Mac Lethal Takes On Mozart With His Latest Rap Video

Mac Lethal is at it again, but this time sans bad words. He had a request from a teacher to have him make a rap video that she could share with her music students. Mac Lethal being as awesome as he is...

Shark Eaten in One Bite By a Giant Fish

And here is another reason why I hate the ocean. People say sharks are the ones you should what about giant fish that eat sharks!?

Magician Tries To Sell Weed To a Cop

Remember kids hugs not drugs, unless you’re a magician then maybe you can get away with this. Check out this crazy confident magician who tries to sell weed to a cop.

“Apparently” the Best Interview Ever Given By a Kid

“Apparently” this is his first time on live TV…

Skynet is here Baseball Fans Replaced by Robots

It’s happening, it’s happening, it’s happening! Judgement day is around the corner Skynet is slowly taking over people in baseball stadiums. Fan’s of Korea’s Hanhwa Eagle...

Dad Catches Home Run Barehanded While Holding a Baby

This guy has definitely earned his #1 dad shirt. He caught a home run hit at AT&T Park in San Francisco perfectly in one bare hand while holding his baby with his other arm. Badass dad? Most defin...

How Strong Is The Mountain On Game Of Thrones?

The Mountain is strong enough to lift a jaw dropping 994 pounds. That’s one large and very strong dude.

Watch This Baby French Bulldog Play With A Door Stop Forever

Here is your daily dose of cuteness with this French Bulldog. We recently got one in our office and we’re totally stoked on her. Below is a photo of our dog Gizmo.

Kid Reacts to Meeting a Gay Couple for the First Time and it’s Priceless

Calen met a gay couple and had his mind blown. It wasn’t negative by any means he was confused for just a second and then amazed that the two men loved each other. This kid’s parents must ...

Tony Hawk Jumps a Moving Mini

Welp this might be the craziest thing I’ve seen in a while. Tony Hawk, who will always be the ultimate skateboarding badass, jumped over a MOVING Mini Cooper.

Hey Look It’s Katy Perry with a Beard…

OK so it’s not Katy Perry it’s actually Conchita Wurst. Conchita Wurst is the stage name for Thomas Neuwirth who is a Drag Queen representing Austria in the second semifinal of the Euro...

The Beer Mile Has a New Record of 4:57

James “The Beast” Nielsen sets a new World Record in the Beer Mile and becomes the first person to ever break the once-thought-impossible 5 minute barrier. 

San Francisco’s BatKid Threw Out The First Pitch at the Giants Game

Lets be honest we’ll never be as cool as BatKid no matter how hard we try. First he save San Francisco from the evil doers and now he got to throw the first pitch at a Giants game. Miles Scott, ...

Human Water SkeeBall

After watching this Human Water Skeeball video we’re totally ready for Summer.

A Gymkhana Video with a Big Ass Truck

Ken Block has nothing on this video, ok just kidding both of these drivers are pretty damn talented. Check out this  gymkhana styled video with a big ass truck.