Mmmmmmm Food Porn

This Cake Is Made Of Pizza…We’re Not Kidding

Oh hey there PIZZA CAKE! Boston Pizza has found a way to get popular on the internet and feed their ultimate goal…to try to take over the world! Ok maybe not they’re just trying to sell mo...

Food Porn Always Makes Me Hungry

Oh That Delicious Food Porn Always Makes Me Hungry

The 5 Items on the Chipotle Secret Menu

The Chipotle Secret Menu has been one of the most sought after and debated menus. Some people have no idea what it is and neither do the employees. Here are the 5 items that we know about and that yo...

Food Mascots That Were Thankfully Forgotten

As the years have gone by many food companies have dropped their mascots because the weren’t working or they were a very short time because they were stereotypes. Either way they existed and won...

Food Porn…Oh Man I’m Hungry

OMG Food Porn And Now I’m Hungry

10 Things You Shouldn’t Order According to Fast Food Employees

Recently there was a discussion on Reddit and their fast food jobs. Apparently there are certain fast food items you should never order. These were by far the most commented about and most surprising ...

Sweet Food Porn

Food porn will definitely help you get through Monday

Are You Read For Some Food Porn?

We all love food and food porn makes you love it that much more. What are your favorite foods? We’re all about burgers and sushi.

Another Squished Sandwich They’re All The Rage Right now

I don’t know about you guys, but this squished sandwich craze is pretty awesome. Here’s another drool worthy sandwich that you should probably try to make. Enjoy hopefully it doesn’t...

Ben and Jerry’s Releases 5 New Ice Cream Flavors

We can almost guarantee that you’re jumping up and down on the inside. It’s ok to show your joy and tell everyone about it. Ben and Jerry’s Core flavors are going to be hitting your ...

Food Porn Makes Me Hungry

10 of The Best Secret Menu Items From Fast Food Restaurants

When you hear secret menu you immediately think In-N-Out and Starbucks, they have some of the most talked about secret menus. Here are a few other restaurants that have some awesome secret menu items....