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The Internet To Everyone Angry About the Starbucks Red Cups

15 Tweets You Need to Read Right Now

Damn girl are you a Prius because you’re giving me no sounds or indications that you’re turned on right now — Dustin (@DustinAHarkins) May 23, 2014     Jaiymes and the organic peach ...

The Tinder Game is Strong

in 2001 Apple Launched the iPod…And These Were the Reactions

It’s Official Star Wars: The Force Awakens Broke the Internet

If you are one of the few that didn’t know there was a new trailer or new movie you can watch the trailer here.

Racist Guy Gets Put in His Place by His Mother

Apparently A lot of Girls Think The Martian is Based on a True Story

People on Twitter are having their minds blown with the girls tweeting about The Martian and how they think it is based on a true story. Lets hope they think the new Star Wars is real too.

Has Food Ever Made You This Angry?

A Facebook Engagement Announcement Reveals a Bit Too Much

Burger King’s Halloween Whopper Leaves a Green Surprise

Burger King’s Halloween Whopper leaves people with a green surprise after a few hours of digestion. The reactions are priceless.

Bros Are Now Being Basic and Imitating Girls on Instagram

Girls on Reddit Are Asking to be Roasted

Apparently people want to be trolled / roasted on Reddit…Yup we’re not kidding you can check out more of it here.

Guy Texts a Girl to Get His Sunglasses Back for 11 Months

Ridiculous Things Always Happen on SnapChat

Guy Impersonates Target on Facebook, and Trolling Ensues

If you need a lesson on trolling people on the internet this is how you do it. When Target announced last week that it would be taking a gender-neutral approach to signage in its stores by no longer d...

Guy Gets a Phone Company to Give Him Free Pizza for a Year