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No One Will be As Cool as Hugh Hefner

Hugh Hefner is the man there is no other way to put it.

There’s Cooking and Then There’s Pinterest Recipes

2014’s Most Disturbing Fast Food Creations

Playstation Games Then and Now

When the Playstation came out 20 years ago, it revolutionized gaming. One of the first consoles to use CDs instead of cartridges, PlayStation’s games contained real music and amazing graphics. A...

Star Wars Music Christmas Lights…Uhh Please Go On

Star Wars music Christmas lights seem obnoxious, but are actually really awesome. One music teacher put together this display and all of the neighbors do not mind having it around because he is using ...

Take a Mental Break Today

Christmas Gifts Every 90s Kid Wanted

Your Beard is no Match for Incredibeard

Isaiah Webb is Incredibeard and he has been doing his amazing beards since September 2012. He posts all of his photos to instagram and it’s awesome. Just remember your beard will never be as co...

14 Crazy Facts About Sharks

  Some South Pacific islanders considered sharks to be gods and offered human sacrifices to them until as recently as the nineteenth century.   The average shark has 40-45 teeth and can have up ...

Lets Cure the Case of the Mondays

The Friday Breakdown

Christmas Beards Are Now a Thing

London Ad Agency, Grey London, created these ‘cheeky’ holiday ornaments meant to be worn on facial hair. After the product was posted on Instagram by Beard Season, the agency has been struggling t...

Iconic Movie Glasses Infographic

Source: Yates and Suddell

The Mid-Week Mental Break

15 Strange Things Americans Do Without Knowing it

America is as strange as it is amazing. Here are some strange things Americans do without even knowing it. 1. Flags Everywhere You really can’t go a block or two without seeing the American Fla...