Some Homes Are Meant For Halloween

The Friday Breakdown

15 Fun Facts About South Park and its Creators

Tony Hawk is 46 and is Still Better at Skateboarding Than You

Tony Hawk just turned 46, has a son who is a professional skater and retired from competitive skateboarding 15 years ago. But lets face it he’s always going to be better than you at skateboardin...

The Mid-Week Mental Break

10 Awesome Minimalist Horror Movie Posters

American Psycho Carrie IT Re-animator Saw Shaun of the Dead The Blair Witch Project The Ring The Shining They Live

NASA Rocket Explodes in Virginia Only Seconds After Launch

The latest NASA rocket explodes within seconds luckily no one was injured. Antares, an unmanned NASA rocket on its way to the International Space Station blew up seconds after cleaning the launchpad f...

17 Facts About Space That We Should Have Learned

The Hubble has traveled more than 3 billion miles in its orbit around Earth. That is, as of its 24th anniversary this past April. To give you a sense of its size, it’s about as long as a large schoo...

Two Friends in Australia Create a Mobile Laundry Service for the Homeless

Two guys in Australia create a mobile laundry service for the homeless and it’s kind of awesome. Get this the two guys are only 20 years old makes me feel like I haven’t done much with my ...

The World Beard and Moustache Championships Just Happened in Portland

Portland, Oregon was home to the World Beard and Moustache Championships this year and the photos from it are nothing short of amazing. The first photo below is officially the greatest beard in the W...

12 Words That Have Crazy Bizarre Origins

This is a weird one. Cantaloupe melons take their name from Cantalupo. This was an ancient papal estate on the outskirts of Rome where the first European cantaloupes were grown in the early Middle Age...

Lets Cure The Case of the Mondays

Nikki Shelley Brings Us More Creepy Halloween Face Makeup

For more of Nikki Shelley art click here.

30 Strange Snack Foods You Can’t Get in the US

Soft-shell crab, seaweed, and grilled shrimp Pringles in Asia. Cappuccino Pepsi in Europe and Russia   Spaghetti popsicle in Japan   Pancake drink in Japan   Saffron pistachio Dunkin’...

Valentina Ryabova is a Very Talented Tattoo Artist

Valentina Ryabova has a ver talented hand. He creates masterpieces through super lifelike tattoos. You can check out all of his work here.