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21 Pictures Only Gamers Will Understand

Let’s find out if you are a true gamer. Here are 21 pictures that only gamers will understand. See how you stack up…

Tom Clancy’s The Division is Here – 4K Screenshots

Tom Clancy’s The Division is absolutely insane and so are the graphics. We have never seen anything like it before! Check out these crazy high res screenshots.      

18 Gifs That Scream Nostalgia with Video Games

Lets Play a Game: Real Life or Grand Theft Auto

Real life or Grand Theft Auto, can you tell the difference? GTA5’s PC release was released which disappointed gamers around the world. GTA4 was amazing on the PC and it utilized the amazing grap...

The 30 Most Purchased Nintendo 64 Games

32.93 million Nintendo 64 systems were sold sold worldwide. Released September 29, 1996 and discontinued November 30, 2003. Released, 1996 1.72 Million sold   Released, 2000 1.77 Million sold &nb...

Resident Evil Attraction at Universal Studios Japan

Anyone else want to jump on a plane to Japan just for this Resident Evil attraction at Universal Studios.

Lindsay Lohan is Suing Rockstar over GTA5

Lindsay Lohan can’t stay out of the news, and when she’s in it it’s never on a positive note. It’s been a rumor online that she is planning on suing Rockstar Games, claiming th...

The 10 Most Difficult Video Game Levels From Your Childhood

Growing up most of us played video games because lets face it, it was a cheap baby sitter and your parents loved it. We spent a little time looking back at video games we played growing up and realize...

It’s Happening People Are Reacting to Playstation 4

The day is upon us and the Playsation 4 has been released it’s happening! The whole world wide internet is exploding with excitement with the release and we have some gifs to show you the many e...

39 Things Video Gamers Will Only Understand

Video Games Then and Now

If you haven’t noticed video games keep getting better and better. So we figured we’d take a look at video games then and now.

Somethings Only Gamers Understand

10 Fun Facts about Call of Duty

The latest Call of Duty has been announced and just recently they released the trailer for the online multi-player mode. After the fun facts about Call of Duty you’ll be able to watch the latest...

Top 10 Grand Theft Auto PC Mods

The guys over at Soletron really love their video games and especially Grand Theft Auto. They were able to find 10 videos of the most popular mods for Grand Theft Auto. Click here to check them all ou...

10 Worst Celebrity Cameos In Video Games

When a celebrity is on a hot streak of fame, they try to extend it as long as possible by diversifying their revenue. This results in them lending their name or likeness to everything from plastic bob...

Modern Video Game with Retro Artwork

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