8 Ways To Be A Better Boyfriend by Erika Jordan

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If you incorporate these 8 tips into your daily routine your love life will THRIVE!img_1561-bromygod1.Lay off the “how was your day?”It’s generic and usually results with a “Good. How was yours?” Ask questions that show you listen and care. If she had a meeting today you might say. “How did you feel about the meeting today?” 2.When you go out to dinner leave your cell phone in the car.WHAT?!Yes.. You’ll survive.. and don’t just unhinge your jaw and swallow your meal to speed things along. We survived millions of years without cell phones and you’ll be just fine for a few hours while you actually enjoy communicating and enjoying the company of your date. 3.Expectations lead to disappointment.When you want to have sex every Friday, hope she makes dinner tonight or expect her not bring home the milk you’re creating situations in which if she forgets or fails to read your mind you are unhappy with them. Stop expecting and start appreciating. If you focus on the good more good will happen.4.Teamwork!Throw a party, host an event or complete a project together. It shows you’re a team and gives her the impression you can tackle the world together. 5.Do you boo boo… Do you.Once a month do something with yourself, just for you. Take a golf trip, grill meat and drink beer. Do whatever you feel like doing to unwind and just eliminate all pressure. The constant build up of pressure can lead to an explosion causing you to want to bail. 6.Don’t go to bed angry isn’t just an old wives tale.Come to a conclusion of some kind, go to separate rooms and calm down, forgive and have a round of make up sex! 7.You can be right or you can be happy.Game Of Thrones is the best show ever.. She hates it. You make her watch it, you plead your case and you question your compatibly now that you realize you can’t share the joy of watching your favorite show. Before you turn anything into an issue, ask yourself “will this matter tomorrow?” You will disagree on things constantly and an occasional dispute can keep things interesting but constant arguments mostly come from egos. This desire to always be right is going to create anarchy in your relationship. Words are powerful and the phrase, “maybe you’re right” will save you time, frustration and keep you from resenting each other. 8.Let me hammer this in a little deeper..Words are powerful. You will dislike things your partner does and in an effort to communicate and improve the relationship you will try to direct your partner to do as you wish. “You leave the milk out all day every time! How can you be so stupid?” There is a big difference between constructive criticism and an attack. “It makes me so happy when you remember to put away the milk.” would be a much better way of going about it.Simple things that when done together will take your relationship to another level!Follow and chat live with Erika Jordan on Instagram @erikajordan or on Twitter @Erika4Jordan       Erika Jordan, ACS, Certified Love Coach