Jim Carrey Spoofs McConaughey’s New Lincoln Commercials

Jim Carrey is awesome and by far has created the best Matthew McConaughey spoof. We really hope that Mr. McConaughey is taking this well because all these spoofs

Price Is Right Contestant Spins A $1.00, Promptly Loses Mind

Have you ever been so happy that you needed to flop on the ground like a fish?

Watch a GoPro 4 Black Get Destroyed in 4k

This is like that moment when you get the toy you wanted for Christmas and you immediately break it by accident.

The Most Epic Western Stare Down of All Time

I’m not sure what just happened but you need to watch this stare down. Oh and #kony2012

GoPro: Let Someone Else Be a Hero

Not everyone is meant to be an action sports bad ass and not everyone should record it with a GoPro. Remember kids GoPro: Let Someone Else Be a Hero.

Randy Orton RKO Vines Have Taken Over the Internet

Vine videos of WWE Superstar Randy Orton delivering his RKO finishing move have spread like wildfire. The RKO, which sees former WWE champion Orton grabbing the neck of his opponent before driving it...

Dancing Boobs…I Have the Weirdest Boner Right Now

Sara X has dancing boobs, but they gracefully dance to Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik”. Enjoy the video and enjoy the strangest boner of your life.

John Oliver Has Had Enough of Pumpkin Spice Everything

John Oliver has had enough of the Pumpkin Spice craze. He has a whole rant on it and even informs us all that we eat about 5 lbs. of pumpkin every year. Enjoy his rant, as usual it’s hilarious.

A Bad Lip Reading: The Walking Dead Part Two

Dom Mazzetti: How to Eat Chicken Without Wanting to Kill Yourself

“You have to trick your mind into accepting as much spongy chicken as possible, before your jaw locks up and refuses to take another bite.”

The Biggest Fail in the Price is Right

Dammit Corey, you’re doing it all wrong!

Jimmy Fallon and Will.I.Am Music Video is Totally ‘Ew’

Jimmy and’s teenage-girl alter-egos it’s kind of awesome hit play and enjoy.

Street Fighter: Angry Goat Edition

If you loved Street Fighter you’re going to love the Angry Goat edition.

Eye Contact Makes Everything Creepy

Eyes are the window to the soul. The terrifying soul.

Gnesa Has Made What Looks to be The Worst Music Video Ever

Yes we’re pretty sure Gnesa made a video that sucks more than Rebecca Black’s “Friday.” But honestly we’re just surprised we found this gem on the internet, just when yo...