Music Icons Created with CDs

TBWA Italy, used 6,500 CDs to create pictures of Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Freddie Mercury.It took artists Mirco Pagano, 29, and Moreno D...

22 Sand Castles That Are Temporary Works of Art

Mike Stilkey is One of Our Favorite Artists

Los Angeles-based artist Mike Stilkey takes old books and turns them into amazing pieces of artwork. Once he figures out what he wants to do with the books he sets them up in public locations for ev...

The Latest Creations from Hanksy

Street Art Make the World a Better Place

Woman Takes Bathroom Selfies to the Next Level

Instagram user Mirrorsme is probably the best selfie taker ever. She takes bathroom selfies with fun little drawings on them to make them much more interesting than a duck face.

Inspirational Street Art Actually Exists

Mobstr is One Sarcastic Street Artist

Mobstr has developed a rather sarcastic voice through his art work. His work has been running around on the internet because people can’t get enough of his work. We throughly enjoy his work and ...

This is the Most Legit Godzilla Costume We’ve Seen

Sean Sumagaysay is the guy who built this epic Godzilla costume. He built this costume to walk around in at comic con. You can check out more over at

42 Historical Black and White Photos in Color

Cardboard Art Work Can Be Pretty Amazing

Kai-Xiang Xhong, a Taiwanese student is amazing with cardboard. If he can dream it up he can build it.  

Awesome Teacher Draws a Character Every Week at School

Imgur user JasonDonner HAS a drama teacher named J. Gaston with a sense of humor and some serious artistic talent. Once a week during the school year, he created drawings on his whiteboard based on ...

A Jumanji Board Game That Was Hand Made

Remember when you first saw Jumanji and you just wanted to own the actual game…well someone built their very own replica of the movie prop that was used to film Jumanji. Prop maker Jemma Wright ...

The Most Accurate Lego Imperial Star Destroyer Ever built

This Lego Imperial Star Destroyer is by far the most impressive Lego artwork we’ve seen this year. More than 40,000 bricks. 110 pounds. 6.62 feet long. 4.1 feet wide. 1.9 feet tall. Eight mont...

Doel a Belgian Ghost Town is Full of Street Art