The Afternoon Break

It’s Almost the Weekend and I Don’t Give a Fuuuuuu

Daily WTF: Pro Level Photobombing

11-Year-Old Break Up Text Comes With a Brutal Burn

Childhood breakups normally aren’t too bad. Maybe someone had one too many boogers or they had cooties…In this case Joey sounds like a player and his girl wasn’t having it. She ultim...

Everyone Hates The New York Times’ New Guacamole Recipe

Looks like the New York Times has gone and fucked up a good thing. Don’t mess with a classic like Guacamole or the internet will murder your Twitter account. Internet = 1 New York Times = 0

The Afternoon Break

Paul Rudd Farts During Ant Man Interview

Paul Rudd is one of the biggest goofballs in Hollywood and this interview only proves that point further. Normally Paul Rudd makes jokes and has a good time during his PR interviews for movies he is i...

The Cage of Thrones…Because Nic Cage is Everything

When you think this meme has done it all and is about ready to be retired everyone on the internet gets proven wrong. Now Nic Cage is The Cage of Thrones. Some brilliant bastard decided to throw his f...

Daily WTF: When You Get a New Favorite Toy

Stephen Colbert Just Hosted a Public Access TV Show

I almost didn’t believe this video was real, except that it’s hosted on an official YouTube account. So let’s set the stage here. At some point very recently, future CBS Late Show...

The Afternoon Break

The Benefits of Owning a Cat

Stoner Thoughts Are Just As Awesome as Shower Thoughts

Apparently Jeeps Can Drive Over These Mountains

The hot girl in question goes by the Instagram handle hotyogaholic and the name pretty much sums it up. She’s gorgeous, loves yoga, and also has a very strange fascination with jeeps.

Don’t Ask the Internet to Give Your Girlfriend a “Bigger Fish”

Turns out some guy on the internet wasn’t happy his girlfriend caught a small fish and request that someone on the internet photoshop a bigger fish in place of the small one. And well, the inter...

Daily WTF: That Gross Butt