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A Few Interesting Facts About The Lord of the Rings

Replacing Words in Movie Titles with Vagina

Yes it’s juvenile, childish, immature and whatever else you want to call it, but replacing words in movie titles with vagina is pretty funny.

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22 Movies That Put An Amazing Amount of Detail in to Stuff You Didn’t Notice

The effects movies pull off are insane, but sometimes the process of making that effect work is a lot more complex than any of can even imagine. Check out these crazy things Hollywood has done.

The Neighborhood from ‘Edward Scissorhands’ Then and Now

Redditor Voodrew lives not too far from the neighborhood where ‘Edward Scissorhands’ was filmed. The movie was filmed in Tampa, Florida and while taking his daughter for a walk he took some pho...

‘Straight Outta’ meme is blowing up on the Internet

When you open up anything to the internet get ready for it to turn into chaos. The marketing team behind the ‘Straight Outta Compton,’ learned that earlier this week when they released what was s...

The official DeadPool Comic-Con Trailer in full HD and Swear Words

Oh man the trailer is here. DeadPool looks like it’s going to be awesome, watch he trailer, but if you’re at work make sure you have headphones.

The Zoolander 2 Official Trailer is Finally Here

Zoolander 2 is happening and official trailer is out and all I want now is an Orange Mocha Frappuccino.

Animator Created 8-bit Versions of the Mad Max: Fury Road Cars

Mad Max: Fury Road was a hit in the theaters and people have been creating fan art left and right since the movie came out. Animator Misha Petrick and illustrator Evgeniy Yudin created these 8-bit GI...

Space Jam 2 is Happening with Lebron James

The Space Jam re-boot is going to happen…A month ago Warner Bros. filed trademarks for Space Jam and that started it all. Just recently they just signed a deal with LeBron James for some TV and ...

Marvel Released Official Photos from the Deadpool Movie

The attendees at San Diego Comic-Con were treated with a pleasant surprise in the form of a Deadpool trailer, that eventually leaked online. If you weren’t able to attend or didn’t want to ruin th...

7 Star Wars locations You can Visit in Real Life

Here are some Star Wars locations you can visit in real life. If you love Star Wars you may want to plan a vacation to one of these spots, or wait it out for the new movies to see where they are being...

Batman V. Superman Movie Photos Have Been Released

Anyone else just want to punch Ben Affleck or is it just me and the fact that I love Christian Bale as Batman so much? I hope Ben Affleck does a good job, but until he proves it I want to punch his fa...

The Evolution of the StormTrooper