The Afternoon Break

Daily WTF: Ummmm It’s One of Those Days…

Kids Are Like Little Drunk People

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The Love and Hate of Beards on the Internet

Epic Text Prank on Joe’s Crabshack Manager

I hope all managers are learning from mistakes like this. You never place your phone number at your restaurant because eventually you’ll get a troll texting you. Maybe the manager at Joe’s...

The Afternoon Break

Daily WTF: Yup Nailed it!

New Meme Alert: The Hustle Man

Coloring Books Done By Adults…It’s Pretty Awesome


You Had One Job

Smartass Replies To ‘JustGirlyThings’

Southwest Airlines Has Another Hilarious Flight Attendant

Flight attendants are pretty amazing in general, but then you have the ones the toss in the extra effort and are actually pretty entertaining. You have to check out this hilarious flight attendant fro...

The Afternoon Break

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