3 Year Old Adam Wynne Will Destroy You at a Pool Table

If you thought you were good at pool just wait till you watch this video. Adam Wynne kind of rules at Snooker and just a reminder he’s only 3…

Prepare Your Feels And Watch R2-D2 Meet A Little Kid In A Wheelchair

Watch the video below, then eat a steak and punch something because you may shed a tear or two.

John Oliver Examines America’s Messy Patent System

You Can Now Go Hands Free with the Swan-Neck Phone Holder

We can’t stress this enough we love the Japanese. The swan-neck phone holder is the perfect item for those of you that love to multitask. Yes it’s suggestive and yes it’s a spoof, bu...

Freeline Skates are Strangely Awesome

Two skaters perform tricks on Freeline skates–a cross between skateboards and inline skates–in this entertaining new video by Kuma Films (previously). Kuma Films has posted a making-of video of th...

Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit by Hard Drives

The nerd is strong with this one. First off the engineering behind this was probably insane and secondly it sounds way too much like the song. Lets hope this helps the creator get laid.

A Real Batman Suit that Will Protect You From Getting Stabbed

I am Batman! Well at least I can now look like him and not get stabbed.

Bystander Captures Ridiculous Tow Truck Escape

This bystander is a hero. Not only for capturing this ridiculous scene, but filming it in landscape mode in crisp, beautiful 60 fps HD For those curious, this took place in Chicago’s River North nei...

The Lego Matrix Lobby Fight Scene is Brilliant

The Lego Matrix Lobby Fight Scene way too entertaining and you need to check it out.

Watch Police Dispose of 2000 Pounds of Fireworks

20,000 pounds of fireworks challenge accepted! Apparently 20,000 pounds of fireworks burns for a very long time. The Midland, Texas, Police Department set off the 20,000 pounds of awesome and it bur...

The Most Insane Dominoes Setup

Sit back and be amazed with the crazy dominoes A-Trak & Tommy Trash – Tuna Melt from Pomp&Clout on Vimeo.

Puppies Playing Cops & Robbers

Get ready to watch the most awesome video you’ll see all day…Puppies Playing Cops & Robbers!

Robert Downey Jr. Delivers a Real Bionic Arm to a Kid

Robert Downey Jr. and Albert Manero, a Collective Project student who founded Limbitless, surprised a very special child with a new bionic 3D printed arm at no cost to the family.

Micro Pig Babies Enjoying an Apple…It’s Monday You Need This

Micro Pig Babies eating an apple is exactly what we all need to smile and kick off the week.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Gets an R-Rated Reboot

Film producer Adi Shankar just released “POWER/RANGERS”, a 12-minute bootleg film directed by Joseph Kahn featuring James Van Der Beek (Dawson’s Creek) and Katee Sackhoff (Battlestar Galactica)....

Sara X Does a Boob Dance for Valentine’s Day

This isn’t Sara X’s first video, you can watch here original here or her Christmas special here.