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Knockoff Toys that Anyone Would be Proud of Owning

Knockoff toys…they can’t be serious right? These toys are just ridiculous.

A Quick Survival Lesson from Bear Grylls

So… Let’s pretend that you’ve somehow ended up naked in Northern Canada. How to survive in this cold and unwelcoming environment? Step 1: Find a dead seal. Step 2: Take its skin off. Step 3: Cut...

‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Gets the Jar Jar Binks Treatment

Yup someone did it, someone place Jar Jar Binks All over this amazing trailer. It makes me not miss the days of George Lucas making terrible movies.

You Should Know About Helga Lovekaty

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3 Year Old Adam Wynne Will Destroy You at a Pool Table

If you thought you were good at pool just wait till you watch this video. Adam Wynne kind of rules at Snooker and just a reminder he’s only 3…

The History of America Explained by a 5 Year Old

Well this is the most through American History I’ve ever read. If you want to learn a thing or two about the history of America listen to this 5 year old.

10 Reasons Why Being Lazy is OK

Work Shenanigans Make the Day Fly By

A Little Cleavage Never Hurt Anyone

Break Ups Are Crazy and Some People are Bat Shit Crazy

The Truth Has Been Spoken

Daily WTF: Bring Me More Cake!

Happy Hump Day!

The Afternoon Break