5 Signs To Know You’re Really Satisfying Her by Erika Jordan

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She’s groaning and moaning and you can’t help but give yourself a mental five but is she really satisfied or is she pulling a When Harry Met Sally moment?

Let me start off by saying how many orgasms a woman has is not always a direct indicator of how satisfied she is. Some women have never had one while others have them accidentally during spin class. You need to be tuning in to what she likes. The words she likes to hear, body parts she wants you to focus on, pressure, situations that arouse her, positions and so much more.

She’s looking at you.

For a woman eye contact during sex can be an intense. A tell tale sign of genuine attraction and arousal is when you can see it in her eyes. Obviously that doesn’t apply if she’s looking you in the eye with the “what the heck are you doing?” look on her face.

She initiates sex.

If she wants it chances are she must like it. Unless the long awaited zombie apocalypse occurred and you’re the last man on earth. In which case she’s probably just trying to do her part to ensure the human race continues.

What was that?!?

You’re going for the gold when she makes a noise that isn’t sexy. Not a moan or groan but an involuntary primal sound that shows noises she isn’t approving are escaping her lips. I tend to make an odd growling noise on occasion when I’m in the midst of passion. In this moment I’m no longer concerned what I look or sound like. These moments let you know her arousal is genuine and not some epic act.

Tune in to her breath.

The breath is almost always a dead give away (unless she just needs her inhalor) The faster and shorter the breath the more intense the sensation she’s feeling.

Her friends give you “the look.”

Most women share details of their love lives with their friends. If they look at you like they feel sorry for you it’s time to be concerned. If they giggle and look impressed you might be packing a brag worthy technique.

The best thing to remember is that the most important thing is a genuine effort and desire to please your girl.

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Erika Jordan, ACS, Certified Love Coach