JJ Abrams Reveals an X-Wing from Episode VII in a Video

If you’re like us you can’t wait for JJ Abrams to finish up the latest installment of Star Wars. From what we can see and the way they are building things it’s going to be nothing sh...

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11 Horror Movies Based on Actual Events

Horror movies, we all love them, but we don’t always know that some are based on actual events. Lets just hope none of this kind of stuff happens to any of us.   The Strangers The home inva...

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Everyone remembers the near-perfect film Back to the Future. But did you know the classic 1985 film has one of the best Easter eggs ever? Near the beginning of the film, Marty is woken up by a phone ...

The 30 Most Expensive Movies Made

All budget estimates have been adjusted for inflation. “The Lone Ranger”: $218 million Original Original estimated budget: $215 million Worldwide gross: $260.5 million Worldwide adjusted gross: $2...

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The Monuments Men   RoboCop   Ender’s game   Godzilla   Elysium   Man of steel   RoboCop   The Homesman   Godzilla   300 – Rise of an empire   The...

16 Awesome Photos of Movie Makeup and Special Effects

Robocop [1987]   Castle Freak [1995]   House 2 [1987]   The Fly [1986]   The Ring [2002]   Hellboy 2 [2004]   Alien [1979]   Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream War...

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What would the comedy classic Dumb and Dumber look like as an epic romantic drama?

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