Awesome Cakes Inspired by Movies

10 Interesting Facts About Bacon…Because It’s Delicious

Who is ready for some bacon facts to motivate you to eat more bacon?

Awesome Pixar Pancake Art

Pixar pancake art by Dan, and it’ll blow your mind.

It’s Lunch Time, Enjoy the Beauty of Food Porn

Food Porn: The In-N-Out Edition

Someone once told me they didn’t like In-N-Out and I punched them in the throat and I never spoke to them again. The burger business is serious business. Yes I understand that there are plenty o...

Relive Childhood with Vodka PokeBalls that Will Get You Drunk

Someone’s gotta eat ’em all! Relive part of your childhood as an adult while you get drunk. Sure it’s time consuming, but it might be the coolest thing you can bring to share with al...

A Little Food Porn Goes A Long Way

Check Out These Awesome Gremlin and Gizmo Cakes

I think the internet just had an orgizmo because of these photos. This set has the perfect amount of nostalgia, food and one smoking hot lady. We’re not sure if these are safe to eat after midn...

The World’s Longest Pizza Record

June 20th was a historic day for pizza. The world record for the longest pizza was established and lets say it will make any other pizza jealous. The pizza was a little under a mile long it was 0.991...

Man Who Ate an 18-Inch Burrito in Under 2 Minutes

Challenge accepted? Watch Matt “Megatoad” Stonie destroy a 5-pound, 18-inch calorie burrito on film as a “thank you” to his fans. It’s called the Burritozilla, in case y...

3D Printed Sugar Cubes The Latest in trend in Food

Food Porn, The Reason I’m Always Hungry

Lets Be Honest Some of Us Make the Best Stoner Food

Stoner Food is where it’s at…sometimes, but most of the time it’s amazing and we don’t always write down the recipe. Here are a few things for you to try next time you have the...

Why Potatoes Are the Best Vegetable Ever

Food Porn That’ll Make Friday Fly By

Learn to Cook Your Steak with Lava

There’s nothing like bbqing a steak after a long week of work, but there’s also nothing like cooking your steak with lava. 082114 Lava Steak from robert wysocki on Vimeo.