Jerry Miculek Shoots Double Barreled Pistols in Slow Motion

Jerry Miculek, one of the greatest shooters in the world who holds 11 World records (5 of which are officially sanctioned by the NRA), over 100 National and World titles in several shooting discipline...

Artist Fills Pot Holes with Ice Cream Mosaic Art

Jim Bachor is the artist behind the Ice Cream mosaic art that covers up pot holes, because an ice cream is always better than a pot hole. He calls this series “Treats in the Streets” and the feed...

The Most Dangerous Marvel Characters

The guys over at Morph Costumes put together an infographic showing the Marvel characters with the most kills. This kill count is based on superhero and villain kills and not civilian casualties.

Lets Be Honest Some of Us Make the Best Stoner Food

Stoner Food is where it’s at…sometimes, but most of the time it’s amazing and we don’t always write down the recipe. Here are a few things for you to try next time you have the...

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Why Potatoes Are the Best Vegetable Ever

Dennis the Dieting Dachshund

Dennis the dieting Dachshund has had a strange life to say the least. Dennis, a miniature dachshund in Columbus, Ohio, broke the puppy scales at 56 pounds. His breed’s normal weight is around 1...

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Motivational Posters for People Who Hate Doing Stuff

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Superhero Manatees…You Know Because Reasons

Artist Joel Micah Harris introduces us to the world’s fattest superheroes.

Learn to Cook Your Steak with Lava

There’s nothing like bbqing a steak after a long week of work, but there’s also nothing like cooking your steak with lava. 082114 Lava Steak from robert wysocki on Vimeo.

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Volkswagen bus Gets a R2-D2 Make Over

Instructables took on this ambitious project of taking an old beat up Volkswaven bus and making it over to look like R2-D2. Below is what they posted on their site. R2D2’s body is a cylinder, so...