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Patrick Loves the Beach and Bikinis

So Many Memes So Little Time

Star Wars Memes Never Get Old

Reaction GIFs Are Only Made Better With Dave Grohl

The internet has made reaction GIFs the official way to respond to someone in a comment or through text message. Good thing Dave Grohl make some very expressive faces, he makes for the perfect collect...

18 Things That Look Like Donald Trump

Donald Trump is making a fool of himself so that’s why we bring you 18 Things That Look Like Donald Trump.

The Internet is Full of Ridiculous Memes

Guy Fieri as Renaissance Babies Will Haunt Your Dreams

Ellie Sunakawa Photoshopped these nightmare-inducing portraits of Guy Fieri inserted into classic Renaissance portraits. I…I can’t look away. via incredible things

The Cage of Thrones…Because Nic Cage is Everything

When you think this meme has done it all and is about ready to be retired everyone on the internet gets proven wrong. Now Nic Cage is The Cage of Thrones. Some brilliant bastard decided to throw his f...

Zookeepers Have Been Inspired by Chris Pratt

Zookeepers have been inspired by Chris Pratt and his character in Jurassic World. Zookeepers everywhere are mimicking the “raptor control” stance that Chris Pratt did while controlling t...

In Honor of Jurassic World, Just Dino Things

Putting Archer Quotes On James Bond Images…Pure Genius!

The Beauty of Adding “-ing” to Movie Titles

It turns out that the simple addition of “-ing” to various popular movies dramatically changes the expected plot.

Invisible Bikes Are the Latest Trend

Conversations Probably Happening in Stock Photos

White and Gold Dress or Black and Blue Dress We Know The Answer

So the internet is going crazy over this white and gold dress or is it a black and blue dress… Alright here is the white and gold dress…except 26% of people see a black and blue dress. Qui...