Dude Makes Art Out of the Blunts he Rolls

You may think you know how to roll a blunt, but in all reality you’re a rookie and will until you master the art and start making sharks, spaceships and anything else you can imagine. Instagram ...

Cross Stitch Tattoos Are Now a Thing

Ironic cross stitchings have been a thing on the internet for a bit now, but now they’re taking them to the next level. Cross stitching are becoming tattoos and it’s catching on pretty qui...

Bad Ass 3D Printed Batman Suit…I Am the Night

Anyone here order a bad ass 3D printed batman suit? No? Well you get one anyway. Julian Checkley, one of the world’s best cosplayers, looked to 2013’s Batman: Arkham Origins, for inspiration for ...

Street Artist Perfectly Trolls City Workers

Popular English Idioms Illustrated by an Artist

Illustrator Roisin Hahessy recently moved to Brazil to teach English. After trying to explain some English idioms, she realized how comical they were.

Abandoned Buildings Become Home to Kim Kwacz’s Monsters

Kim Kwacz a.k.a. Kim Köster, a Berlin street artist is taking his work from murals and is creating a children’s book. Kim’s new series will be a picture book for the iPad called “Mo...

Cereal Box Wall…You Know Because Awesome Things

A user on Imgur decided he needed to build a cereal box wall and this is what he had to say: A few months back I posted a pic of my cereal wall that was still in progress. In that thread I got a lot o...

The Boneyard Project: Old Planes Are Given a Second Chance with Art

Conceived in Spring 2010 by Eric Firestone and organized with curator Carlo McCormick, The Bone Yard Project revives disused airplanes from America’s military history through the creative interventi...

Seth GlobePainter Does Amazing Street Art

Seth GlobePainter does amazing murals and we can’t get enough of them. Make sure to follow him Instagram to check out his latest work.

Jason Freeny Shows Us The Anatomy of Cartoon Characters

Jason Freeny decided to explore the idea of the cartoon anatomy. Freeny uses toys as his starting point then after figuring out the unique body structure of each character, he then creates their bone...

Freezer Friday Charlie Layton’s Fridge Art

Freezer Friday is artwork that Charlie Layton draws up every Friday on his Fridge at home. You can check out more of his work here on his Tumblr.  

The Elderly Go Out and Tag the Streets of Portugal

In Portugal a gang of elderly people decided to tag up a few walls to get in on the street art movement. I can only hope that one day my Grandma will be this awesome.

Stunning Modern Tattoo Artwork by Bicem Sinik

Bicem Sinik has become pretty popular for his line art tattoos that are taking a modern take on black ink tattoos. As simple as they look, they need to be done perfectly to maintain his geometric styl...

Artist Fills Pot Holes with Ice Cream Mosaic Art

Jim Bachor is the artist behind the Ice Cream mosaic art that covers up pot holes, because an ice cream is always better than a pot hole. He calls this series “Treats in the Streets” and the feed...

Superhero Manatees…You Know Because Reasons

Artist Joel Micah Harris introduces us to the world’s fattest superheroes.

Artist Creates the Skeletons of Cartoon Characters

Korean artist Hyungkoo Lee has created the skeletons of cartoon characters and they’re kind of creeps but still pretty cool.