Captain Morgan Hijacked Orlando to Launch His Cannon Blast Rum

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What’s an October weekend in Orlando, Florida without a bar crawl and a human being shot out of a cannon? The correct answer is that it wouldn’t be a weekend at all. We just spent three days in the Sunshine State hanging out with Captain Morgan enjoying his new Captain Morgan’s Cannon Blast.


Captain Morgan is doing it right, they invited Brian Miser aka “The Human Fuse,” to launch himself through the air as a part of the release of Captain Morgan’s Cannon Blast. Miser set sail across the skies at 6 p.m. while we enjoyed a couple of cocktails and Wall Street Plaza in Orlando.


There was plenty of Cannon Blast rum to go around, and you know we’re big on bourbon, but we also love our cocktails and Captain Morgan’s Cannon Blast which made for some pretty delicious cocktails. The rum itself is a little sweet / citrusy to start with and ends with with a bit of heat which is a nice surprise (you might even say it ends with a bang!) They were serving up The “Morgan Mule” which is a take on the Moscow Mule, but we had to sub out the spiced rum for Cannon Blast, if you get a chance you have to try one or a Cannon Blast and Coke.

After a couple of cocktails, Brian started to prep for his first launch and everyone started to get pumped, Captain Morgan even brought out some of his ladies.


Captain-Morgan-005-10192015 Captain-Morgan-007-10192015 Captain-Morgan-008-10192015

As per usual Captain Morgan was there encouraging everyone to smile and have a good time, he even gave Brian a pretty epic count down before his wife shot him out of the first cannon.

Captain-Morgan-009-10192015 Captain-Morgan-011-10192015 Captain-Morgan-012-10192015 Captain-Morgan-013-10192015

Check out the video to see the actual launch:

Captain-Morgan-014-10192015 Captain-Morgan-015-10192015 Captain-Morgan-016-10192015

Besides all of the awesome Captain Morgan event shenanigans we also found this awesome stuffed Alligator…I need one for my living room.