A Look at the Harry Potter Sets in London

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London has opened up their Harry Potter sets for people to check out. This tour walks you through all the behind the scene magic of the Harry Potter series. It shares a lot of...

Celebrities Before and After Plastic Surgery

Once you see these photos of celebrities before and after plastic surgery you will quote the great Chris Rock who once said, “First the Fat Boys break up, now this. There’s nothing to beli...

Mike Tyson in Every Movie Possible

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Jackie Chan Shares His Favorite Moment with Bruce Lee

Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee worked together on a movie set and it ended up as Jackie Chan’s favorite moment. I mean who could blame him, Bruce Lee is a legend and Jackie Chan always looked up to h...

What A Movies Sex Scene Looks Like on Set

To be honest movie sex scenes on set are very awkward…maybe except for Patrick Wilson he gets to lay on Brooklyn Decker. Have you seen her in a bikini? Anyone would kill to see her nude or even ...

Rappers In Their True Pokémon Form

17 People That Are Actually Cartoon Characters

South Park Characters in Real Life

The South Park Season 18 Preview is Here

Check out this preview clip from the upcoming season of South Park. All-new episodes premiere Wednesday, Sept. 24th on Comedy Central at 10p ET

The Worst Celebrity Baby Names

Celebrities often create the worst celebrity baby names…no you’re baby is not a designer fashion item…   Son Of Rachel Griffiths   Son Of Jason Lee   Son Of Andre Benj...

Kanye West Doing Normal Everyday Things

Kanye enjoys an ice cream cone inside of an ice cream truck that he bought.     Kanye avoiding a pole in the sidewalk at all costs.   “They’re not fish sticks.” Kanye insists whil...

Christopher Moloney matches movie scenes to their present-day locations

You can check out more of Christopher Moloney’s work here.

Awkward Yearbook Photos of Famous Musicians

Dave Grohl – Foo Fighters   Alexis Krauss – Sleigh Bells   Alice Glass – Crystal Castles   Amy Winehouse   Anthony Kiedis – Red Hot Chili Peppers   Ben Gibbard – Dea...

IKEA’s Guide to Building Your Own Movie Monster

As much as we all hate IKEA instructions Ed Harrington does an amazing job with them. He has designed a few guides to build out your own movie monster. You can check out more of his work here.

Childhood Celebrity Crushes Then and Now

Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell (Tiffani Amber Thiessen) then and now   Wednesday from The Adddams Family (Christina Ricci)   Christina Ricci Now   Alex Mack (Larisa Oleynik) &nbs...