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Union Street Guest House Hotel Gets Trolled by the Internet

The Union Street Guest House thought it would be a good idea to fine people $500 for posting negative reviews on the internet about their “classy” establishment. It all started when Page ...

Reddit Users Summed Up Their First Sexual Experience With A GIF

Reddit users got into an interesting conversation and as per usual it got weird really quickly. This time they were talking about their first sexual experience and people started responding with gifs ...

Man on Shrooms Test His Comic Con Experience

Of all the things you could do at Comic Con getting high on shrooms might be the best thing you could do. The responses this guy has to everything he sees and the things going on in the world are just...

Fifty Sheds of Grey Twitter Account Parodies Fifty Shades of Grey

Nad Bilzerian Vs. Dan Bilzerian

Dan Bilzerian has been all over the internet with his insane photos on instagram, his guns, money and sexy girls. But just recently Nad Bilzerian came out to rumble with Dan Bilzerian on his intern...

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Some People Are Terrible at Using Tinder

Danielle Davis Does Everything With Bradley Cooper

Danielle Davis loves Bradley Cooper and does everything with him. You could easily say that they’re best friends. She has started an Instagram series called MyLifeWithBradleyCooper in which she ...

Tweets That Perfectly Describe Germany’s Beatdown Of Brazil

This was supposed to be Brazil’s World Cup. This was the year the tournament finally returned to the Mecca of soccer and the proudest country in South America was going to assert itself as the best ...

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