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Guy Builds His Own Millennium Falcon

A guy builds his own Millennium Falcon and it’s pretty awesome.

Your Favorite Superheroes in Elizabethan Era Clothes

Mr. Bean Is A Perfect Subject For Renaissance Art

Source: Rodney Pike

A Real House Of Wax That Will Slowly Melt Away In 30 Days

Artist Alex Chinneck has built a two-story house like no other called A Pound of Flesh for 50p. The life-size structure might look like an ordinary apartment building, but it’s actually made ent...

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Nikki Shelley Brings Us More Creepy Halloween Face Makeup

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Valentina Ryabova is a Very Talented Tattoo Artist

Valentina Ryabova has a ver talented hand. He creates masterpieces through super lifelike tattoos. You can check out all of his work here.

Awesome Yet Creepy Make Up Ideas for Halloween

Lucia Pittalis Transforms Herself To Look Like Male Characters

Artist Covers Her Husband’s Car In Sharpie Doodles

Collen Kelton, an avid car enthusiast and member of the US Military stationed in Japan purchased this car in 1995, but never really loved the color. Because of that his wife covered the car in her doo...

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Artist Ban Hun Lek Turns Scrap Metal into Amazing Art

Artist Ban Hun Lek owns a metal workshop in Thailand and he works his magic there. He takes used metal that no one wants and turns it into amazing sculptures. Via Facebook

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