Kim Kardashian – 34 Mia Khalifa – 22 Tori Black – 26 Remy Lac...

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