Cute and Funny Animals That Just Discovered Their Reflections

Daily WTF: This Photo Speaks for Itself

Tommy Chong Spoofs the Matthew McConaughey Lincoln Commercial

Tommy Chong Spoofs the Matthew McConaughey commercial and yes, it’s pretty much about weed.

I’m Surrounded By Idiots

The Afternoon Break

Drug Smugglers are Now Using Bras and Feminine Wiles

Drug smugglers are now using bras to transport their good because you know reasons. Nola Williams was caught carrying cocaine in her 46D bra. The stash was found after she arrived at Gatwick on a BA ...

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Fritz The Golden Retriever Sucks at Catching Food

Fritz may not be the most nimble dog, but he sure tries. This Gold Retriever struggles when it comes to catching food people throw at him.

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Epic Elevator Diarrhea Prank is Hilarious and Disturbing

This elevator diarrhea prank is hilarious and disturbing, but it’s worth the watch.

The Afternoon Break

If Girls Used Pickup Lines…

Woman Attempts to Smuggle a Baby Through Airport Security Check

Airport security gets on everyone’s nerve when they travel, but at least they find strange things with the millions of people that travel every year right? TSA bans a bunch of things and apparen...

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