When You Get Wasted Ridiculous Things Sometimes Happen

Milo The Cat Wakes Up Angry After a Surgery

Imagine waking up and not seeing one of your most beloved body parts. That’s exactly what happened to Milo the cat. Milo woke up after an operation and was pretty angry about it and his owner Jo...

Bulldog Has a Hard Time with a Chair, The Struggle is Real

So bulldogs might not be the most nimble of creatures, but they sure do love people and give everyone a good laugh.

Brutal Break Up Letters Only a Little Kid can Write

Little kids can be brutal with their break up letters, they hold nothing back.

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Jealous Boyfriend Gets Burned After Texting His Girlfriend’s Co-Worker

Guys, don’t be a jealous boyfriend that’s a complete douchebag that goes through your girlfriend’s cellphone. Or karma might just instantly slap you in the face with a text conversat...

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Snoring Pug Enjoys the Summer Heat

Ever wonder where the term “dog days of summer” comes from? Clearly it refers to the time of year when awesome dogs like this pug chill out in pools with their sunglasses on, snoring and farting t...

Reaction GIFs Are Only Made Better With Dave Grohl

The internet has made reaction GIFs the official way to respond to someone in a comment or through text message. Good thing Dave Grohl make some very expressive faces, he makes for the perfect collect...

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Donald Trump is making a fool of himself so that’s why we bring you 18 Things That Look Like Donald Trump.

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