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The Most Epic Guy on Tinder

If I was single, this is the type of guy I would go for. Rock on you glorious beast. Ryan you magical man you, you’re awesome and we hope you get all of the ladies.

20 Nerds on Tinder That Are Just Awesome

Someone Made a Craigslist Listing for the Crashed Imperial Star Destroyer

Looks like the Empire is hard up for cash and is looking to create its next Death Star. A Craigslist ad has appeared for the crashed Imperial Star Destroyer from the Star Wars: The Force Awakens tra...

Ikea Responds to Customer Questions on Facebook With Puns

Ikea recently created the ‘Shelf Help Guru’ who responds to Facebook questions with the best puns possible.

YaBoyBillNye is the Best Bill Nye Spoof Account on Twitter

  Via Twitter User YaBoyBillNye

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The Juggalos Of OkCupid

Despite their appearance, Juggalos are a lot like normal human beings who just want someone to share their lives (and Faygo) with. Would you give these well-meaning wicked clowns the time of day? With...

The unemployed cast of ‘Top Gear’ is Bored and Tweeting

If you haven’t heard already the cast of Top Gear is out of work. BBC canceled the show after a few issues with the crew and cast and well they’re just so damn bored.

Husband Survives Victoria’s Secret and Tweets His Survival Tips

Any man should never be caught in a Victoria’s Secret store that’s it end of story. But if you do happen to end up in there because of your wife or girlfriend you need these survival tips.

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