How Every Single Adam Sandler Movie is Connected

Get ready to have your mind blown by this kind of insane man.

Macauley Culkin Shows us Kevin McCallister’s Dark Adult Life

Macauley Culkin reprises ‘Home Alone’ role as a traumatized and frantic adult…

The Secret Danny Trejo Audition for Star Wars

Star Wars: The Force Awakens opened up today and we all saw it. Everyone here is in love with it, but this Danny Trejo video only makes the experience that much better. Danny Trejo should have been in...

Nick Offerman Will be Your Drinking Buddy for the Day

If you don’t have a drinking buddy to enjoy some whiskey with you, don’t worry Nick Offerman is there for you. In this video he sits quietly enjoying some whiskey so you have a drinking bu...

The Squatty Potty Will Make You Poop Ice Cream

This might be the weirdest and most delightful thing I’ve seen all year. The Squatty Potty video is amazing, do you want to poop ice cream? Because now you can!

GoPro Parody: Normal People Going NoPro

Stormtroopers Get into the Christmas Spirit with a Song

It’s November and everyone is rolling out their Christmas themed commercials and so far Spike TV has the best one with these Stormtroopers.

Watch What This Gorilla Does After a Little Girl Beats Her Chest at Him

A young girl playfully beat her chest at a silverback gorilla at the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha, Nebraska. Moments later the Gorilla surprised the little girl with a response.

Do You Know How To Skin A Watermelon?

So for all those times you need to completely skin a watermelon (not sure how often that is) and just didn’t know what the hell you were doing, we have just the video for you! Be ready to be stu...

Do You Want to do Some Blow Man?

Anyone want to do some blow?

Drunk Deadpool Tries to Recruit X-Men on Halloween

Deadpool mocks the X-Men and swears at children we hope you enjoy the ridiculousness that is Deadpool.

James Bond Meets His Feminist Match

This French Bulldog Struggles to Get Her Treat

French Bulldogs are silly little dogs, and this one is no exception. Gizmo struggles to get her treat and it’s rather entertaining.

The World’s Slowest Rube Goldberg Machine

Yah this is the slowest most glorious thing I’ve seen all day

Three Sumo Wrestlers Running a 40 Yard Dash

Who ever came up with this idea needs a cookie, it’s rather entertaining. And the sumo guys are actually pretty fast.

McDonald’s Cups are the New Dub Step DJ Tool

Now it’s cheaper than ever to drop your own epic dubstep beat. Just head over to McDonald’s buy a soda, pound it and drop your beats.