A Few Fun Facts About Pizza, The Internets Favorite Food

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Lets be honest, almost everyone loves pizza. With that being the case you should know a few facts about pizza.pizza-facts-000-10192015October has officially been designated at National Pizza Month in the US.pizza-facts-001-10192015One of the earlier frozen pizza companies was run by a family with the last name of ‘Pizza’.pizza-facts-002-10192015Nasa is working on 3D printers that will print pizzas for astronauts. (I need this in my life)pizza-facts-003-10192015Cambodian pizza shops often on ‘happy pizza’ on the menu, which is regular pizza with marijuana on it.pizza-facts-005-10192015Philip Workman, on death row for killing a police officer, rejected his last meal and instead asked for a vegetarian pizza to be given to a homeless person. The court rejected his request but numerous people then donated pizzas around Nashville.pizza-facts-006-10192015Domino’s canceled their 30 minutes or less delivery policy because their drivers were causing too many accidents.pizza-facts-008-10192015One of the first ever documented online purchases was a pepperoni pizza from Pizza Hut.pizza-facts-009-10192015In Scotland, pizzas are deep friend…Americans respond with challenge accepted.pizza-facts-012-10192015Some DVDs are designed to look and smell like pizza while they are playing (due to the heat).pizza-facts-013-10192015Back in 2012, a hacker group known as UGNazi took the Papa John’s website offline because of a pizza delivery that was 2 hours late.pizza-facts-014-10192015A medium pizza in the US is about 12 inches. That is bigger than a large pizza in Australia, which is only 11 inches.pizza-facts-015-10192015Hawaiian pizza is actually from Canada.pizza-facts-016-10192015At one point, Pizza Hut had planned to engrave their logo on the moon with lasers. Apparently the plans were scratched because the logo would have had to be roughly the size of Texas.pizza-facts-017-10192015The term pizza first appeared in a Latin text from the southern Italian town of Gaeta in 997 AD. It stated that a certain person owed the bishop “duodecim pizze”, or twelve pizzas.pizza-facts-020-10192015Every second, 350 slices of pizza are sold in the United States.Via list25