Bad Ass 3D Printed Batman Suit…I Am the Night

Anyone here order a bad ass 3D printed batman suit? No? Well you get one anyway. Julian Checkley, one of the world’s best cosplayers, looked to 2013’s Batman: Arkham Origins, for inspiration for ...

The Mid-Week Mental Break

Check Out These Awesome Gremlin and Gizmo Cakes

I think the internet just had an orgizmo because of these photos. This set has the perfect amount of nostalgia, food and one smoking hot lady. We’re not sure if these are safe to eat after midn...

Street Artist Perfectly Trolls City Workers

Badass Russians Build a Mad Max Inspired Car

The “Wolfen Dragon Car” was inspired by the insane cars of the Mad Max universe. Recently shared by English Russia and we can’t help but be impressed, not a whole lot is known about the ...

Fun Facts to Kick Start Monday

It’s the Weekend Do Something Awesome

Popular English Idioms Illustrated by an Artist

Illustrator Roisin Hahessy recently moved to Brazil to teach English. After trying to explain some English idioms, she realized how comical they were.

A Giant Penis in Norway is Going Around Firing Glitter at People

A nineteen-year-old man is currently roaming the streets of Norway, dressed as a giant penis and firing glitter at people. But far from carrying out high jinks just for YouTube lols, this man has been...

Lets Pack it Up For the Weekend

How Much Energy Does it Take to Run the Star Wars Universe?

The correct answer is too much energy to run the Star Wars Universe. Check out this infographic for all of the details.

A Few Fun Facts About the Star Wars Franchise

Time For Some of That Throwback Thursday Action

A Little Inspiration Never Hurt Anyone

Chuck Palahniuk Write Fight Club for Kids

With the release of Fight Club 2 (a comic book), it has given new life to the Fight Club fans. Renowned author and crazy person, Chuck Palahniuk stopped by Mashable’s offices to perform a reading o...

The Mid-Week Mental Break