The Mid-Week Mental Break

14 Disturbing Fast Food Confessions

Some fast food restaurant employees decided to confess a few things that are rather disturbing about their work place. Be warned these fast food confessions might ruin your favorite restaurant or food...

Tommy Edison and the Perks of Being Blind

Tommy Edison has a few things to say about being blind and he’s kind of a bad ass.  

Seattle Man Returned a Bizarre Gun on Gun Amnesty Day

Seattle holds a yearly gun amnesty day to allow citizens to return illegal or legal firearms without getting into any trouble. The police department even incentivizes people by offering them $200 gift...

KickStarter to Get Our Mobile App and Site

What’s up everyone! Today we are launching our own kickstarter to get an awesome app and mobile site set up for all of you to use. Yes, it will be available for both Android and iPhone, and it w...

It’s Been a While Since We Did Some Fun Facts

Famous Movie Cars Are Now Transformers

Lets Get This Week Started!

Are You Hungry Yet?

Lets Cure That Case of the Mondays

Strange Things That Actually Exist

Yup you can buy your very own Crazy Cat Lady   Still not sure why this is a thing but if your cat needs it go here.   Keep those bitches away for only $9.70, Bitch Spray!   Yes you too ...

Facts About North Korea Because It’s a Silly Place

The Friday Mental Break is Here!

Neon Signs For Your Favorite Fictional Companies

Alejandro Smal created awesome neon sign GIFs for famous fictional companies from movies and TV shows. Each GIF showcases a company from a movie, such as Terminator’s Cyberdine, or TV show, such ...

Watch an Octopus Do the Almost Impossible

A fishing boat near the Alaskan Chiswell Islands got quite the surprise when they pulled an octopus on board. While the octopus was nowhere near Kraken-sized, it was still a very large creature. In t...

The Super Bowl is Around the Corner Here are Some NFL Facts