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“How Old Do I Look?” Guesses the Ages of Porn Stars

The ‘How Old Do I Look?’ app guesses your age based on the picture you upload…so why not test it on porn stars right? Kim Kardashian – 34 Mia Khalifa – 22 Tori Black – 26 Remy Lac...

Bikini Sunday is the Perfect Way to End the Week

Breaking Bad Creator Said Los Pollos Hermanos Could be a Real Restaurant

Los Pollos Hermanos, the infamous chicken restaurant in Breaking Bad might be open for business in real life sooner than later. According to a Reddit AMA by the show’s creator Vince Gilligan, t...

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We Love Girls Because They’re Awesome

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Checking in With Kendra Sunderland the Library Girl

Kendra Sunderland instantly became internet famous for her library incident. Shortly after that she was urged by many to do nude photoshoots and of course she said yes. You can catch some of those pho...

16 Awesomely Bad Disney Character Cakes

Bad Disney character Cakes…burn them with fire and end their misery.

I Do What I Want

It’s Almost the Weekend and I Don’t Give a Fuuuuuuu

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