What Makes A Movie Scary? (Video)

What Makes A Movie Scary? (Video) Bring back all those terrifying moments that you saw from hundreds of horror movies. Did you ever know what made all those movie scenes so scary that they were enough...

Did You Know How Much Does Everyone Earns in a $200 Million Budget Movie? (Video)

Did You Know How Much Does Everyone Earns in a $200 Million Budget Movie? (Video) Our Hollywood industry is getting better day by day and the budget is also getting pretty much higher as days are pass...

Behind The Scenes Of Hollywood

Behind The Scenes Of Hollywood Check out this inside look on what goes on behind the scenes of Hollywood… Now these movies are officially ruined for me!!! But still cool 😉

Super Heroes Then vs Now

Super Heroes Then vs Now Looking back at all the Super Heroes your parents grew up on, I would hardly say anything is super about them. Boy has Hollywood bulked up recently. Check these heroes out now...

Star Wars Fan Art Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Star Wars Fan Art It would be my dream to have a rated R Star Wars series that shows the gritty side of war. But for now we’ll just have to rely on awesome Star Wars fan art to capture imaginati...

Sad Ben Affleck Video Goes Viral

Oh man, whether you like Ben Affleck or not this is hilarious! So for those of you who are not aware, the new Batman vs. Superman movie is getting completely destroyed by critics and fans alike. IR...

New Captain America: Civil War Trailer – Best Parts

As the hype builds for the next Captain America, Marvel hits with another awesome trailer. Loaded in this trailer were a handful of sneak peaks at which heroes we will see in the film. Check out the p...

The Many Iterations of BB-8

10 Famous Actors You Didn’t Notice in Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Now that most of you have seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens we feel a little more ok talking about the movie a bit more. If you’re really worried because you haven’t seen it run now! But t...

Merry Christmas, Enjoy a New Extra Violent Deadpool Trailer

Merry Christmas you filthy animals! Enjoy the extra violent Deadpool trailer this morning with your family while you all open up presents around the tree.

Disney Calm The F*ck Down with the Star Wars Marketing

21 Shower Thoughts on the Star Wars Movies

1. “Can Chewbacca even say Chewbacca? Shouldn’t his name be something like Rawwwraaraar?” 2. “Star Wars is about 1 war and billions of stars. It should be called Stars War.R...

In Case You Missed it, the Trailer for Independence Day: Resurgence

Yup it’s here and it looks f*cking awesome, Independence Day: Resurgence get ready for it.

Terrible Movie Reviews of Movies Most of Us Love

The Empire Strikes Back Alien Mad Max Seven The Big Lebowski The Goonies Trainspotting Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Gladiator Inception The Wizard of Oz Scrooged Fight Club

What Modern Movies Would Look Like on VHS

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Famous Album Covers Get the Star Wars Treatment