A Little Morning Art in Your Latte

The interwebs loves latte art and Michael Breach delivers some of the best foam art out there. The detail he is able to get into the foam is just amazing. Breach began doing these pieces of latte art...

Rap Quotes Posted in Philadelphia

The man behind the Rap Quotes in New York and Los Angeles is Jay Shells. He has now moved on to Philadelphia and the work there has been nothing but entertaining. Check out his installations he has do...

Awesome Street Art Pay Tribute to Robin Williams

Street Artist JPS Has Some Pretty Clever Street Art

UK Street Artist JPS has been burning up the streets with his amazing art work. JPS creates all sorts of art work, but by far his street art is his most entertaining. You can check out some more of h...

Awesome Things Cut in Half

Take a Look at the LEGO Headquarters

Lego’s design headquarters and international factory for the iconic toy brand is located in Denmark. I would mind getting paid to hang out and play with Legos all day.

The Simpsons town of Springfield Made with LEGOs

LEGO enthusiast Matt De Lanoy created the better known parts of The Simpsons town using only tiny lego blocks. Each building used by De Lanoy was built from the inside out, including the Kwik-E-Mart ...

26 Sculptures That Prove Street Art is Still Awesome

14 Awesome Optical Illusions

Music Icons Created with CDs

TBWA Italy, used 6,500 CDs to create pictures of Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Michael Jackson, James Brown, and Freddie Mercury.It took artists Mirco Pagano, 29, and Moreno D...

22 Sand Castles That Are Temporary Works of Art

Mike Stilkey is One of Our Favorite Artists

Los Angeles-based artist Mike Stilkey takes old books and turns them into amazing pieces of artwork. Once he figures out what he wants to do with the books he sets them up in public locations for ev...

The Latest Creations from Hanksy

Street Art Make the World a Better Place

Woman Takes Bathroom Selfies to the Next Level

Instagram user Mirrorsme is probably the best selfie taker ever. She takes bathroom selfies with fun little drawings on them to make them much more interesting than a duck face.