Vintage Video Game Ads Are Pretty Awesome

Danger Dust Is Probably The Best Chalkboard Artist Ever

Recently we discovered the amazing chalkboard art by Danger Dust. We couldn’t help but share some of his work with all of you. Make sure you check out Danger Dust’s portfolio of work.

Man Builds Porsche Replica Our of Cardboard

I don’t get it cardboard projects are all the rage right now. First the Ironman suit and now a perfect 1 to 1 Porsche replica made out of cardboard. Sure it only moves at 10 MPH, but it does hav...

20 Year Old Art Student Makes an Ironman Suit out of Cardboard

Some people get a little obsessive with fan art, and this is no exception. A 20 year old student created an Ironman suit completely out of cardboard. Taiwanese art student Kai-Xiang Xhong took a ful...

The Awesome Street Art of MTO

A Terrible Tattoo is Brilliantly Fixed

Hopefully you haven’t decided to get a terrible tattoo and if you did hopefully you can get a bad ass fix like this one.

The Realistic Version of Homer Simpson is Bizarre and Disturbing

Seung Hoon Roh is the artist behind this very disturbing version of Homer Simpson. He’s a very talented artist who currently lives in South Korea and his attention to detail on this piece of art...

Rarely Seen International Star Wars Posters

Life is Short Enjoy Some Street Art

The Empire Strike Back As Seen Through Legos

Photographer Vesa Lehtimäki goes by the name of Avanaut and he recently decided to photograph the Empire Strikes Back with Legos and baking soda. The photos don’t follow the story line of The...

Street Art is Bitchin’

Thrift Store Paintings With Geeky Additions

New York artist Dave Pollot and his girlfriend Becca scours thrift stores for mediocre paintings, and then he improves them by adding pop culture references.

Zsutti’s Breaking Bad Episode Poster series

Congratulations to Hungarian designer Zsutti (aka Molnár Zsolt) for completing his fabulous series of Breaking Bad episode posters. This makes 31-year-old mobile UX designer the first to complete ...

Crystal Head Vodka Reconstructs The Face of Their Skull

Crystal Head Vodka is at it again. They’re making more awesome art work to go along with their alcohol. They hired Nigel a forensic artist to reconstruct the face of their skull bottle. Check ou...

Celebrity Portraits Made From Random Stuff