Dunking Basketballs While Swinging From A Rope (Video)

Dunking Basketballs While Swing From A Rope This video of people dunking basketballs while swinging from a rope is insane. I must find this bridge and try this immediately! Whose up for a roadtrip?

Walmart Clerk Is An Amazing Scooby Doo Impersonator (Video)

This Walmart Clerk is an Amazing Scooby Doo Impersonator!

Sad Ben Affleck Video Goes Viral

Oh man, whether you like Ben Affleck or not this is hilarious! So for those of you who are not aware, the new Batman vs. Superman movie is getting completely destroyed by critics and fans alike. IR...

Pressure Washing Compilation Is Oddly Satisfying

Ya, you read the title correctly. It sounds strange, but this pressure washing compilation is oddly satisfying!

Man Reaches Into Hole And Pulls Out Your Worst Nightmare

Basically, a dad pulls out a clump of “daddy longlegs” – a colloquial name that tends to refer to the 6,000 species of arachnids that fall into the Opolione order. And then you insta...

Kid Experiences Automatic Doors For the First Time

Everything is awesome when you believe in magic and this kid thinks automatic doors are magical. His reaction is priceless.

Must Watch: Massive Crusher

Tickle Me Elmo Vs. a Jet Engine


Must Watch: Slow Motion Video of a Girl Shot In The Butt With Glitter

If there is one thing you watch today is has to be this slow motion video of a girl shot in the butt with glitter. It’s actually quite impressive and a turn on. But on the down side glitter is t...

Pixar’s SadLab: The Science of Making You Cry

What if Pokémon Were Part of the Real World?

If you grew up in the 90’s you probably played Pokémon or watched the television show. This video will make you want to relive childhood, but in real life.

Guy Plays Dr. Dre Songs on a Piano in a Arizona Bar

Almost no one expects Dr. Dre songs on a piano, and no less at a bar. This guy either can only play one song really well or he’s a total bad ass and can play songs on command. Either way watch t...

Man Sings Opera While He Has Brain Surgery Performed on Him

Bajec-Lapajne an opera singer from the Netherlands had a brain tumor, but he decided to sing opera while he had the surgery. Slovenian opera singer Ambroz Bajec-Lapajne posted this video to YouTube s...

Little Boy Tries To Break Board In Taekwondo

This little dude shows off his Taekwondo moves and tries to break a wooden board all on his own.

A Metal Cover of the Ghostbusters Theme Song

This cover by Frog Leap Studios also features his kid as the ghost for the song. For being a metal song it still holds true to the song.

Lexus Legitimately Created a Hoverboard

Lexus has made us wait a very long time with teaser videos to keep us intrigued and they finally released the full length video. Filmed in a skatepark in Barcelona, the video (below) shows McGouran ag...