Funny Pictures That Proves Spelling And Grammar Are So Important

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Funny Pictures That Proves Spelling And Grammar Are So Important


A language is all about the words and way of speaking, moreover, it’s to convey the right message to the right ones. In it the proper spelling and grammar play the significant role, well that’s what they are for naa? A funny thing to note is that a slight mistake in these spelling or grammar will result in the making or breaking of a message and that’s why we all were at the school learning all these to do things right. Some things we see around us just makes us realize that some people doesn’t really care about these spellings or grammar at all and right now they are reaping the consequences for the same.

Missing just a simple comma, colon or an apostrophe may turn some simple message to a sinister-sounding order. The funny thing is that it’s not about the lack of education but all carelessness. In this advanced world of technology, people rely on auto-correct more than their own common senses, wonder why? But that’s the truth.

Everyone makes mistakes and me ain’t gonna deny that, but these are out of the world. These pics of hilarious spelling and grammar fails may make those grammar nerds out there to pull out their hair (laughing while doing it). Even if it’s a friend’s emotional message or a fast food advertisement, these pics prove how a simple spelling and grammar mistake will turn something into an entirely misleading message.

Grammar Fail 01

Grammar Fail 02

Grammar Fail 03

Grammar Fail 04

Grammar Fail 05

Grammar Fail 06

Grammar Fail 07

Grammar Fail 08

Grammar Fail 09

Grammar Fail 10

Grammar Fail 11

Grammar Fail 12

Grammar Fail 13

Grammar Fail 14

Grammar Fail 15

Grammar Fail 16

Grammar Fail 17

Grammar Fail 18

Grammar Fail 19

Grammar Fail 20

Grammar Fail 21

Grammar Fail 22

Grammar Fail 23

Grammar Fail 24

Grammar Fail 25

Grammar Fail 26