Movie Characters And Their Secret Lives

We’ve posted about Photographer Daniel Picar before but we wanted to give a quick update on all of his new photos.

Fan Theory: Jar Jar Binks is Actually a Sith Lord

The internet has been buzzing over the new fan theory that is saying Jar Jar Binks is actually a Sith Lord. Sounds like it could make sense, what do you think? Reddit user Lumpawarroo has a theory for...

The Power Rangers Are Getting a Movie Reboot

The Power Rangers are hitting the silver screen again. January 13th 2017 is the release date for the reboot. Yes, you can all relive your childhood and run around karate chopping everyone and making p...

Boba Fett Might Be Coming Back in Star Wars: Force Awakens

Calithlin from The Cantina researche and identified the flags from a scene in the Star Wars trailer. Most of the flags belong to podracers but two of the flags were pretty unique and have caused the ...

Watch The New Trailer For Star Wars: The Force Awakens

There is a new trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and it makes me that much more excited for the release in December this year. Here it is, the third and potentially final full-length trailer f...

19 Ridiculous Adult Film Parody Movies

Jaws 19 Trailer Celebrates Back to the Future Turning 30

As the day Marty McFly traveled in his DeLorean from 1985 to 2015 in “Back to the Future II” draws near, Universal Pictures continues to tease the film’s futuristic setting. The studio released ...

If Harry Potter Took Place in Canada

A Few Interesting Facts About The Lord of the Rings

Replacing Words in Movie Titles with Vagina

Yes it’s juvenile, childish, immature and whatever else you want to call it, but replacing words in movie titles with vagina is pretty funny.

Adding “ing” to Movies is the Latest Trend on the Internet

A Few Fun Facts About Some of Your Favorite Movies

22 Movies That Put An Amazing Amount of Detail in to Stuff You Didn’t Notice

The effects movies pull off are insane, but sometimes the process of making that effect work is a lot more complex than any of can even imagine. Check out these crazy things Hollywood has done.

The Neighborhood from ‘Edward Scissorhands’ Then and Now

Redditor Voodrew lives not too far from the neighborhood where ‘Edward Scissorhands’ was filmed. The movie was filmed in Tampa, Florida and while taking his daughter for a walk he took some pho...

‘Straight Outta’ meme is blowing up on the Internet

When you open up anything to the internet get ready for it to turn into chaos. The marketing team behind the ‘Straight Outta Compton,’ learned that earlier this week when they released what was s...

The official DeadPool Comic-Con Trailer in full HD and Swear Words

Oh man the trailer is here. DeadPool looks like it’s going to be awesome, watch he trailer, but if you’re at work make sure you have headphones.