Rawcus Wants You to Snapchat Him ‘Dem Titties’

First off after watching the video you’ll find yourself singing “snapchat me dem titties” you can’t help it you will just want to do it. Rawcus was in Los Angeles self-promoti...

These 6 Country Songs Sound Exactly The Same

No way, all country songs don’t sound the same right? It can’t, it’s sooooo popular the fans would know if it was happening right!? Looks like most country songs  sound exactly the ...

Rapper Christmas Cards Are the Best Christmas Cards

Iconic Album Covers with the Full Picture Shown

Rappers In Their True Pokémon Form

Mariusz Goli’s Guitar Skills Are Mind Blowing

Mariusz Goli’s guitar skills are just amazing. I would give this street performer all of my money in my pocket. Mariusz Goli has his own YouTube channel check it out, his work is very impressiv...

Child Rapper MattyB Covers “Juicy” By The Notorious B.I.G.

MattyB is the next child rapper and yes it’s ok to hate the kid. The B stands for “Because Beiber Happened” and we are all to blame for this. If you haven’t seen any of the vid...

Michael Jackson was the Creator of Anti-Gravity Shoes

Michael Jackson the “King of Pop” was the greatest entertainer in the world, but very few people knew that he was also an inventor. When Michael Jackson released the video for “Smoot...

Mugshots From Some of Your Favorite Musicians

Mac Lethal Raps His Way Through the Alphabet Insanely Fast

Challenge accepted! Just kidding, Mac Lethal is insanely good at what he does and is pretty damn fast.

Nine Inch Nails Parody: This is a Trent Reznor Song

We’ll be honest we laughed a lot harder than we should have at this song parody. Fredirick Scott nailed it when he decided to poke fun at Trent Reznor and how he makes songs. We really hope Tren...

12 Holiday Albums That Need to be Made

Shitty holiday albums happen every year, but none are as awesome as these. We hope you enjoy these holiday albums and maybe one day these artist will bless our little ears with these albums.

Kanye West Is Being Sued Over A Sample In Bound 2

Kanye West is in another legal battle after pissing off some more people. This time, Kanye West allegedly stole a sample from a 12 year-old boy. Ok, he’s not 12 any more, but the former pop star...

We’re convinced that Pitbull is Santa Claus

We’re convinced that Pitbull is Santa Claus and he has only been doing the musician gig to keep himself busy. Mr. Worldwide (Pittbull) travels the world spreading joy to the world through his mu...

TV and Movies Are Best with Captions

Miley Cyrus’ AMA Performance

Miley Cyrus has gone off the deep end. This sh*t is ridiculous!