The Afternoon Break

A Simple Text Will Crash Your iPhone

Want to be a complete troll and crash your friend’s iPhone? Well now you can with one text message. The bug is activated when the message is received, it instantly crashes the iPhone and cause...

Bad Lip Reading: Redneck Avengers

The videos from Bad Lip Reading just keep getting better and better. This time around they created a whole new tv series to make fun of The Avengers. Enjoy their creation, Redneck Avengers.

Spelling Actually Matters in the Real World

These guys should invest in a dictionary. There’s nothing more annoying than people who can’t spell.

Daily WTF: OMG I’m Drunk Again

The Internet Reacts to the FIFA Arrests

28 Animals Who Swear it’s Not What it Looks Like

Chris Pratt’s Anti-Meth PSA

Chris Pratt really doesn’t want you to do meth.

The Afternoon Break

Bill Nye Explains How the Universe is a Pinterest Board for Basic White Girls

Inside Amy Schumer is one of out favorite sketch shows on Comedy Central and it only continues to get better. Making fun of basic white girls who love #yoga, #vitamins, #hotyoga, #froyo and #pilates i...

Man Earns World Record By Covering Himself In 1.1 Million Bees

1.1 Million reasons to nope the f*ck out of this challenge. Challenge not accepted, I don’t want 1 bee around me let along 1.1 million bees. An obviously insane Chinese beekeeper, Gao Bingguo, a...

Welcome to the Internet

Daily WTF: When You’re Bored in a Meeting

It’s Hump Day and I Need a Drink

New Pet Options Were Added to Local Pet Store

A user on IMGUR thought it would be a good idea to go and add new “pet options” to the local pet store. And turns out his options were a lot more popular.

We All Love Our Silly Animals