35 Photos Taken at the Right Moment

Sometimes you get lucky and strike gold. These photos were taken at exactly the right moment, and they truly are worth 1000 words!

Perfectly Timed Photos

Who Said Chivalry is Dead?

License Plates that Make You LOL

The Nerd is Strong With This One

World’s Weirdest Stock Photos

When would anyone ever need any of these weird stock photos??

Painfully Honest Cakes

Sometimes, the truth hurts. Saying it with cake makes it sting a little less.  

Best of the Best: Bad Family Christmas Photos

Work That Ugly Sweater

Knowing how to rock an ugly sweater is an art

Weird Vintage Thanksgiving Pinups

Bros Texting Bros

Fitness Quotes with Photos of People Drinking

Victoria’s Secret Models with Mustaches for Movember

Happy Movember to all!

What Happens to Video Stores After they Die

RIP Video Stores

Kids Owning Halloween

Captions Make the Photo

Sometimes, you gotta put a caption on it