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If there is one thing you watch today is has to be this slow motion video of a girl shot in the butt with glitter. It’s actually quite impressive and a turn on. But on the down side glitter is t...

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According to LadyStormPooper on Imgur this old guy has been coming to the same club for the last few weeks just to make some friends, dance and have a few drinks.

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Anyone else want a time traveling golf cart? this is as close as you’ll probably get.

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Have you ever wondered how a vinyl player actually plays a record? How Elvis’ crooning voice can slip from a vinyl right into your ears like he’s standing beside you (ignoring the odd sc...

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A Few Fun Facts For Trivia Night

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We love In-N-Out Burgers and their history. Here are some fun facts about the company and their delicious food. In 1961, the first “Animal Style” burger was created all in response to a customer r...