Paul Rudd Farts During Ant Man Interview

Paul Rudd is one of the biggest goofballs in Hollywood and this interview only proves that point further. Normally Paul Rudd makes jokes and has a good time during his PR interviews for movies he is i...

Stephen Colbert Just Hosted a Public Access TV Show

I almost didn’t believe this video was real, except that it’s hosted on an official YouTube account. So let’s set the stage here. At some point very recently, future CBS Late Show...

Apparently Jeeps Can Drive Over These Mountains

The hot girl in question goes by the Instagram handle hotyogaholic and the name pretty much sums it up. She’s gorgeous, loves yoga, and also has a very strange fascination with jeeps.

Skeletor Learns to Twerk and It’s Fantastic

Looks like Skeletor is looking to work out and learn to dance. Maybe it’ll help him defeat Heman in their latest battle.   View post on

Nerf Gun Darts to the Eyes

Apparently this guy figured out that you can stick the nerf darts to your eyes the same way you use contacts…why no idea. Awesome, kind of, but mostly just entertaining.

Cat Completely Freezes Up When Owner Puts Flower on its Head

Dog Realizes He’s Not Lying Next to Rock

Arnold Schwarzenegger Pranks People in his Terminator Gear

Arnold Schwarzenegger loves to prank people, but usually for a good cause. This time around he got dressed up in Terminator gear and started pranking people at the Madame Tussauds Wax Museum on the Ho...

Chris Pratt Gets Pranked by Dinosaurs

Chris Pratt gets pranked by dinosaurs, which is just amazing. Maybe he isn’t the badass that can control raptors like everyone thought he was.

The “Game of Thrones” Blooper Reel

Prank Time: The Ketchup Bomb

If you’re ready for a messy, but amazing prank make yourself a ketchup bomb to get any unsuspecting victim.

Summer Glau Imitates Popular Animal Memes

Stephen Colbert’s Next Big Decision His Theme Song

Let Stephen Colbert play you a nice little song.

John Oliver Keeps His Promise to the Sponsors of FIFA

Cookie Monster Sings Busta Rhymes’ ‘Gimme Some More’

Cookie Monster singing “Gimmie Some More” is exactly what you needed today.

Kid Learns the Greatest Life Lesson Ghost Peppers are Hot

Guinness World Records certifies that the ghost pepper is the world’s hottest chili pepper and at 401.5 times hotter than Tabasco sauce…So it’s the best treat for kids that you want to t...