Four Years Ago Chris Pratt Joked About Being in Jurassic Park

Chris Pratt joked on the set of Parks and Recreation, telling Steven Spielburg that he’ll “have to get back to him” about being in the next Jurassic Park film…Well he was cast in it then a...

An Idiot Decides It’s a Good Idea to Jump On Top of a Tiger Shark

What the flying f*ck is wrong with people. Who thinks it’s a good idea to jump on top of a tiger shark!?

John Oliver Doesn’t Understand Turkey Pardoning

Girl Does Impressions of 14 Celebrities Stuck in Traffic

Weed Smoking Grandmas…Yes They Use a Bong

Weed smoking grandmas are now a thing…but now that weed is legal for recreational usage in several states throughout the nation, it’s time for these grandmas to hit the bong. I truly loved EVE...

Bryan Cranston Narrates “You Have to F**king Eat”

As a sequel to Go the Fuck to Sleep, Bryan Cranston narrates You Have to Fucking Eat.

Daniel Tosh Rips Apart ESPN for Stealing his Segment

We all know that ESPN is a flaming piece of crap most of the time. They worship one or two teams and players and kiss to the NFL. But they seem to have crossed a line with Daniel Tosh. ESPN pretty mu...

Ten Hours of Princess Leia Walking in NYC

Some of the guys in the Star Wars universe can be real scum bags…

Baby Plays Pantera on the Drums

If you were aspiring to play Pantera on the drums just stop this kid has you beat.

Lucy Liu Gets Wet and a Man’s Voice With Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon, Lucy Liu and science badass, Kevin Delany had some fund with experiments on Fallon.

The Painfully Awkward Amazon Echo Already Gets Spoofed

An edited version of that really awkward amazon echo advertisement makes the video 100 times better. And remember get the fuck up and get your life together.

Remember Kids Drink Responsibly

And thanks to South Park for this gem of a video, we all now know how to drink responsibly.

Hilarious Reaction to a Phone App Prank

Magician Chris Ballinger gets the best possible reaction from Youtuber Glozell.

Jim Carrey Spoofs McConaughey’s New Lincoln Commercials

Jim Carrey is awesome and by far has created the best Matthew McConaughey spoof. We really hope that Mr. McConaughey is taking this well because all these spoofs

Price Is Right Contestant Spins A $1.00, Promptly Loses Mind

Have you ever been so happy that you needed to flop on the ground like a fish?

Watch a GoPro 4 Black Get Destroyed in 4k

This is like that moment when you get the toy you wanted for Christmas and you immediately break it by accident.