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Top 10 Vegas clubs:


As everyone flocks to Coachella this weekend, we’re on team #NoChella. We like to party with our girls in an air-conditioned night club. Sin City is known for its parties, women, booze, pool parties, DJs, and so on. So we decided to make it a bit easier for you to navigate and made a list of the top 10 nightclubs in Las Vegas to visit in 2016. Without further adue, here they are:

#10 – Marquee
This place is awesome. Located in the Cosmopolitan it is definitely a place we visit every time we’re in Vegas. The only problem is the bartender kept screwing up our drinks by not mixing them correctly. My Moscow Mule tasted like just vodka and ice. But, overall not too bad.
#9 – Wet Republic
wet rupublic
This place is fun! There are 2 pool areas and a nice bar. If you don’t have a cabana or a table, there is no place to put your phone or wallet. The pool in front of the DJ booth can get super crowded, so the secondary pool is a good option for where you’d want your table. People start really getting there around 1-2pm. They usually have the Hakkasan DJs from the night before too, so great selection. 
#8 – 1OAK
Every time we come to Vegas, we always make sure to stop by 1OAK, as well. It’s always been fun at 1OAK. The music is always on point. It’s a little hip hop with a little EDM. The club gets a little crowded but, grow a pair. Drinks are a little pricey but ‘HEY!’ That’s Vegas! All around great go-to spot for us.
#7 – The Bank
The Bank
We were there the night before Halloween, last year, and it was a nice experience… although the dance floor space seemed always jam-packed. There’s a special feeling when you pass through The Bank’s entrance and take the escalator up to the club. The club was not as large as I had thought it would be from the pictures, but it still held a good crowd. 
#6 – OMNIA
OMNIA is a place to view others, dance, drink, and get chicks. The dance floor is pretty rad, with lights on a chandelier that move up and down. There’s a terrace outside with EDM music and where the chicks like to talk business. Drinks are very expensive, but OMNIA is a very nice place.
#5 – Hakkasan
First understand that Hakkasan in YUUUUUGE (Donald Trump voice). We went on a Sunday night and it was packed. We were in a private booth on the Mezzanine level, so we weren’t in the overpacked dance floor. If you want to have a good time here, you have to do bottle service. Otherwise you’ll be amongst the masses, and that’s just to packed. Pricing is hefty. $1,100 for a bottle of vodka. Our servers were It’s definitely an expensive night out, but you have to do it at least once.
#4 – Drai’s After Hours
Stunning club with great music and performers. The only complaint is the price of the drinks. Not only are they overpriced, but they are also priced differently, depending on who the bartender is. When you are paying $16 for a Fireball shot… I almost have a heart attack thinking about it. I would return, but I’ll just get drinks before I go in, and save some money.
#3 – XS Nightclub
We went here a couple of weeks ago with some friend, and we had bottle service reservations which ran us $1500. Not bad for a poolside booth. Tables inside were going for around $4k to $5k. The set up outside is pretty awesome including poolside blackjack table and a couple of bars. One thing that could have enhanced the experience, would be to have more monitors outside so we can see the DJ.
#2 – Daylight Beach Club
daylight beach
We attended the Daylight pool party on Sunday, and it was packed. The water was good, the music was good, the drinks were on point, the crowd was sexy, and the waitstaff was dope (and good to look at). Our plans were not made far enough in advance to reserve a cabana or a daybed, so book early! Great specialty menu as well as snacks. Daylight Dolls are the best 😉
#1 – LIGHT Nightclub at Mandalay Bay
Light Nightclub
This was one of the best nightclub experiences I have had. The VIP service is exceptional. I would suggest making the investment for a table and bottle service, they treat you like royalty. The entertainment and energy in the club is just fun. This was truly my best and favorite club experience. The visuals were amazing, too. The crowed was great. DJ E-Rock was even better. 
If you do happen to go see DJ E-Rock at LIGHT anytime soon, let him know you’re a bro. He’s our bro, and our bros are your bros.
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