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Girls in Sports Bras Are Far Too Attractive

Alena Politukha Got Dumped By Her Politician Husband Because She’s Hot

Alena Politukha was married to Aleksandr Politukha, a politician and head of their local council. Which was great, except for the fact that Aleksandr was trying to be professional and his wife was b...

You Should Probably Know About Oksana Rykova

Oksana Rykova apparently loves to work out and take photos. Make sure you follow Oksana Rykova on Instagram.

It’s All About the Hip Bone

Sports Bras Are Oddly Attractive

Valeria Orsini Takes Amazing Photos

Fit Girls Are Here to Save the Day

Lets Have a Lazy Monday

Sport Bras Are Oddly Addictive

Just Because We Love Girls

Lets Give it Up to Fit Girls

Sports Bras Are Oddly Attractive

Just Because We Love Girls

Elle Joslyn is the Girl From the Cosmopolitan Commercial

If you’ve seen the Cosmopolitan “Mirror Mirror” commercial you probably noticed the lovely young lady in the commercial. Well that’s Elle Joslyn and yes she is a model and yes ...

Short Shorts Only Mean Summer is Getting Closer

Start the Week Off with a Fresh Cup of Fit Girls