Life Hacks For College…Or F*ck it Just Life

College is an Interesting Place Sometimes

We Miss College and all the Fun

We Miss College

We Miss College

We Miss College, And Weekends That Never End

We Miss College!

Pornhub is Offering Students a Scholarship…

Pornhub will now pay you to go to school and you need to do a few things for them first. Surprisingly you don’t have to take off any clothes to apply. Pornhub is offering a $25,000 scholarship w...

We Miss College…

College is back and we can’t wait to see all of your ridiculous photos.

When You Get Wasted Ridiculous Things Sometimes Happen

We Miss College…It Was Too Much Fun

Crazy College Courses That Actually Exist

University of Pennsylvania University of Sioux Falls Alfred University University of Washington Tufts University Bowdoin College University of Rochester George Washington University Massachusetts Inst...

The School Year Ended Now It’s Time for Awkward Yearbook Photos

We Miss College…It Was the Best of Times

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We Miss College…

Finals Are Around the Corner…Good Luck