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18 Ridiculous Facebook Fails Ever

18 Ridiculous Facebook Fails Ever We all know how obsessed we are with the internet, WiFi and other online activities. Facebook being one among the leading social networking site, people use it as a p...

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#internetabook is Trending and We Love it

Thanks Chris Hardwick and the team over at @midnight, this hashtag war has been a lot of fun to see happen.

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15 Tweets You Need to Read Right Now

Damn girl are you a Prius because you’re giving me no sounds or indications that you’re turned on right now — Dustin (@DustinAHarkins) May 23, 2014     Jaiymes and the organic peach ...

The Tinder Game is Strong

in 2001 Apple Launched the iPod…And These Were the Reactions

It’s Official Star Wars: The Force Awakens Broke the Internet

If you are one of the few that didn’t know there was a new trailer or new movie you can watch the trailer here.