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Getting My Harley Quinn On by Erika Jordan

I was so excited to see Suicide Squad and although it got bad reviews I loved it! I know that Harley and the Joker had numerous scenes that didn’t make it and I hope they make it into a directo...

Bringing Ass-less Chaps to The Street by Erika Jordan

Everyone loves ass-less chaps but we don’t encounter them as much as we’d like. Ask yourself, when was the last time you saw a pair of ass-less chaps live? 😉 Follow and chat live with ...

Our Spokesmodel Caught At Wondercon

Wondercon was a madhouse this year and with no place to change Erika Jordan had to make due. On day 1 she changed in her car and on day 2 she found what she though was a secluded place on the other si...

Top 10 Booties Of The Week!

It wasn’t easy but after careful consideration these are the award winning bottoms of the week!

The 5 Hottest Women On Twitter

If you don’t live under a rock you’re already familiar with Adriana Lima. You can follow her without getting arrested at Adriana Lima Ana Cheri is not only drool worthy but she’s the...

V-Day Hook Up – By Erika Jordan

Follow and chat live with Erika Jordan on Instagram @erikajordan or on Twitter @Erika4Jordan Valentine’s day might be just a few days away but it’s not too late to get a date. This is the d...

10 Reasons To Watch Erika Jordan vs The Super Bowl

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Hello I’m Here for the Abs Party

We Can’t Say No to Sexy Abs

Sports Bras Will Never Get Old

Sports Bras We Can’t Get Enough of Them

Lets Give it up to Fit Girls

Lets Give it up to Fit Girls

Lets Give it Up to Fit Girls

Lets Give is up to Fit Girls

Sports Bras Are Pretty Damn Hot