Celebrities- Now & Then pics (11 Pics)


We all have our secret crushes on certain celebrities. We want to show you some now and then pictures. Some of these beauties don’t age at all it seems like, check these pictures out, and see if you still have those wet dreams. Money definately helps keep you looking young.



Betty white Still looks good for pushing 100 years old
celeb an jolee
Angelina always a thing of beauty! Super hot now and then!
celeb anniston
Jen Anniston gods gift to the male species!
celeb brit
Brittany Spears still has it after all these years and pregnancies!
celeb dakota
Ya!! those are some amazing eyes! We have many more years of watching her grow up.
celeb kp
Katy Perry, wasn’t the best looking teen but  she definately grew into her good looks ; )
celeb ll
Lindsey Lohan lol well she obviously knew someone to get to where she was.
celeb miley
Miley wild, crazy, and pretty. She just don’t give a f#ck!!!
celeb olsen
Everyone was waiting for their eighteenth birthday. Thank you Full House.
celeb taylor
Taylor Swift another gift from god

celeb j lo