35 Photos Taken at the Right Moment

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Sometimes you get lucky and strike gold. These photos were taken at exactly the right moment, and they truly are worth 1000 words! Right Moment 01Right Moment 02Right Moment 03Right Moment 04Right Moment 05Right Moment 06Right Moment 07Right Moment 08Right Moment 09Right Moment 10Right Moment 11Right Moment 12Right Moment 13Right Moment 14Right Moment 15Right Moment 16Right Moment 17Right Moment 18Right Moment 19Right Moment 20Right Moment 21Right Moment 22Right Moment 23Right Moment 24Right Moment 25Right Moment 26Right Moment 27Right Moment 28Right Moment 29Right Moment 30Right Moment 31Right Moment 32Right Moment 33Right Moment 34Right Moment 35