How To Reignite Your Sex Life After An Election by Erika Jordan

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erika-jordan-broYou voted for Trump (how could you?) she voted for Hillary (why?) the last few weeks have been one political debate after another and the only action happening in your bedroom is on the tv screen.The bomb has hit, the ashes have fallen and now you have two choices.. You can get a divorce and continue the drama or you can take the steps required to change “oh my god, how could you” into “oh my god do it again.”Follow these 6 steps to bring your sex life back to life!1.Tell your partner 3 things you appreciate about them every day.2. Do something fun together. Preferably something you haven’t done together. (Play mini golf, go paint ball shooting, escape room, etc)3. If it’s possible, leave the phone at home, in the car or turn it off during meals or movies or important conversations.4.Ever heard of hate sex? Hate and love are next door neighbors at times. Anyone in a relationship for 10 years can verify there are moments when you hate your spouse. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s normal and doesn’t have to lead to problems. Anger means adrenaline. Use that rush to your advantage, avoid uttering the harsh words and accusations, don’t be cruel to each other. Instead, feel the erotic possibilities in the energy pulsing through your angry body.5. Share a laugh. Go watch a comedy show or a funny movie. Whatever it takes to get you both laughing. Not only will this help your relationship heal it will do the same for you.6. Some women need to make a closing “anger statement” before they can move on. Let her have the last word. it means nothing in the grand scheme of things. If you’re going to be in a relationship with a woman you’ll need to learn when to just bite your tongue.. You can get the last word and always be right.. or you can get blow jobsFollow and chat live with Erika Jordan on Instagram @erikajordan or on Twitter @Erika4JordanErika Jordan, ACS, Certified Love Coach