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Kirby Jenner is Kendall Jenner’s Twin That Loves to Troll Her

Alright so a ton of people have been posting about Kirby Jenner and how much his mustache rocks…but it turns out he’s just another internet troll. We don’t care if he’s related...

Amazon #PrimeDay Happened and the Internet Hated it

Amazon touted #PrimeDay to be this amazing day that would beat Black Friday, but it was anything but that. If you didn’t check it out it was pretty much a digital garage sale. Needless to say, b...

Guy Trapped in a Tent Bag at a Music Festival Asks Twitter for Help

So a guy trapped in a tent bag at a music festival sounds like the start of a bad joke, but this actually happened. Scott Johnston found himself on the business end of a bad prank. His buddies (after...

Girl Live Tweets a Super Awkward First Date

Ever been on a super awkward first date? It most likely wasn’t as awkward as this one.

The Perfect Way to Score a Girls Number on Tinder

Reddit user I_eat_guineapigs says he has the have perfect series of texts for Tinder. He calls it a “cheat code” that’s full-proof for scoring a girl’s number. It looks like it works well a...

Everyone Hates The New York Times’ New Guacamole Recipe

Looks like the New York Times has gone and fucked up a good thing. Don’t mess with a classic like Guacamole or the internet will murder your Twitter account. Internet = 1 New York Times = 0

Ryan Reynolds is Actually Becoming Deadpool on Twitter

Colin Jost of SNL Goes to War with Time Warner Cable

Colin Jose the head writer and Weekend Update anchor for SNL has gone to war with Time Warner Cable. The incredible rant came after Jost claimed to be without cable service for four months and multip...

What She’s Really Saying on Snapchat

Via Holly Carpenter

Lavish P. is the Douchiest Rich Kid of Instagram

Lavish P. is the king of all things douche-baggery. This guys literally gives away his parents money and starts pissing matches with the likes of Rhianna, Soulja Boy and Kim Kardashian. He also host...

“Sugar Daddy” Has Terrible Game Online

This is a long one but I think an important read. Mostly because it’s literally impossible for you to have less game than “Sugar Daddy” and you need to know that if you’re out there, ...

Mad Max’s Warboys Are Leaving Ridiculous Amazon Reviews

If you haven’t seen the Mad Max: Furry Road, this is spoiler free and full of ridiculous things on the internet. All you need to know is that the War Boys are a group of guys who shave their hea...

The Internet Reacts to the FIFA Arrests

The Rich Babies of Instagram

15 Snapchats That Speak the Truth

The Most Epic Guy on Tinder

If I was single, this is the type of guy I would go for. Rock on you glorious beast. Ryan you magical man you, you’re awesome and we hope you get all of the ladies.