End the Week with Some Lingerie

Shay Maria Keeps Taking Amazing Photos

If you haven’t followed Shay Maria on Twitter and Instagram there is something seriously wrong with you. She continues to take amazing photos and we love it.

You Should Probably Know About Demi Rose

Just a few things…Demi Rose is awesome and you should follow her on Instagram. Also, enjoy the photos.

Just Because We Love Girls

Lingerie is the Official Uniform of Friday

End the Week with Some Lingerie

We Love Ivy Jean and You Should Too

There’s not a lot that we can say about Ivy Jean other than she’s gorgeous and we love her! Make sure you follow the lovely Miss Ivy Jean on Twitter and Instagram. You can also see a lot m...

Lingerie Only Means It’s Friday

May Your Friday Be Filled With Lingerie

Lingerie it’s that Time of the Week Again

Lingerie is the Official Uniform of Friday

Lets Cure the Holiday Hangover With Lingerie

Chapman University Also Has an Undie Run and it’s Awesome

Towards the end of every semester schools across the nation strip down to their undies and go for a run. One of the more well known undie runs is the one that happens at Chapman University.

Lets End the Week With Some Selfies

Good Morning Friday It’s Time For Lingerie

Lingerie Friday is Always Awesome

Happy Friday we made it through another week! We hope you enjoy the photos and keep sending us photos if you would like to share them with everyone cheers! Send all photos to