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The Dream Man Cave for Any Gamer

This customized room is dedicated to video games from the past two decades.

Leonardo DiCaprio is Selling His Malibu Beach House

Leonardo DiCaprio is selling his beach house in Malibu for $19MM–totally affordable, right? Check out the photos of the sweet bachelor pad on the beach below:

We Need a Man Cave

Every man deserves a man cave

Bryan Cranston has a Bad Ass Beach Side House in Los Angeles

If I was making $250,000 an episode to make Breaking Bad like Bryan Cranston I’d totally own a house on the beach in LA. Not only is he a pretty awesome person in general, he has pretty damn goo...

The World’s Most Expensive 1-Bedroom Apartment

Listed at a jaw dropping 1.8 billion yen ($21.8 million USD), The House, is in the exclusive Minami-Azabu district of Tokyo (the most expensive neighbourhood in Tokyo), was a 4,434 square foot (411.9...

Spitbank Fort is Now a Luxury Hotel

Built in the 19th century the Spitbank Fort was built to protect Britan’s most important port from Napoleon the III’s navy. 7,000 sq ft is what the base measures and the only way to get to i...

15 Epic Tree Houses You Wish You Had

Every Good Man Needs a Man Cave

Epic Bachelor Pad The Quintessential Penthouse in LA

This penthouse would make any bachelor happy to make this place their man cave. The Quintessential Penthouse is on the Whilshire Corridor in a very sought after area is California. It has unobstructe...

St. Pancras Penthouse Apartment By Thomas Griem

Oh just another apartment with an amazing view check it out.

World’s Most Expensive Penthouse

Every Man Cave Needs An Awesome Bar

Tom Brady’s $20 Million House

It has a moat!

A Classy Booze and Cigar Man Cave

What A 10 Million Dollar Home Gets You

This is what 10 million dollars will get you in Hollywood if you ever wanted to buy a home there.