Katheryn Winnick of Vikings is Someone You Should Know About

Katheryn Winnick is a gorgeous woman and a total bad ass in the show Vikings. You should most definitely follow her on Instagram.

Jaws 19 Trailer Celebrates Back to the Future Turning 30

As the day Marty McFly traveled in his DeLorean from 1985 to 2015 in “Back to the Future II” draws near, Universal Pictures continues to tease the film’s futuristic setting. The studio released ...

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If Harry Potter Took Place in Canada

If Cartoon Characters Showed Their True Age

Russian artist Andrew Tarusov has created a series of illustrations portraying famous cartoon characters to show how they might look if they aged like real movie stars.

A Few Interesting Facts About The Lord of the Rings

Replacing Words in Movie Titles with Vagina

Yes it’s juvenile, childish, immature and whatever else you want to call it, but replacing words in movie titles with vagina is pretty funny.

30 News Headlines You Probably Missed on The Simpsons

Celebrities That Have Relatives That Are Also Famous

Eli Manning and Peyton Manning are cousins to Taryn Manning. Jenny McCarthy and Melissa McCarthy are 1st cousins. Jason Sudeikis is the nephew of George Wendt. Brooke Shields and Glenn Close are cousi...

Kanye West Announces He’s Running for President…The Internet Responds

Kanye West as president…yah nope I’m getting out of here if that happens.

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Katy Perry Tears Apart a Fan’s Ex-Boyfriend and It’s Awesome

We love Katy Perry for many reasons, but ripping on a fan’s ex-boyfriend is just another reason. And yes Katy Perry is still hot

Hulk Hogan wants to be Donald Trump’s Running Mate for the Presidential Race

The former wrestling star told reporters ‘I want to be Trump’s running mate’ and we want this circus to happen! Hulk Hogan is one of the world’s best known wrestlers, but the ...

14 Celebrities Who Totally Needed Their Names Changed

Some celebrities needed to have their names changed because, well their actual names kind of sucked. Some of them were even pretty ridiculous. Olivia Wilde Michael Caine Albert Brooks Sir Elton John ...

Nicki Minaj Gets a Wax Statue and People Troll it

The Madame Tussauds wax museum in Las Vegas gave Nicki Minaj a wax statue and people “loved” it so much they trolled the statue. The museum caught wind of this and they had to put some gu...