Fit Girls

Sport Bras Are Oddly Addictive

Just Because We Love Girls

Lets Give it Up to Fit Girls

Sports Bras Are Oddly Attractive

Just Because We Love Girls

Elle Joslyn is the Girl From the Cosmopolitan Commercial

If you’ve seen the Cosmopolitan “Mirror Mirror” commercial you probably noticed the lovely young lady in the commercial. Well that’s Elle Joslyn and yes she is a model and yes ...

Short Shorts Only Mean Summer is Getting Closer

Start the Week Off with a Fresh Cup of Fit Girls

Girls in Sports Bras

Girls and Their Abs Are Just Amazing

Sports Bras do a lot of Work

Girls and Sports Bras Are Glorious

Best Butt on the Internet Round 2: Amanda Lee

Earlier this month we said Lisa Morales had the best butt on the internet beating out Jen Selter. Turns out we were wrong and thanks to a few of you emailing us we found what could be the best butt o...

Archery Girls are on a Whole New Level

Lisa Morales has the Best Butt on Instagram

Lis Morales just went to war with Jen Selter…a butt war that is. Everyone on the interwebs is saying Lisa Morales has a better butt than Jen Selter. Here’s what we think, they’re bot...

New Years Resolution…Hang Out With Fit Girls