THE NBA Scout, Bonnie Jill Laflin by Erika Jordan

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Bonnie-Jill Laflin is the first and only female NBA scout for the Los Angeles Lakers, and currently a reporter for FOX Sports and BBC Sports. She has been a cheerleader for the Golden State Warriors, San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. She was awarded a Super Bowl ring with the 49ers and five NBA championship rings with the Lakers. This Maxim Hot 100 model hosts a Fantasy Football and Basketball show on Sirius/XM Satellite, ESPN Austin hosting pre and post game shows for the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Longhorns.


BMG: You’re the first & Only Female Scout in the NBA. How did that happen?
BJF: I was covering the Lakers for the CBS affiliate so I was already around the organization doing pre/post game interviews and features on the players. I was family friend’s with the late owner, Dr Jerry Buss and we spent a lot of time watching the Lakers and he would ask me for my thoughts. Dr. Buss thought I would be great as a scout so I went on the road tried it out, they loved my reports; and I became the first and only female scout.

BMG: Tell us a little more.. If you could describe yourself in three words what would that be?
BJF: Ambitious, compassionate and funny
BMG: What do you love most about your job?
BJF: I’ve been a sports fan since I was a child. Getting paid to do what I love. So I’m living the dream!
BMG: How did you get started?
BJF: Started off in the sports world as a cheerleader in the NBA for the Golden State Warriors then to the SF 49ers and then finally to the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. After my cheerleading days I started working as a correspondent for ESPN.
BMG: Describe the perfect weekend
BJF: Spending time with animals or with my heroes…our military.
BMG: Describe the perfect date
BJF: Being at some sporting event
BMG: If a genie could grant you 3 wishes what would they be?
BJF: Cure for cancer, ending all animal cruelty and I would own the SF Giants or Dallas Cowboys.
BMG: What is your goal for next year?

BJF: To continue my career in sports and my charity work including my own non profit Hounds and Heroes (


Social Media
Twitter: @BJLaflin
Instagram: @BonnieJill
Photos by photographer extraordinaire, Mario Barberio

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