32 Most Awesome Tattoo Designs (Must See)

Awesome Tatoo Designs We all have feelings. And its the basic human nature that we express out feelings and emotions in entirely different ways. Some use words, some will write poems or stories, some ...

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You really have to love pizza to get some of these amazing pizza tattoos!

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Hoang Tran is the artist behind all of the elaborate crayon sculptures that have been floating around the internet. Tran, who originally went to school to become a dentist, told Instagram, “I withdr...

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Tattoos Can Be Awesome Pieces of Artwork

Shonagh Scott Kills Off All the Disney Princesses with Her Halloween Makeup

Shonagh Scott killed off all of the Disney Princesses in a photography series to show off her makeup skills. All of these would make killer Halloween costumes. Here is Shonagh Scott without all of th...

Self-Taught Artist Paints Terrifying Monsters On Faces Perfect For Halloween

Nikki Shelley has reached an impressive following on Facebook thanks to her makeup skills. The mother-of-three uses face paints to create a kind of different monsters and terrifying faces.

Awesome Darth Vader Disco Ball Helmet

Justin Poulsen created his very own Darth Vader disco ball. Yes, the Star Wars nerd in all of us here at Bro My God is fan girling over this. Justin Poulsen took a Halloween costume mask and bunch of...

Matt Jordan is an Amazing Tattoo Artist

Matt Jordan is a New Zealand based tattoo artist who specializes in black and white portraits, but he’s also a total bad ass with color. You can check out more of his work on his Instagram accou...

Ryan Burton is the Etch-A-Sketch Master

Ryan Burton will run circles around you when it comes to drawing on an Etch-a-Sketch. You can ccheck out all of his awesome work on Instagram

Guy Has Tattoos of Sloths as Characters From 80s Movies

Redditor SecondSuitor is a huge fan of two things: sloths and 80s movies. He loves them so much that now has multiple tattoos that combine his two favorite things. See some of his great artwork below...

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