Celebrity Portraits Recreated with MS Paint

Hand Drawn Movie Posters From Ghana

Not sure why this is a thing, but Ghana hand draws movie posters to display the movies at the theaters. As ridiculous as they may look some of these hand drawn movies posters are kind of awesome.

Zebrating is Street Art Straight out of Germany

Zebrating is from a duo of artist from Germany and it’s pretty rad. The art is all based on perspective and you have to stand in just the right spot to see it all.

Lets Have a Little Fun with Movie Posters

Jaemy Choog decided to have some fun with movie posters. Check these out but he has a ton more on his Instagram page.

Street Art From Around the World

Awesome 8 Bit Movie Posters

Michael Cthulhu is the Blacksmith Behind These Epic Weapons

A while back we featured the 106 lb battle axe and turns out Michael Cthulhu created it. Turns out Michael is actually a really talented blacksmith and loves creating weapons from video games and oth...

Food Trucks if They Were Owned by Rappers

via Sean Solomon  

Disney Characters Meet Movie Villans

José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros has painted thrilling scenes of sweet Disney characters facing famous movie villains.  Needless to say it’s a little weird but awesome when Freddie Krueger meets slee...

Famous Movie Cars Are Now Transformers

Neon Signs For Your Favorite Fictional Companies

Alejandro Smal created awesome neon sign GIFs for famous fictional companies from movies and TV shows. Each GIF showcases a company from a movie, such as Terminator’s Cyberdine, or TV show, such ...

Give An Adult a Coloring Book and Get Awesome Results

Age Progression of Musicians That Passed Away

Photoshop is a program for editing and retouching very popular. What you can do a talented person using this program is simply amazing. Surely one of the first things that comes to mind when hearing ...

Ralph Steadman Draws His Versions of Breaking Bad Characters

Ralph Steadman is an artist and is well known for his political and social caricatures, cartoons and picture books. But his best known piece of pop culture has been the Fear and Loathing in Las Vega...

Famous Cars From Iconic Movies By Jesús Prudencio

Spanish illustrator Jesús Prudencio brought together his love for  art , pop culture, and dope rides in these illustrations of iconic vehicles from some of our favorite movies. From the Ecto-1 in...

The Oatmeal Only Speaks the Truth

If you haven’t checked out The Oatmeal you’re seriously missing out on some awesome internet entertainment. Cartoonist and avid runner Matthew Inman is the creator of The Oatmeal and has ...