What To Do When She Plays Hard To Get by Erika Jordan

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Let’s be honest.. People play games.. Some conscious and others without even realizing it. The most common is the cat and mouse chase many women have at one point provided. Flirtatious and full of promise to lure you in and distant and aloof when you start to warm up. When you’re locked and loaded and she suddenly appears to be blowing you off there is a way to retaliate.

WALK AWAY. If she wants to play the “I could take it or leave it” game, it’s time to show her you know that game and are the undefeated champion.

This means you might walk away and she continues walking away and then you never see each other again… Making it difficult not to turn back but when it comes to situations like this in most cases if you come running back, she now has the power and you will proceed to continue this hot / cold cycle.

If she’s consistently playing hard to get it helps to keep in mind many women are raised to be that way and most think it’s the best way to keep a man interested. They happen to often be right. A man is wired to chase. Men are designed to hunt and spread their seed. The high attained from pursuing and successfully pursuing a beautiful woman is equivalent to a line of cocaine. Playing hard to get also helps eliminate some of the men just looking for a one night stand.

If she always takes a day to respond to a text take her lead and do the same. Let her know you’re perfectly fine with it and you might notice the response time improving. It shows confidence and gives her a taste of her own medicine.

When I play hard to get I drop bread crumbs. A woman loves to be pursued and extending the pursuit just makes the feast even sweeter..



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Erika Jordan, ACS, Certified Love Coach


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