Don’t Blow Yourself Up This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is better than Fourth of July because explosions right? Well, if you’re blowing up your Turkey you might be doing it wrong. If you deep fry a Turkey this year make sure you throw sa...

Insane Allergic Reaction to Hair-dye

Ever wonder if you’re allergic to hair-dye? No right? Not very many people think they’re going to be allergic to hair-dye, until bam you swell up a ton.¬†This poor girl went to dye her hai...

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What the actual fuck internet what’s up with the #CondomChallenge

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Someone is Making Ridiculous Granny Panties

Candace Pugh is a stay-at-home mom and granny panty genius. She has made her own line of granny panties that have her favorite things on them.

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How to Properly Prank People with Black Friday Ads

For most of us Black Friday is a terrible day and no one wants to deal with the crowds, so why not prank them right? Here is an ad that has been placed at several Target stores recently.

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