Awesome Yet Creepy Make Up Ideas for Halloween

Lucia Pittalis Transforms Herself To Look Like Male Characters

Artist Covers Her Husband’s Car In Sharpie Doodles

Collen Kelton, an avid car enthusiast and member of the US Military stationed in Japan purchased this car in 1995, but never really loved the color. Because of that his wife covered the car in her doo...

Awesome Tattoos You Should Check Out

Artist Ban Hun Lek Turns Scrap Metal into Amazing Art

Artist Ban Hun Lek owns a metal workshop in Thailand and he works his magic there. He takes used metal that no one wants and turns it into amazing sculptures. Via Facebook

Some Awesome Pumpkins to Get You Pumped For October

Your Favorite Characters Carved into Crayons

Your Favorite 90s Games and Toys Illustrated By Alex Banks

Alex Banks illustrates all of our favorite toys and games from the 90s. Our favorite has to the Pogz they were the precursor to all the playground fights over Pokemon Cards and well if you had a bad a...

The Amazing and Bizarre Art of Ben Chen

Ben Chen is an amazing artist and illustrator. He take pop culture icons and gives them his own spin which make for a good laugh and impressive art.

Disney Characters Vs. The Zombie Apocalypse

Artist Kasami Sensei is amazing at what he does and he just reimagined Disney characters with a hint of The Walking Dead. Check out these zombie destroyers.     Hercules   Pocahontas &n...

The 50 States Represented By LEGOs

 Jeff Friesen published a pretty awesome book recently. The book is based on his 50 States of LEGO project. Below are a few of the images that are in the book and it’s pretty damn funny. You c...

Epic Two Handed Breaking Bad Drawing

If you thought you sucked at drawing with one hand this will make you feel even worse about your artistic abilities. This guy is amazing at what he does. Not only does Mark Gibson rock at drawing, bu...

A Little Morning Art in Your Latte

The interwebs loves latte art and Michael Breach delivers some of the best foam art out there. The detail he is able to get into the foam is just amazing. Breach began doing these pieces of latte art...

Rap Quotes Posted in Philadelphia

The man behind the Rap Quotes in New York and Los Angeles is Jay Shells. He has now moved on to Philadelphia and the work there has been nothing but entertaining. Check out his installations he has do...

Awesome Street Art Pay Tribute to Robin Williams